Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hey everybody! Today, we're going into Lemuria! About time. First, some Djinn changes. It's tri-elemental class time! Felix gets 3 Mars and 3 Jupiter, becoming a Ninja, Jenna gets 3 Venus and 3 Mercury, becoming a Dragoon, Sheba gets 3 Mars and 3 Mercury, becoming a Ranger, and Piers gets 3 Venus and 3 Jupiter, becoming a Medium.

We dock our ship at the Lemuria docks, and use the opportunity to use Parch on the area where we fought the Aqua Hydra to get a Mist Potion, which is a nice healing item.

Oh man, this place is falling apart. We Move a statue out of our path, which catches the attention of a few people.

Why, that was Psynergy, wasn't it?


Who are you!?

Just some guys going around and trying to do... something to the world.

Are you the ones who defeated Poseidon?

How the hell did they know that? We didn't see anyone sailing back here! These idiots decide we are too dangerous, which means we can't be let in on the king's orders.

Piers: You say that we are dangerous, but do you include me as well?

The two recognise Piers, but for some reason thinks that he wouldn't have helped in killing Poseidon. He was my main damage dealer! Piers goes to convince the guards to let us in.

Piers: You have my word that we shall create no problems during our stay. Will you not permit us to enter?

The guards refuse, and pick a fight with Kraden (who is getting WAY too eager to enter), calling him a pup. What?

Kraden: Pup? I must be twice your age! Who are you calling "pup"?

Piers then explains that Lemurians age slower than usual. We already know most of this stuff from the first game. Kraden apologises for the confusion, and they accept the apology.

But if your fighting is as skilled as your wordplay, then perhaps you aren't so dangerous to us.


The two decide we might be able to get in, as King Hydros wants news from beyond the Sea of Time. Piers, however, thinks that's a bad idea, as a conversation between Lemurians will take forever through the eyes of our group. They eventually agree, as long as we don't do anything stupid.

Do we have your word?

OK, let's see if I've done this right...

(Felix: No)

(Note: I didn't actually do it right, to get this next bit you need to disagree with Kraden for pretty much every question asked up to this point. I guess I missed a question somewhere. I just copied this from a game script.)

Kraden: What!? Are you INSANE!? Or maybe you think you're funny? Because you're not! Maybe this whole quest is just a game to you, but it's not to me! Are you bored!? Do you want to go home!? FINE! That's it! Then let's go home!

Whoa, calm down man! Let's just go in, okay? Good thing Piers gave us our word for us.

Near the entrance is the Spring of Lemuria. Plays just like Tolbi's Lucky Spring in the first game, but we have a really good reason to hit the middle circle this time. We have 14 Lucky Medals, so let's see what we can do.

Throw 1: Bullseye! Instead of giving us equipment, it gives us a summon tablet!

Felix can now summon Eclipse!

For 3 Jupiter and 2 Mercury Djinn, Eclipse attacks at 300 Jupiter power plus 15% of the targets HP, may lower the targets Attack by 25%, then increases the users Jupiter Power by 60 and Mercury Power by 30. Eclipse is a huge dragon who blows up the battlefield by shooting it with a beam.

OK, once again, want to know what something is, just ask.

Throw 2: Brilliant Circlet

Throw 3: Aegis Shield

Throw 4: Erebus Armour

Throw 5: Leda's Bracelet

Throw 6: Mighty Axe

Throw 7: Mighty Axe

Throw 8: Hestia Blade

Throw 9: Erebus Armor

Throw 10: Hestia Blade (which makes both of my Mighty Axes useless)

Throw 11: Fireman's Pole

Throw 12: Crafted Gloves

Throw 13: Fireman's Pole

Throw 14: Leda's Bracelet

Well, if anything, Felix and Piers are wearing so much gold they can probably blind enemies into submission.

We head past the Lemurian Springs. Kraden runs ahead of us and gushes about how pretty the palace is. The guards notice us, and since Piers has been gone, he's actually been titled the Lost One. Piers asks to see Hydros, but he's busy talking to Lord Conservato. Piers hates Conservato, who leads the senate, is stopping the Lemurians from trying to find out how to restore Alchemy to the world. It is the stop of Alchemy that is causing the decay of Lemuria, although Kraden is still gushing about the place.

Mind Reading a dog tips us off to buried treasure. Using Scoop near butterflies can reveal some things. We actually find another Lucky Medal this way, so...

