Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Gabomba Catacombs

Hi all! Last time, we got a boat! Now we can do a lot of stuff. Before we actually do something useful though, we head north.

Piers reaches level 20 and learns Hail Prism.

Once we get far enough north, we find some shallows. And in them is... a Rusty Axe. What the hell am I gonna do with this? Next stop is even further northeast.

Woah, there's a huge waterfall at the edge of the world map. Good thing we can't fall off. Anyway, we find a Rusty Mace in the shallows here. More rusty stuff. That's just great.

We head back south, and dock the ship at a beach just south of Kibombo. Now that we have Cyclone, we can get the special magic the Great Gabomba told us about. But first I sell all my weak healing/status restoring items as I don't need them.

The Gabomba's tongue is still sticking out, so we head in that way. Next to the statue at the end, there is a ladder heading to the Gabomba Catacombs. A better term is probably "Gabomba Loose Collection of Rocks and Plants" though, this place doesn't seem very catacomb like.

Anyway, we Cyclone away some plants on the right, triggering some sort of teleporter that takes us right next to a Venus Djinn. It fights us, and we beat it.

Felix found the Venus Djinni Mud!

Mud gives 10 HP, 4 PP and 3 Agility. In battle, it halves the Agility of all enemies.

We also get the Judgement Summon! For 4 Venus Djinn, it attacks at 240 Venus Power plus 12% of the targets HP, then increases the users Venus Power by 100.

With 4 Venus Djinn, Sheba is now a Shaman (Jupiter). You know, I'm kinda surprised nobody has been making party setup suggestions for a while.

We head back to the top floor and Cyclone down on the left instead of the right. It takes us to a path where we can use Cyclone to reveal a Mint! Jenna gets the Agility boost.

Further on, there are a few plants we can Cyclone away to reveal a puddle we can Frost to create a path around to an area where we use Reveal to get to the next room.

The next room has a large stream that we need to run up, looking for openings in the rock formation along the way. It's not really that hard. When we reach the top, we have to do the Cyclone and Frost thing again.

In the next room, we use Cyclone and under one of them is a really huge plant! How did that fit under there?

This is a Mad Plant. They're like Mimics, but Mercury elemental instead of Jupiter, and even weaker to Mars. It goes down quickly.

Further north, we find another mini Gabomba statue.

By reaching this place, you have proven your power. By rights, Akafubu should bear this power... But I shall keep my promise and bestow it upon the one to reach this place first!

He gives us the power in exchange for an agreement that we not tell Akafubu, as he will need to come down here at some point, and telling him that we got the power may stop him from trying.

Anyway, we get the Tomegathericon. This gives us the third item dependent class in the game, and the last new one, the Dark Mage. PP and Agility are great, Luck is a bit low, everything else is good. For useful spells, we get Revive and the Call series. The final Call spell, Call Dullahan, is obtained at level 47 and on a Jupiter Adept, can utterly destroy anything. It's pretty much worth it for that spell.

Anyway, we're done here, so next time, we head somewhere new! Probably!


Felix: Lv 20 Cavalier (Venus) HP:331 PP:111 Attack:213 Defence:157 Agility:101 Luck:8

Jenna: Lv 20 Enchanter (Mars) HP:301 PP:126 Attack:206 Defence:136 Agility:95 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 20 Shaman (Jupiter) HP:273 PP:139 Attack:183 Defence:138 Agility:114 Luck:6

Piers: Lv 20 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:266 PP:119 Attack:181 Defence:145 Agility:159 Luck:6

Djinn: 4 Venus, 4 Mars, 4 Jupiter, 5 Mercury