Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Jupiter Lighthouse

Hi everyone! Today, we're going to the Atteka continent, immediately south of where we were last time. But first, I rearrange my Djinn. Felix stays as a Ninja, Jenna gets 1 Mars and 6 Mercury, becoming a Luminer (Mars), Sheba gets 1 Jupiter and 6 Venus, becoming a Durid (Jupiter) and Piers gets 3 Mars and 3 Jupiter, becoming a Ranger. The other 4 Djinn are put in places that don't mess with the classes.

We get to Atteka, and follow a river on one of the eastern beaches inland, and then out the other side. This takes us to the Atteka Inlet, where we can dock our ship. Some people here are guarding some giant wings on the beach. Something about a prophecy.

We follow the path out to Contigo, a town near a HUGE crater. There's a huge patch of bushes next to the entrance, but with no bush in the centre tile. We use Scoop here, and find a Venus Djinn!

Felix found the Venus Djinni Salt!

Salt gives 9 HP, 5 PP and 1 Luck. In battle, it removes all status ailments from the party, except for Downed and Equipment Curse.

Oh hey, the slot machines are here! Basically, you put in Game Tickets, which we've been getting from purchases, and may win boots or shirts or rings. Let's try and get some good shirts and boots. I have 34 tickets, so I may as well use 4 per spin, I only want 3 boots and 4 shirts.

Spin 1: Quick Boots

Spin 2: Running Shirt

Spin 3: Hyper Boots

Spin 4: Quick Boots

Spin 5: Silk Shirt

Spin 6: Mythril Shirt

Spin 7: Running Shirt

We go look around. They're building another wing here, and it's supposed to go on a ship. Hmm. That seems odd. We also find some Power Bread. Jenna gets the HP boost.

There's also the Anemos Inner Sanctum. It's all that remains of the Anemos, the ancient wind tribe, but nobody can get into the main section. Oh well.

We head out of Contingo and follow the path to Jupiter Lighthouse! We start out by finding a Mint. Jenna gets the Agility boost.

We then use a Cyclone teleporter thing to go underground. We also find a Mad Plant, which falls pretty easily. We get another Mint from it, which also goes to Jenna.

We then continue along the path and use Hover to get to another Cyclone teleporter. One generic pillar to push later, and the main entrance is open. In we go!

From the main room we start in, we head through the west path and encounter a log rolling puzzle. Solving that puzzle gets us Erinyes Tunic, which boosts critical and apparently dodge rates.

We use Cyclone to teleport up a level. From there, we head southwest outside the lighthouse and through another door. We already seem to be pretty high up. We continue along the path and use Reveal to get to a jumping puzzle. To solve it, we have to find a notch to drop down a bit to where we can Move a few pillars. We can then climb back up and jump across to the Meditation Rod.

We can head back outside from here, and do so. There's a small block here, which we push onto a bridge. We then step on a button, causing the bridge to open and drop the block down a few floors. We head back inside, and up a floor. We follow the path all the way up to the Jupiter Lighthouse Aerie, but there's a plug blocking the opening the Jupiter Star has to go in. So, we continue along the path and go back inside.

The path takes us to some... thing, and we hear a voice.

Holder of the star... Show the power of Anemos!

I guess that'd be Hover. We use Hover and start jogging on the spot. This turns the lighthouse on, causing all of the small gray blocks to hover when placed on the right spot. We also can use Hover tiles ourselves. We start by heading east and using Hover to get the Red Key. We then push a block onto a Hover tile, which allows us to backtrack back to the lower levels.

Here, we use one of the Cyclone teleporters that we passed earlier. It takes us to a red door, which we use the Rad Key on. We continue on the path, and it takes us to the western tower.

The tower greets us with a Mimic, which when defeated hands over a Psy Crystal. Continuing along the path brings us to the Blue Key, but it's behind a log, well, pillar that we can't roll away.

The next room has some cracked tiles, if we step on a light blue cracked tile, it turns dark blue, and stepping on one of those takes us down a floor.

We reach a room filled with cracked tiles. To solve this, we have to walk over to a Hover tile and Hover over some dark blue cracks.

We've reached the top of this tower, and we see a statue of an archer. There's a circuit running up to it, but there's a block out of place. We move it into position, and the archer fires, lifting part of the plug. Shortly after, Piers reaches level 33 and learns Drain.

We go back to the room full of cracks, and fall down a crack that is by itself in the middle of the room. This takes us to a path all the way back down to the Blue Key.

Well, that's the western tower done. Let's go to the eastern tower. We backtrack to an early room, where there are 5 Hover tiles and 5 blocks. We Move one that isn't on a Hover tile onto where it should go, and we can continue along that path.

