Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Exploring the Western Sea

Hi guys, just some small stuff before we start the plot on this half of the world. First, let's look around for some rusty weapons. I also take of Jenna's Safety Boots, as the 17 Defence is not worth the 47 Agility it's taking off. She's slower than every enemy with those on.

First, we find a Rusty Sword by going southeast from the Gondowan Cliffs. After that, we go all the way northwest for a Rusty Staff.

Next, we go nearly all the way south to an island on the edge of the world. This is the SW Atteka Islet. Here we push a crate into the water to reach some Dragon Skin.

Next is Kalt Island, northeast of here. Just west of Imil and the Mercury Lighthouse, actually. On the way, Sheba reaches level 30 and learns Sonic Slash and Deluge.

The people on Kalt Island tell us about Prox. It's a town to the far north, but the path to it is frozen over and impossible to get to. There's an Apple in a tree, but we can't get it yet, we can, however, do an ice sliding puzzle, then use Lash to get to a Mercury Djinn!

Felix found the Mercury Djinni Gel!

Gel gives 9 HP, 5 Attack and 2 Agility. In battle, it performs a Mercury Attack at 120% power, and may lower the target's Attack by 25%

My Djinn numbers are off, so for now Felix can have Gel, as it won't do anything to him.

Wait a second, 8 Mercury Djinn? This seems odd.

While searching for the next area, Felix reaches level 31 and learns Annihilation.

After some searching along the west coast of Gondowan, I find the Gondowan Settlement. We use Cyclone to find some Star Dust here. That's all, really.

Next is the continent of Atteka. On the way, Piers reaches level 31 and learns Drain.

This place will be important later, but for now, we just want to dock on the western beach and look around. Here we find a Mars Djinn that fights us. Easy enough.

Sheba found the Mars Djinni Core!

Core gives 8 HP, 4 Attack and 2 Defence. In battle, it performs a Mars Attack plus 40 damage, and acts as if the targets Defence is halved. It also looks pretty cool.

Next stop is the Hesperia Settlement. It's on the west coast of Hesperia, the continent just north of Atteka. Here we use Growth and Move to get to a Mars Djinn!

Piers found the Mars Djinni Tinder!

Tinder gives 12 HP and 5 PP. In battle, it guarantees the revival of a target Downed Adept at full HP.

Wait a second, we have 28 Djinn, which is the maximum the interface can display, but the elemental distribution isn't even. What gives?

Well, let's go to the northeastern beach of Hesperia. Here, we walk around a bit, and a Venus Djinn fights us! It goes down.

Felix found the Venus Djinni Petra!

Wait, WHAT!? That's 29!

Well, the game plays a trick on us. Once you get more than 7 Djinn per person, part of the display is changed so it can fit 9 per person, which is the actual maximum.

Anyway, Petra gives 11 HP and 3 Defence. In battle, it causes the target to be unable to take their first action that turn.

Jenna gets Petra and becomes a Templar.

That's all for today. Next time, we go back to Yallam, and then probably advance the plot. See you then.


Felix: Lv 32 Ninja HP:555 PP:194 Attack:439 Defence:223 Agility:246 Luck:6

Jenna: Lv 31 Templar HP:608 PP:182 Attack:397 Defence:261 Agility:179 Luck:23

Sheba: Lv 31 Ranger HP:444 PP:200 Attack:312 Defence:222 Agility:216 Luck:26

Piers: Lv 31 Medium HP:461 PP:209 Attack:336 Defence:224 Agility:244 Luck:5

Djinn: 7 Venus, 8 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 8 Mercury


Next update should be tomorrow, already have most of it done.
SomeColorMage 31st Jan 11