Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Kibombo Mountain Range

Hello everybody! Today, we have to do a Stealth-Based Mission. Great. We start by heading north, to the Kibombo Mountain Range. If we try to head straight in, some Kibombo warriors appear.

This area is clear! The strange one has not been seen!

I guess they mean Piers. It turns out that Piers got through by attacking the guards. Adept or not, that takes some guts. They are going to stop anyone who tries to stop the ceremony performed by the witch doctor Akafubu, so I guess we can't be seen.

Good thing there is an alternate path we can create by using Move on a few pillars then, huh?

While being stealthy and stuff, we still find the time to go get the Disk Axe, which is given to Felix.

In the next area, we trap a Kibombo by dropping a crate on top of him. Doing so gets us a Power Bread! Sheba gets the HP boost.

We then distract a dog by using Tremor to knock a bone down next to him. We can now get past him to an alternate path over the head of another Kibombo. And that's the last one passed. We see a Jupiter Djinn here, but we can't get it yet. We cross a river and end up back on the world map.

We head for Kibombo, and when we get there, it becomes dark. Looks like we'll be invading the town at night. Next time, that is. Sorry for another short update, but I don't have that much time today.


Felix: Lv 16 Defender (Venus) HP:232 PP:79 Attack:183 Defence:126 Agility:77 Luck:7

Jenna: Lv 16 Illusionist (Mars) HP:222 PP:101 Attack:165 Defence:113 Agility:70 Luck:5

Sheba: Lv 16 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:218 PP:120 Attack:127 Defence:105 Agility:87 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 3 Mars, 3 Jupiter, 3 Mercury