Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Gabomba Statue

Hi everybody! Today, we go into Kibombo. We start our look through the town by finding some Lucky Pepper, which we give to Jenna.

We find out that the orb is being used as a tribute to some statue, but we can't get near the statue due to some serious Drone Jam. Even this town's Sanctum Healer is busy watching. Good thing we can use Lash to create a path using all the pillars in town.

At last, the sacred night has come!

That must be Akafubu. I can tell because he has a face portrait. He's got a huge red afro too, and only named characters get hair styles that stupid.

Akafubu: Tonight, Akafubu becomes the Kibombo's new witch doctor!

I don't care. We decide we need to get to that orb quickly. But as we try to move north...

Piers: Wh-Who are you?!?

Well, better he spots us than Akafubu I guess. We point out that we were probably the only people who visited him in jail, and then he recognises us. We explain that we want to help, but he doesn't seem to happy about it.

Jenna: We came here to help you, Piers. Why are you being like that about it?

Piers: Tell me something... Exactly when did I ask you for your help?

Damn. Are all the Mercury Adepts around here gonna reject us?

Akafubu: SILENCE!!!

Akafubu tries to get the Great Gabomba, that ugly statue, to accept the orb. He does it by casting Lift. Great, another Adept likely to screw us over. The statues eyes open after another spell is cast, but immediately close.

Akafubu: You prayers were weak! Open your hearts to the Great Gabomba!

Yeah, that'll work. We decide that Piers needs our help, even if he doesn't want it. Well, everyone except Felix, who's still a lying dick.

We Move a pillar out of the way to open a path to the back of the Great Gabomba. Piers notices us do it.

Piers: That power... Was that Psynergy?

Okay, that's just begging for sarcasm. Piers notices that everyone but Kraden here are Adepts, and reveals that he's a Lemurian. Lemuria is located in the middle of the Eastern Sea, so Babi and Isaac were on the right track at the end of the first game.

Then some explanation that we already know about because of the first game occurs. Piers also explains hoe much of a dick Babi is. He stole a ship from them, along with a whole bunch of their draught. Regardless, Kraden is quite interested in Lemuria, so he asks Piers if we can help and then borrow his ship. Piers says that he can't allow Kraden in, as he works for Babi, and, well, Babi is a dick. Felix really isn't interested in seeing something that isn't a lighthouse, so he says he'd rather not.

Kraden: Why, Felix? Why? Please, we simply have to!

Tch. Fine. Piers decides he needs our help anyway and joins.

Piers is our Mercury Adept, and is a physical fighter, so think Felix, but with worse attacking power, better base Luck and the ability to freeze things. Piers also comes with two new Mercury Djinn!

Spring gives 11 HP and 5 PP. In battle, it restores 70% of a target Adept's max HP.

Shade gives 9 HP, 3 Defence and 2 Luck. In battle, all damage to the party is reduced to two fifths.

We also get the Boreas Summon. For 4 Mercury Djinn, it attacks at 240 Mercury Power plus 12% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Mercury Power by 100.

Piers also comes with a new class series. The Mariner has great HP and Luck, everything else is average. For good spells, there's Ply, Cure Poison, Diamond Dust, Restore and Break. It's quite a good class.

For the time being, Piers gets the Mars Djinn that we weren't really using, making him a Wanderer (Mercury).

Unfortunately, the path leads to a dead end. However, we can use scoop to uncover an entrance into the Gabomba Statue.

The Gabomba Statue is a mess of cogs and mazes. And it starts with a Mimic. Great. We get a Hard Nut for winning, and give Piers the Defence boost. We also find a Bone Armlet in this area, which we give to Sheba.

In the next room, we have to use Lash to stop some cogs from moving, letting us pass. Further on, a mouse shows us that we can move around by jumping on top of the cogs.

We go down to what must be near the bottom of the statue and encounter a flashing cog. We use Pound on a pillar next to it. We then go back to where we saw the mouse and follow the path it took to the other side of that bottom floor. Another cone we can Pound here, and it changes the direction of all the cogs in the statue.

We can now get a cog in the mouse room to drop us down a floor next to a Venus Djinn! It fights us, and we defeat it with some Jupiter spells.

Jenna found the Venus Djinni Steel!

