Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hey everybody. Last time, we got the last of the three prongs, but we still don't know what they're for. First stop, as usual, is Yallam. There, our Sylph Feather becomes a Faery Vest.

Our main destination for today is Champa, just west of the Ankohl Ruins. As we enter...

Feizhi: Isaac!

No, not Isaac. This is another linked event, triggered by saving Hsu in the Alpine Crossing.

Feihi: Isaac, is it you? Do my eyes deceive me?

YES! Are you blind? For comparison:



There is no way to confuse the two.

Kraden decides to help her out. Try, anyway, as we have no damn clue. Kraden asks why Feizhi is looking for Isaac, and she goes on about how Isaac saved Hsu—

Fezhi: He helped Ulmuch. Ulmuch was trapped, but Isaac saved him. He is a brave man, isn't he?

Um, I mean Ulmuch, I guess. Stupid translators.

Kraden decides to reject the obvious reason, and instead ship Isaac/Feizhi, much to Fezhi's annoyance.

We tell Fezhi that we'll find Isaac and talk to him for her, and Fezhi gives us the Golden Ring, to give to Isaac when we meet him.

In reality, the Golden Ring is just another useless ring. This one casts one of the Resistance raising spells, I forget which.

A more useful treasure is hiding in a circle of gravestones we can Reveal. This gives us the Viking Helm, which is better than what we currently have.

Wow, Champa is falling apart without Briggs. Also, his grandmother, Obaba, who we need to continue the story, won't see us until Briggs has returned. Maybe we should go free him.

South to Alhafra it is then. But before we can leave...

Alex: I see you've caught up with me again, Felix.

Go away Alex, I don't want you in my party any more. It also seems we forgot to tell Piers what is going on, so we quickly summarise a few things.

Alex: Ah, and I see you've made a new friend! You have been busy, haven't you? And you've found yourself a new Water Adept! Do you mean to cast me away, like old trash?

Don't pin this on us, you rejected our invitation to join the party.

Kraden: We have no need of your help. We can light the lighthouses ourselves.

Karst: Oh... Can you really?

Hey, it's the crazy Fire Clan lady. We ask what the hell is going on here.

What's going on is Alex is demonstrating his remarkable foresight once again!

Let's see, green skin, strange coloured hair, red eyes, yep, that's another Fire Clan person. This one's called Agatio. He looks over our party.

Agatio: They look like an unreliable bunch of ragamuffins.

Alex: Yes, they are rather useless, aren't they? That's why I finally had to abandon them, of course.

You are such a prick, Alex. Combined, we could probably beat you.

Alex reveals he already knows Piers, as he also visited Piers while in prison. And he was going to steal Piers's ship. But then we came back from Kibombo and messed that up.

Karst and Agatio ask why we're so useful, and Alex replies that we must have had skill to get the Black Crystal back. Agatio fails to understand why, and Alex points out that "set the town on fire until they give us what we want" is not a viable strategy for us. We're the good guys. Maybe.

The two Fire Clan people then threaten to take Sheba and the Elemental Star that we have if we don't hurry up and light Jupiter Lighthouse already. Alex, however, thinks that's a bad idea, as his experience has led him to believe that the Fire Clan, while strong, is full of idiots.

Agatio: Are you suggesting they were simple brutes, incapable of logic and intelligence? And are you saying the same if us!?

Look, if a whole group of you can't solve what was one of the easiest puzzles in the first game, and then only two manage to survive the resulting fall of the Mt Aleph boulder, then it doesn't reflect well on your whole civilisation, man.

All Alex wanted to do here is make sure we were all acquainted. In other words, introduce us to the people who will try to kill us if we don't light the lighthouses.

The group leaves, but Alex stops for a second.

Alex: Kraden, am I right in recalling that you pursue this quest on the behalf of Tolbi's ruler, Babi?

Kraden: This is true. I'm studying Alchemy because Lord Babi has ordered it. What about it?

Alex: Ah, what a pity. It would seem all your studies... have been for naught.

Kraden: What are you getting at, Alex?

Alex: Only that it seems your Lord Babi has at last succumbed to the ravages of time.

About damn time. I hate that guy. Alex gives us another reason to stay out of the areas in the first game; people will think that those involved with Saturos and Menardi may have had a hand in Babi's death. Even though it was because of old age. And then they'll try and kill us.

Alex finally leaves, and we figure out he also meant that Kraden doesn't have a reason to go to Lemuria now.

Kraden: Certainly, my original reason, for researching Alchemy was for Lord Babi...

Piers: "Was for Lord Babi"? That's the past tense! What are your reasons now?

Thank you for explaining that was using past tense, Piers, we really needed that explained.

Kraden: This is no longer solely for research... I do this because of what I've learned on this quest.

Apparently, Felix has been told of these things, but I have no idea what he's talking about. Kraden promises to reveal everything when we get to Lemuria. Piers has already caught on as well, and he wants to go back to Lemuria to prove it.

Well, this update has gone on long enough. I forgot this part of the story was so long. Next time, we free Briggs and make those prongs usable.


Felix: Lv 29 Enchanter (Venus) HP:441 PP:182 Attack:340 Defence:189 Agility:189 Luck:12

Jenna: Lv 28 Cavalier (Mars) HP:413 PP:130 Attack:317 Defence:213 Agility:105 Luck:10

Sheba: Lv 28 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:378 PP:183 Attack:280 Defence:187 Agility:165 Luck:12

Piers: Lv 28 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:370 PP:147 Attack:289 Defence:192 Agility:201 Luck:8

Djinn: 6 Venus, 6 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 6 Mercury