Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Exploring the World With a Flying Ship

OK, so we've allied with four more people, and have learned that if we're not fast enough, the world will freeze over before it gets the chance to erode to nothingness. On the other hand, we've now got a flying boat, Lift, Catch, Carry and Force.

Yeah, it's exploration time.

First, we rearrange our Djinn. Isaac becomes a Guardian, Garet becomes a Disciple, Ivan becomes a Conjurer (Tri-elemental), Mia becomes a Water Monk, Felix becomes a Templar, Piers becomes a Bard, Jenna becomes a Conjurer (Mars) and Sheba becomes a Druid (Jupiter). Djinn amounts will now be included in the stats at the end of the update, as this class changing stuff is getting too long.

Next, we fly over to some shallows surrounded by rocks. Here, we get a Rusty Sword.

We then head to Yallam. We first use Force to get the Masamune, a great Light Blade. The Dark Matter becomes some Stealth Armor, which I'm not using because my Cleric's Ring user (still Garet) has better armour already, the Rusty Sword becomes the Soul Brand, and the Orihalcon becomes a Cosmos Shield.

Next we head way up north to the Angara Cavern. We Carry a few blocks around here to get to a summon tablet!

Felix can now summon Haures!

For 3 Venus and 2 Mars Djinn, Haures attacks at 270 Venus Power plus 15% of the target's HP, may inflict Venom on the targets, and increases the user's Venus Power by 60 and Mars Power by 30. Graphically, it charges at the enemy and slashes them several times.

Next is the Atteka Cavern, accessible through a maze of rivers and Hovering and oh crap I've run out of Psynergy to fly my ship with-ing. Here, we use Parch to reach another summon tablet!

Felix can now summon Coatlicue!

For 3 Mercury and 3 Jupiter Djinn, Coatlicue heals about 60 HP to each ally, then increases the users Mercury and Jupiter Power by 60. That's not the end of it though, as Coatlicue gives the party a regen effect for 5 turns, starting at 60% restored at the end of turn and getting a bit weaker each turn until it wears off. It's a very useful summon.

We then head into the Shaman Village Cave.

I found Isaac!

What now?

We've been looking for you, Isaac!

Oh, it's the three losers from Colosso. They think Isaac cheated, because they couldn't see the psychic swords we threw at them.

So they fight us. I'm still out of Psynergy, but that's OK, because I can beat them down without psychic swords. They're not much stronger than in the first game.

They get beaten down, and the three admit that we're good.

Isaac: So. you don't still think our victory at Colosso was fixed, do you?

The pink one: No way, Isaac! We've seen the error of our ways!

The green one: We promise we won't badmouth you or call you a fraud ever again. Will you forgive us?

(Isaac: Yes)

Yeah, Isaac does the mute nod, just like old times. The three of them give us the Golden Shirt, which in addition to having the best Defence of all shirts, gives some extra HP.

We head into the back room, and Lift a few boulders out of the way. We then chase down a Mercury Djinn. It tries to run from us, but the Lifted boulders block it's path! It then fights us, but it falls pretty quickly.

Mia found the Mercury Djinni Eddy!

Eddy gives 9 HP, 3 Agility and 2 Luck. In battle, it causes the party to have double the amount of Djinn recovery that turn. It can be useful if you have summoned a lot.

We continue along and reach the Trial Road. With Lift, we can now get to the section of Trial Road behind that Hover tile. After we encounter a Mad Plant that gives us a Lucky Pepper (Garet gets the Luck boost), we notice that a Jupiter Djinn is mirroring our movement. We trick it into encountering us by using Reveal to show a platform in between the Djinn and ourselves, then it fights us. We win, of course.

Sheba found the Jupiter Djinni Gasp!

Gasp gives 12 HP and 5 PP. In battle it can inflict Death Curse (i.e. instant Down in 7 turns) on all enemies. It's useless; pretty much every boss has at least 40 Luck, making it pretty much impossible to inflict status ailments, and everything else dies in less than 7 turns.

One last thing. We head back to Kalt Island and use Catch to get an Apple. Mia gets the Attack boost.

That's all. Next time, maybe I'll not use Hover too much.


Isaac: Lv 31 Guardian (2 V, 6 Me) HP:579 PP:185 Attack:407 Defence:268 Agility:200 Luck:13

Garet: Lv 31 Disciple (4 V, 4 J) HP:651 PP:181 Attack:432 Defence:257 Agility:302 Luck:10

Ivan: Lv 31 Conjurer (4 V, 4 Me) HP:526 PP:262 Attack:388 Defence:250 Agility:288 Luck:9

Mia: Lv 31 Water Monk (2 Me, 6 Ma) HP:502 PP:211 Attack:349 Defence:263 Agility:291 Luck:13

Felix: Lv 34 Templar (4 Me, 4 Ma) HP:680 PP:208 Attack:454 Defence:295 Agility:217 Luck:16

Piers: Lv 33 Bard (4 Ma, 4 J) HP:559 PP:202 Attack:391 Defence:261 Agility:317 Luck:16

Jenna: Lv 34 Conjurer (2 Ma, 6 J) HP:640 PP:222 Attack:411 Defence:253 Agility:284 Luck:17

Sheba: Lv 33 Druid (6 V, 2 J) HP:567 PP:268 Attack:348 Defence:254 Agility:252 Luck:19

Djinn: 16 of each element