We're now back in the centre room, and can complete a circuit that activates a Hover tile. We use the tile to reach a Cyclone teleporter that takes us up a floor.

From there, we head outside and encounter another circuit we can start up by pushing a block in position. It activates a Hover tile a floor upwards, in a little scene where the screen turns green and Felix looks around, then the block he pushed is hit by lightning, causing him to jump away.

We head back to the centre room and Hover into the beam of light in the middle of the room. It takes us up a floor, and we follow the path to the blue door, opening it with the Blue Key. The path takes us to the Hover tile we activated earlier, and using it causes a whirlwind to blow us over to the eastern tower.

In the first room here, we have to use Hover to get circuitry pieces which can be used to activate more Hover tiles. We arrange the pieces in such a way that it takes us to a Jupiter Djinn, who then fights us. It falls pretty easily.

Sheba found the Jupiter Djinni Whorl!

Whorl gives 9 HP, 4 Attack and 2 Defence. In battle, it performs a Jupiter Attack plus 40 damage, and may instantly Down the enemy.

The next room requires us to move blocks onto the correct Hover tiles to make a passage across.

We then come to more cracked tiles. This is starting to get boring.

The next room is Hover tiles. Lots and lots of Hover tiles. Walking over a Hover tile while using Hover replenishes the timer, so we're in a near constant state of Hover here. Hovering over to the west gets us the Phaeton's Blade, and Hovering to the east takes us upstairs.

We've reached the top and encounter another archer statue. Activating this one lifts the plug off the Aerie completely.

We head back down, and use Lash to get back to the main tower. Time to climb all the way up to the top. But as we get started...

Mia: Ahhhh!!!

Garet: Mia!

Oh crap, the party from the first game are here and are out to kill us. We look over, and both Garet and Mia have fallen down the collapsible bridge from earlier.

Isaac: Hang on, Mia! Don't worry, Garet! Everything will be fine!

Oh, and Isaac learned to talk. Garet's hurt himself and can't get back up. Mia can't help either. Issac and Ivan are about to go down and help, when...

Agatio: No, I'm afraid you won't be doing that...

Great, Agatio and Karst are here, and they're out for revenge over Saturos and Menardi. Isaac figures it out pretty quickly. The fire clan's general motives are also explained. They're from Prox, which is dying out, and it's because of the seal on Alchemy. They also admit they have no idea what the hell we're doing. Um, hello? We're down here!

Agatio and Karst set things up so at least some of Isaac's party would fall, and fighting them would be on more even odds. They call on Alex to help them fight, but he's nowhere to be seen.

Agatio: Forget about him! Honestly, I was planning to do the same to him that I'm about to do to them! My only regret is that I won't be able to wipe that sneering smile off his face.

Agatio and Karst then fight Isaac and Ivan. We decide we have to help them. We nearly get to the fight, but then...

Alex: Ah, Felix... I've been waiting for you.

Is it too much to ask to not be interrupted for 5 minutes? Alex teleports in and we confirm that yes, we're going to light the beacon. But he also knows that we're going to help Isaac, so he gives us a free heal.

Let's try Mind Reading him.

Alex: Even now, I want to run to Mia, to give her my aid... It seems I am weak as well... I suppose I have no choice but to part ways with Agatio and Karst.

Wow, he actually let us read his mind. We head outside.

Ivan: Isaac... I'm sorry... I can't take any more...

Oh crap Ivan's down, the game shifts into battle mode, where Agatio proceeds to Down Isaac in one hit. Out of battle, he's still moving though.

Agatio: What's this? He's still alive!? Even after that blow?

Karst: It would be a shame if you and I ever had to regret letting him live...

We run towards the others.

Agatio: Felix? What's going on?

Karst: Be grateful! We just did you a favor!

Agatio: I understand that when Venus was lit, the ground shook so fiercely that the very earth split. Curious that it hasn't here!

Karst: You haven't lit the beacon yet, have you? And after all we've done to help you!

Kraden: We're going to light the beacon right now...

Agatio: If that's true, then you'd better go do it!

Sheba: But we're not leaving Isaac behind.

Karst: Oh, great... Are you going to betray us now?

WHAT!? We were never on your side, you damn psychopaths! Similar goals do not equal instant allies!

We point out that if they try to kill Issac, we'll fight them. And they're too badly injured to beat us. They decide to back off, as long as we light the Jupiter beacon, and give them the Mars Star Isaac has. Alex told them about it. Isaac lets us take the Mars Star from him, and Karst tells us to meet them on the aerie. Piers tags along, while Kraden, Jenna and Sheba help the other four.

We head up to the aerie.

