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Some Color Mage

Magma Rock

Hi guys, today, we need to find a way to get to Prox. Heading north proves useless, as a giant wall of ice is in our way.

Piers reaches level 34 and learns Break on the way to our next destination.

Said destination is right in the middle on Gondowan. This is Magma Rock. We start by using Lift to get near the rock and then entering, but all we can do inside is fight a Mimic for an Apple. Sheba gets the Attack boost.

So we head outside and go up. A little while up, we find a statue that we use Burst on, and the statue shoots a fireball that destroys a cracked pillar.

We then reach another statue, and on this one, we climb on top of it after using Burst, and it blows its top off, letting us go up higher.

Another screen of climbing with Burst later, and we encounter four notches that we can slide down. One of the notches takes us to a rope we can use Lash on to continue onwards.

A couple of screens later, we climb back down a bit to find a Salamander Tail. We then go back up and then climb the wall there, trying to avoid flaming rocks that statues are throwing at us.

We're now at the top. There's a huge rock that looks a bit like a fire here. We use Burst on a statue near it, the statue sends a fireball at the rock, and the rock destroys the nearby area, revealing another entrance to the rock.

We follow the path until we reach another statue to Burst. The resulting fireball hits a huge statue that fills the rock with lava. The lava causes some platforms to move around in the lava, and we use one we went past a bit earlier to enter another section of the rock.

When we follow the path here, we find a floodgate. We hit a switch, and the lava is removed from the area. This allows us to climb down into the area that the lava was just in. This allows us to go down stairs.

From there we go south-southwest, then in the next room we go northwest. We push a pillar into position for later, then go back a room, head south and follow the path to a Mars Djinn! It fights us and loses.

Isaac found the Mars Djinni Fury!

Fury gives 12 HP and 4 PP, in battle, it performs a Mars Attack plus 70 damage, and may inflict Haunt.

We give Fury to Mia, and she becomes our first character in a highest tier class as a Guru.

We then go back a few rooms, and find another one of those big statues and we use Burst to fill up the floor with lava. There is no way that this amount of lava is healthy for our party. We then go clockwise around the room to the southwest exit and continue along the path. We come to a platform that requires precise timing to cross, and we only get one chance to cross before we have to leave the room and reset.

We then Burst away a couple of pillars, and continue on the path, which takes us to the floodgate on this floor. We drain this floor. We head back into the room we just left and go down a floor.

We follow the path and once again use Burst to fill the floor with lava. With a ton of moving pillars in that floor now activated, we head southwest. We then go as far south as we can and open the floodgate. We explore around the lower sections of this floor and find a Salamander Tail and Golem Core.

We push a few pillars into position and then activate the big statue again. This dungeon is just way to long for what isn't a very important area. But I guess all the elemental rocks are like that. We use the pillars we moved earlier to get to another part of this floor.

On the path, Isaac reaches level 34 and learns Pure Ply, which is the best single target healing spell in the game, with a base power of 1000. Mia also reaches level 34 and learns Break.

We follow the very long path around to another floodgate on this floor. We can then head down to the next floor, using a pillar we had to push into the lava on the way.

Hey, we're back at the lower entrance! We follow the path, and the pool of lave shoots out some rocks, fireballs, and a burning red rock.

We follow the path and encounter a tablet.

Wielder of Flame's strength, Lay your hands upon this stone. If th'art worthy, I will grant thee the power to Blaze with fire.

Well, it wouldn't be an elemental rock without mangled English.

Jenna: Flame's strength? Hey, that must mean it's finally my turn!

Actually, I'd rather Garet have it, he has nothing else to use his PP on than Gale. Well, Jenna's the one who gets the spell. Blaze allows us to shoot fire forward from an available flame. We have to use it to open the path back out by lighting two flames near a pillar, causing it to lower... somehow.

We do the same thing in the room with all those rocks and fireballs. It opens a path to that red rock.

There's something burning like an ember within the stone. Do you want to retrieve it?

Yeah, I guess. Good thing Felix is wearing gloves.

And so we get the Magma Ball. The red rock actually freezes over afterwards, which is kind of a nice touch.

We're now done here, and next time, we'll find a use for that thing.


Isaac: Lv 34 Guardian (2 V, 6 Me) HP:618 PP:193 Attack:422 Defence:275 Agility:215 Luck:13

Garet: Lv 34 Disciple (4 V, 4 J) HP:694 PP:192 Attack:449 Defence:265 Agility:320 Luck:10

Ivan: Lv 34 Conjurer (4 V, 4 Me) HP:556 PP:279 Attack:401 Defence:257 Agility:307 Luck:9

Mia: Lv 34 Guru (7 Ma, 2 Me) HP:629 PP:244 Attack:39 Defence:288 Agility:328 Luck:13

Felix: Lv 35 Templar (4 Ma, 4 Me) HP:694 PP:212 Attack:460 Defence:298 Agility:222 Luck:16

Piers: Lv 34 Bard (4 Ma, 4 J) HP:571 PP:205 Attack:396 Defence:262 Agility:324 Luck:16

Jenna: Lv 35 Conjurer (2 Ma, 6 J) HP:652 PP:227 Attack:415 Defence:254 Agility:291 Luck:17

Sheba: Lv 34 Druid (6 V, 2 J) HP:577 PP:273 Attack:361 Defence:257 Agility:258 Luck:19

Djinn: 16 Venus, 17 Mars, 16 Jupiter, 16 Mercury


By the way, if you want to suggest Djinn setups, this is your last chance, as probably after the next update I'm going after some of the good drops and the bonus dungeons. (Not sure what order I'll do it in yet)
SomeColorMage 11th Feb 11