Steel gives 9 HP, 4 Attack, 2 Defence and 1 Luck. In battle, it attacks at 130% of the user's Attack in Venus, then heals half of the damage done to the user.

We also can now summon Cybele. For 3 Venus Djinn, it attacks at 120 Venus Power plus 9% of the target's HP, then increase the user's Venus Power by 60.

Upstairs, there's a small replica of the Great Gabomba, with a groove leading into it. Upstairs again, and we reach some circuitry.

Akafubu: Focus your energies!

Looks like they're trying to get the statue to take the orb again. When Akafubu tries to activate the statue, two orbs light up and send energy through the circuit. But the circuit isn't complete, so it doesn't work.

It seems that the only way to get the orb is to fix the circuit. We have to use pound to knock the tiles out, rotate them with some buttons on the floor and Pound them back in.

This is regarded as one of the more annoying puzzles in the game, as it's impossible to give a solution; the puzzle varies per cartridge. It's really not that hard though. I finish it in about a minute and then am glad that my emulator can fast forward through the wait until Akafubu tries again.

Akafubu: O Great Gabomba! Please accept this, our humble gift!

There we go. Except I accidentally make a mistake, only one orb's energy reaches the middle, and the thing goes nuts.

Ahh! We have enraged the Great Gabomba!

Oops. Sorry. I'll just fix that for you.

...Okay, let's try again.

This time, the statue opens its mouth, sticks out its tongue and swallows the orb. It then lets Akafubu enter. Meanwhile, at that mini statue with the groove in it...

Piers: The black orb... Where is it?

It rolled into the mini statue. Crap.

Akafubu: Who... Who are you!?

More crap. He spotted us. When he asks what we're doing here, Jenna drags him upstairs and shows him the circuit board we fixed. We then tell him that we need to retrieve the orb, and we need to be let further into the statue to do that.

He let's us, and we follow Akafubu down to the end of the path. Here, Akafubu is supposed to become a witch doctor, but he's not quite sure how. So we talk to another mini statue down here.

Oh young witch doctor... You have succeeded in your task. You have found this chamber.

Akafubu wonders what is going on. He bring up that the statue is probably talking to him.

Akafubu! Your magic has grown strong! At last, you are worthy of the title witch doctor. I give you the feathers and gown that are the badges of your office!

Some nice gear appears on him.

Akafubu, from this day forward, you shall be Kibombo's witch doctor.

He celebrates and runs off.

And there is one thing that remains for me to give you... Akafubu... You hasty fool... I had something else to give you, and in you haste, you left too soon. Say, you there...

Felix looks around.

Yes! You! You, looking around there! I have magic for Akafubu, magic that he will soon need, ...but he is not ready for it. As a result, I have decided that I shall not pass this magic on to anyone just yet. Tell this to Akafubu: If he desires this new magic, then he must earn it himself! If Akafubu does not refine his magical arts, then he will never earn this new power. This power shall not be realized until he ceases living only for himself... And instead lives his life to benefit others. Tell him so!

We ask that maybe we could have the magic ourselves. The statue decides that once we give that message to Akafubu, the first person to get to the magic can take it. We also get the Black Crystal, which means we can now use Piers's ship.

Kraden asks Felix if he knows what the statue is. He says yes for lying dick purposes. Kraden then thinks about the magic.

Kraden: Wouldn't it be quite fortunate of we were to get our hands on that power ourselves?

Nah. I can tell you now, that power won't be useful for a long time. Anyway, we go talk to Akafubu.

But we can't get that magic yet, so I guess we'll be back later. Next time, we take advantage of Piers's Frost spell!


Felix: Lv 17 Cavalier (Venus) HP:287 PP:95 Attack:197 Defence:146 Agility:89 Luck:6

Jenna: Lv 17 Illusionist (Mars) HP:218 PP:105 Attack:174 Defence:121 Agility:73 Luck:7

Sheba: Lv 17 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:224 PP:116 Attack:154 Defence:122 Agility:92 Luck:6

Piers: Lv 18 Wanderer (Mercury) HP:227 PP:102 Attack:156 Defence:116 Agility:96 Luck:7

Djinn: 3 Venus, 3 Mars, 3 Jupiter, 5 Mercury


I've decided that I'm going to take some more days off, and continue probably around January 2. See you then.
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