Throw 15: Brilliant Circlet

We also find some Star Dust and a Rusty Sword. We then head to the east and use Growth and Cyclone to find a Hard Nut. Felix gets the Defence boost.

We enter the house on the west. This is Piers' uncle's house. He thanks us for making sure Piers got home safely. Piers wonders where his mother is, and then notices that the floor is covered in bottles of booze, which doesn't make sense because she's very neat.

It turns out that Piers' mother fell ill, some sort of heart defect, and died before Piers could get back home. Piers runs off to the cemetery, and we decide he should probably be left alone for the time being.

As we leave, Piers' uncle reveals that Piers was out in the open world after being asked by Hydros to investigate something. He also suggests we go see Lunpa.

Wait, Lunpa? Lunpa the Righteous Thief who has a town on Angara named after him and wound up here after a flood then Babi screwed him over? That Lunpa? How can he be here?

Oh right, Mystic Draught.

We try to get into Lunpa's place, but we can't. Thankfully Lunpa comes out on his balcony to greet us.

Lunpa: The door's broken, I'm afraid. But I opened up a window just above the door. Sorry about this, but you'll have to climb through there.

We have to use Lash to get in. Now, there is the possibility that you gave Lash to Piers, who isn't here. Luckily, if you did do that, you just cast any other spell on the rope you need to Lash, and Lunpa will insult you while throwing down a rope you can climb up.

We enter Lunpa's house and we start talking to him.

Lunpa: Honestly, I'm amazed that anyone can travel so far across the world in this age.

Lunpa guesses that we must be trying to break the seal on Alchemy, seeing as we were with Piers. We point out that we're not really doing it because we want to. Well, Kraden is, but not anyone else. Felix and Jenna want their parents back and Sheba just doesn't want to go back to northern Gondowan. Lunpa doesn't know who the Fire Clan is, so no info for us players here. He then turns to Kraden.

Lunpa: But that doesn't explain you, sir. You're clearly not related to those two. What are your goals?

We explain that he was on Babi's orders until Babi died a little while back. Lunpa is a bit upset that the only person who still knows him in the outside world is dead, but we remind him that there's still a town named after him, and his son Donpa's still somehow alive.

Kraden decides to tell us why he's on this quest with us.

Kraden: Long ago, before Alchemy's power was sealed... There were many civilizations as advanced and cultivated as Lemuria. At the moment that Alchemy was sealed away, most of those civilizations began to wane... Until eventually, they vanished. I have formed certain theories now, suggesting that this may be related to the seal on Alchemy.

Lemuria is Kraden's proof of this theory.

Jenna: But even if everything said is true, what does it all mean?

Lunpa: If your theories are correct, the world itself will wane and vanish... Won't it, Kraden?

It turns out that the Lemurians (the ones not in the senate anyway) believe that this is also the case. Lunpa decides that we need to talk to Hydros. He then smashes the door open, so at least we don't have to go upstairs again.

We go into the palace, where we find another Lucky Medal. Back to the spring!

Throw 16: Aegis Shield

We head for the king's discussion chamber. Piers is already here. Hydors, Lunpa and Piers walk over to us, but Conservato is a dick, so he doesn't.

Hydros: I heard of your arrival. It is quite remarkable that you were able to reach Lemuria. Welcome.

Piers introduces us and Lunpa informs Hydros of Kraden's knowledge.

Hydros: Your theories are correct. Our world is now on a path to destruction.

Conservato starts being a dick again, but Hydros shuts him up. Hydros explains that Piers was sent out to confirm this theory, then shows us a map of the world. It looks like a crescent moon with an island to the east of it.

Hydros: This map shows the ancient world, when Lemuria still traded with people on the many continents.

Conservato: It was a great age... A time when the world shined brightly.

Hydros then changes to a more accurate map. The only noticeable difference is that Indra hadn't crashed into Gondowan and Osenia yet.

Hydros: And this... is the map Lunpa had with him when he arrived in Lemuria 150 years ago...

Lunpa: I used this map to sail around the world, it is quite accurate.

Kraden: In-Incredible!

Hydros: You understand, Kraden...

Sheba: What do you understand?

Kraden: Well, unless my eyes deceive me, the continents have shrunk since the golden age...

Jenna: That's insane!

Lunpa: It is not insane! It is true!

Hydros: Perhaps this will make the point more clearly. Look at these two maps side by side.

He cycles through the two maps. Not only have the continents shrunk, the entire world has shrunk too!

