Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Really short update today, I'm just gonna go loot a town. The town in question is Naribwe, north of where we ended up last time.

...Wow, things are a lot more African here than in northern Gondowan.

(For those who haven't noticed it, the landmasses are loosely based on real world continents. Angara is Eurasia, Gondowan is Africa, Indra is India, and if I have to point out what Osenia is, CONSIDERING THE BIG PURPLE ROCK NAMED AFTER THE FORMER NAME OF A LANDMARK IN THE COUNTRY IT'S A REFERENCE TO, you really haven't been paying attention.)

Anyway, at the back of the town, we find a suspicious looking rock that we can use Reveal on to get a Unicorn Ring. This one's just as pointless as it was in the first game.

We also find a rope we can use Lash on. It takes us to the Thorn Crown. I give it to Sheba. Jenna gets Sheba's old Clarity Circlet, which means she no longer has the Nurse's Cap. I'm telling you, they give that to you too early. In what would be a more normal rate of equipment progression, it should have been gone a couple of towns ago.

Hmm, ther'es talk of a fortune teller in town. Let's go talk to him. He charges 20 coins, but due to the way the game hands Artifacts to you, we've really got nothing better to do. Let's try the Shaman's Rod.

Beyond the weapon you set down lies a terrible foe. Many enemies await you, far beyond the mountains. If you move to strike them... you will meet with great disaster.

I guess we'll keep that in mind. I try a piece of Armour next.

From the garb you have placed before me, I sense the presence of the one you await. To the north... inside the sacred icon, the one you seek awaits.

That's a hint to where the next Djinn is. It can be useful, if you're not using a guide, like I am. Other types of items give you the location of other things and your next task objective, but those are less useful and probably aren't worth 20 coins.

And so ends what I think may be the shortest update yet. See you next time.


Felix: Lv 16 Defender (Venus) HP:232 PP:79 Attack:164 Defence:126 Agility:77 Luck:7

Jenna: Lv 16 Illusionist (Mars) HP:222 PP:101 Attack:165 Defence:113 Agility:70 Luck:5

Sheba: Lv 15 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:202 PP:116 Attack:124 Defence:103 Agility:82 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 3 Mars, 3 Jupiter, 3 Mercury

If you notice a difference in Felix and Sheba's HP, that's because I moved the Guardian ring between them, as Sheba needs the HP more.