Karst: You're late, Felix!

How? I came as fast as physically possible.

We cast the Jupiter Star into the lighthouse, and the beacon lights up.

Piers: I've heard tales of this... But I had no idea it would be so spectacular. We have ignited the beacon... The third lighthouse is lit... Now let us go...

Karst: I don't think so...

Agatio: You see, you've betrayed us once already...

Karst: We simply can't trust you any more...

So? We never trusted you.

Agatio: And now that Jupiter Lighthouse is lit, I'm afraid we have little use for traitors.

Karst: Poor dear... You look puzzled. Would you like to know why we don't need you?

OK. Humour me.

Karst: I'd be happy to tell you. Mars Lighthouse is in Prox.

Karst takes the Mars Star from us, and they prepare to fight us.

Piers: But what will happen to Felix's parents?

Agatio: We keep our promises! Once all four lighthouses have been lit, we shall release them!

Karst: We would never do anything as terrible as breaking our word... as you have done so casually.

Agatio: But if you're dead... Who will come to take them home from Prox?

Karst: I guess they'll just have to spend their remaining years in the frozen wastelands of the north!

Agatio: Don't worry! They'll be fine! Now prepare for the end!

Agatio and Karst then attack us. They're pretty strong at this point, with powerful Mars attacks and Karst is also able to instantly Down, force Djinn into Standby and heal. Agatio can stun, and also tries to stop someone from taking their turn, but he's pretty much guaranteed to act last, so it doesn't do anything. They're weak to Mercury, of course.

Our strategy? Stall. Stall them for a few turns. Why? Well, on turn 2...

Jenna: Felix! I thought you were taking too long, so I came to check on you. What's going on?

Piers: They say they don't need us anymore...

Karst: Agatio! Felix's sister isn't supposed to be here...

Agatio: What do you want me to do? We can't just lave now! We have to finish them!

Jenna: Don't worry, Felix! I'm here to help!

And on turn 4...

Sheba: Jenna! I got the feeling something was wrong, so I rushed up here. Just in the nick of time, it looks like!

Jenna: Thank you, Sheba! I'm not looking forward to fighting, but I'm glad you're here.

Karst: Another one? Agatio, we're rapidly being outnumbered!

Agatio: It's too late to flee now! We have to keep fighting!

Sheba: Isaac and the others are safe! Now let's take care of these two rats!

Now the battle begins properly. We can lose this fight if we want to, but that'd mean less experience and a Dark Matter. We focus on Karst first, as she's more dangerous. Then we turn to Agatio. It takes a while, but he eventually falls.

Piers: we did it... We beat them...

Jenna: Barely...

What barely? You and Sheba were the healers, and you both had forms of PP regeneration. It was easy. Agatio and Karst want us to finish them off, but it may result in Felix's parents never being released. Whatever, let's do it!

Alex: No, Felix! Wait!

Oh damn it. Alex heals them, and they run off, using one of the elevators on the side to make sure Isaac doesn't see them. Kraden then comes up with Isaac's party.

Isaac: Felix, Jenna...

Jenna: Isaac... Garet...

Garet: Man! They git away! What a bunch of jerks!

Isaac: All right, Felix! We want to know what's going on!

Kraden: It's all quite complicated, Isaac. There are a number of extenuating circumstances.

Garet: What are you talking about, Kraden?

Ivan: Look, I don't think any of us are in any shape for another fight right now.

Isaac: What do you mean, Ivan?

Ivan: I'm just saying we should go back to Contigo and sort things out there.

Kraden: That's a sound plan, Ivan... I fully agree.

Isaac: You're right. We can't fight right now. Let's head back to Contigo. What do you say, Felix? Can we talk there? We'll be waiting for you... So don't think you can sneak off again!

They leave. We better go too. I'm splitting this update into two parts, the second part will be up shortly.


Felix: Lv 34 Ninja HP:598 PP:215 Attack:462 Defence:228 Agility:309 Luck:10

Piers: Lv 33 Ranger HP:486 PP:190 Attack:356 Defence:241 Agility:302 Luck:18

Jenna: Lv 33 Luminer (Mars) HP:618 PP:179 Attack:410 Defence:266 Agility:213 Luck:21

Sheba: Lv 33 Druid (Jupiter) HP:555 PP:260 Attack:348 Defence:253 Agility:258 Luck:20

Djinn: 8 Venus, 8 Mars, 8 Jupiter, 8 Mercury


Issac seems to have transfered his Heroic Mime virus to Felix.
Marioguy128 4th Feb 11
Makes sense. Isaac did lose it just after Felix jumped off the Venus Lighthouse.
SomeColorMage 5th Feb 11