Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Ankohl Ruins

Hey everyone! Today, we're going to get the last of those prongs. However, we first stop at Yallam, to forge my Rusty Mace into the Demon Mace (outdated already) and my Rusty Staff onto the Dracomace (given to Sheba).

Alright, onto our destination, which is on the southern edge of Angara. This takes us to the Ankohl Ruins. This place is full of bushes. Lot and lots of bushes. And most of them don't do anything.

From the start, we use Whirlwind to get to a bunch of faces we can Move open to create various passages to the north. These contain various not very useful chests.

While getting these chests, Jenna reaches level 28 and learns Fiery Blast.

We go back to the face room and head southwest. From there, we use Sand to get the Thanatos Mace, which is already useless. Forging tends to keep you ahead of the natural equipment progression rate.

We then head into the room north of here, and push part of a statue into position, causing it to fill the room with sand. After that, we go back a couple of rooms and use Whirlwind to open another path into that north room. We get some Power Bread from this, which we give to Piers.

We encounter a room full of sand. While trying to get down there, we step on a button, filling up the room some more. We wait for the level to reach a second button, which opens the door.

A bit further on, there's another statue, this time with two bits missing. The first bit is right in front of us, but we can't get to the second bit, so we go down one floor and follow that path...

Which takes us right back to the face room. Well, let's go southeast this time. We go upstairs and use Whirlwind on the left bush to get the Muni Robe. A bit further on we also find a Sylph Feather.

We come to another room that fills with sand. This time it moves a LOT faster. We have to run straight for the second button instead of waiting a while like last time.

Another statue we have to complete. Finishing it makes its eyes turn green. We backtrack a bit to where we can reach the front of this statue, and it starts trying to push us away! We can, however, Sand under it. This opens up another path.

We find the missing part of that statue from earlier. We use Reveal to open a hole in the floor and push the piece into it, dropping it down a floor.

Downstairs, we complete the statue, causing it to create a sandfall. We climb it using Sand and, from there, reach the top of the ruins where we find the Left Prong.

Well, that's done. Next time, we figure out what to do with these prongs.


Felix: Lv 28 Enchanter (Venus) HP:431 PP:179 Attack:335 Defence:183 Agility:183 Luck:12

Jenna: Lv 28 Cavalier (Mars) HP:413 PP:130 Attack:317 Defence:198 Agility:105 Luck:22

Sheba: Lv 28 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:378 PP:183 Attack:269 Defence:185 Agility:165 Luck:12

Piers: Lv 28 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:370 PP:147 Attack:298 Defence:186 Agility:201 Luck:8

Djinn: 6 Venus, 6 Mars, 6 Jupiter, 6 Mercury