Kraden: There's no mistaking it. The continents on Lunpa's map are clearly smaller...

Conservato: Lies! Nothing but lies!

Shut up Conservato! We're having a conversation here. Piers reveals his findings.

Piers: I found, in truth, that Lunpa's map is the more accurate of the two. However, the world seems even smaller now than it appears on Lunpa's map...

Kraden thinks he's figured it all out.

Kraden: Think of Weyard as a living, breathing being, possessing its own life force... The four elements are the nourishment needed to sustain this being.

Lunpa: Kraden... This is exactly what King Hydros himself has said to me!

Hydros: Ever since Alchemy was sealed away, the world has been cut off from its nourishment. It has gone into a state akin to hibernation.

Kraden: By using less energy, Weyard prolongs its life...

Hydros: Yet when hibernating, the being has only stopped its own clock... not the flow of time around it.

Kraden: When a bear sleeps through the winter, it needs only wait for spring to come... When it awakens, it can nourish its weakened body again...

Piers: But if spring never comes, the bear will eventually die...

Lunpa: Weyard is wating away, its continents shrinking, because its spring has never come.

Conservato starts to freak out, especially when Hydros announces his intentions to let us continue lighting the Elemental Lighthouses. That means Piers is leaving with us too.

Conservato: Then go, Piers... But if you do, say farewell... For you will never be able to return. You will be banished from Leuria forever. You know our laws. Are you prepared for the outcome? I myself am disgusted by the while matter. I take my leave of you, Hydros. But I warn you... I will not permit you to go through with this madness!

Just try and stop us. I won't hesitate in destroying the entire senate if I need to.

Anyway, Hydros wants us to go to the Western Sea, but there are huge rocks that separate the Eastern Sea and Western Sea. So Lunpa gives us a gift, the Grindstone. Grind can only be used by Felix, and destroys pillars of rock.

Let's go, there's nothing else for us here. As we leave, we have a little discussion.

Sheba: Um... Piers?

Piers: Yes, Sheba? What is it?

Sheba: There's something I've been meaning to ask you... Something I have to ask you...

Piers: Ask me, Sheba.

Sheba: You and I look roughly the same age, but how old are you, really?

Piers: Is that your question, Sheba? It's not important!

Jenna: It is to me. If you are much older than us, then I'm afraid we've not shown you the proper respect.

Kraden: She's got a point.

Piers: Don't worry about such things. Please, treat me as you have all along.

Kraden, No, that won't do. You have to tell us.

Piers: What!? Come now! This is silly!

Sheba: No, Piers! Tell me!

Piers, You're afraid you haven't shown me the proper respect, and yet you make demands of me?

Jenna: Come on, Piers... You can tell us. How old are you really?

Piers: This has nothing to do with respect! You just want to know how old I am, don't you!

Sheba: Hee hee!

Jenna: Heh heh!

Kraden: Oh ho ho ho!!!

Piers: I knew it! Come on, Felix! Can't you get them off my back?

Felix: ... ...

Piers: You're in this too, aren't you, Felix? I've had it with your conspiracies! I will not tell you!

Okay, we've harassed Piers enough. But first, we go back into Lemuria and use Grind so we can dock in a different location. This section is Ancient Lemuria. We use Cyclone to reveal a Mercury Djinn, which hides in a statue. We then use Tremor to knock it loose.

Felix found the Mercury Djinni Rime!

Rime gives 10 HP and 6 PP. In battle, it inflicts Psynergy Seal with the highest possible accuracy. I think the enemies Luck will still effect the hit rate.

Rime is given to Jenna. Next, we go back to Yallam. Here, our Star Dust becomes a Stardust Ring and the Rusty Sword becomes the Corsair's Edge.

Last thing this update, we head to the Gondowan Cliffs. Here, there's a stone we can Grind to gain access to the Western Sea.

Next time, we'll go exploring the western half of the world.


Felix: Lv 29 Ninja HP:504 PP:186 Attack:414 Defence:219 Agility:222 Luck:6

Jenna: Lv 29 Dragoon HP:497 PP:162 Attack:362 Defence:250 Agility:108 Luck:23

Sheba: Lv 29 Ranger HP:414 PP:190 Attack:300 Defence:217 Agility:203 Luck:26

Piers: Lv 29 Medium HP:426 PP:192 Attack:326 Defence:220 Agility:234 Luck:5

Djinn: 6 Venus, 6 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 7 Mercury

...Hmm, I think I'll take off the Safety Boots starting next update.