Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Lemurian Ship

Hi everybody! Today, we're gonna get ourselves on the ship. This is not as easy as you'd think.

So first, we have to go back to the East Indra Shore. From there, we walk onto the boat.

Piers: At last, I'm back on my ship. Finally, I can return to my beloved Lemuria.

Piers uses the Black Crystal to open the door. We have to head to the bottom of the ship and power the engine up. So let's go inside.

...Crap. Monsters. As we go through the ship, we encounter Aqua Jellies, which are pretty pathetic, although they can Poison. When they are killed, they melt into puddles that we can use Frost on. We do this to reach a chest with a Potion. On to the next room.

...Woah. This place is filled with these things. But we can't reach them, so we move on to the room after that, where we have to kill and Frost some of the things, then Move a crate into position to create a path.

This next room is a sequence of killing, Frost and jumping. Over and over again. This is getting really tedious.

In the next room. an Aqua Jelly runs from us. Right under a platform that collapses if we run over it. So, we Frost it into keeping the platform up. Stupid monster...

Back in the room with the ton of monsters. OK, let's give Piers my Psy Crystal as using Frost requires his base class so he's been burning through his PP really fast. When we talk to the next Aqua Jelly, it fuses with the other ones in the room and attacks us!

The Aqua Hydra pretty much just tries to Mercury attack you to death, and can also inflict Poison. Mars attacks burn right through it though.

When we killed it, Felix reaches level 19 and learns Revive.

The remains of the Aqua Hydra flooded the room! Now I can't get the chest here! Oh well, I can get it later.

We continue down to the engine room, which we open up with Douse. It seems oddly cave like for a ship.

Piers: Hoe did all these monsters get on board? I could swear I locked the door when I left...

Yeah well, you're bad at locking your ship door. Piers puts the Black Crystal in the pillar in the middle of the engine room, which causes it to light up. We start moving!

Piers thinks that we should practice sailing a bit before going to Lemuria.

Jenna: Then I want to go to Lalivero! And Tolbi! And Vale! Can we go to Vale?

Piers: I'd love to see your hometown, Jenna! Shall we? Let's do it! To Vale we go!

(Felix: No)

No, this one isn't for lying dick purposes, if I've done it right, I'm already ready for that secret.

First, we can't get there. The only beaches in the first game were on the Karagol, which we can't reach, and Idejima, which is now on Indra instead of Gondowan.

Second, we kinda pissed off the people of Tolbi, so that region's not particularly safe for us.

Kraden: Thee sea is vast... We can go wherever we please! So, let's explore a bit, Felix!

Sounds good. We'll start that next time. But I've got one more thing to do. Head back to Air's Rock. Sigh... Thankfully, the exterior is still all cleared out. On the first screen of the climbing section, we can use Frost to get to a chest with a Vial. Well, that certainly wasn't worth it.

OK, that's it for now.


Felix: Lv 19 Cavalier (Venus) HP:309 PP:108 Attack:208 Defence:150 Agility:97 Luck:7

Jenna: Lv 19 Enchanter (Mars) HP:291 PP:121 Attack:202 Defence:134 Agility:86 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 18 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:242 PP:120 Attack:163 Defence:127 Agility:97 Luck:8

Piers: Lv 19 Ascetic (Mercury) HP:256 PP:114 Attack:177 Defence:142 Agility:154 Luck:6