Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage


Hey there everybody! Today, we go to Madra, but we have some minor things to take care of first. To start, we head west. This takes us to the Indra Cavern. Using Move and Lash, we open up a path to a strange tablet.

Felix examined the stone tablet...

The tablet breaks open revealing a set of runes, which fly into Felix.

Felix can now summon Zagan!

Yes, we have new summons in this game. These summons all require two elements of Djinn, and have bonus effects. Zagan costs 1 Venus and 1 Mars Djinn, and attacks at 50 Venus Power plus 6% of the target's HP, may lower the target's Defence, and raises the users Venus and Mars Power by 10. Graphically, he flies forward and hits the enemies with his axe... thing.

Just to the west of Madra, we go into a nearby forest and find a Venus Djinn! We defeat it with its weakness to Jupiter.

Felix found the Venus Djinni Iron!

Iron gives 11 HP, 2 Defence and 3 Agility. In battle, it increases the parties Defence by 25%.

We also get the Ramses Summon. For 2 Venus Djinn, he attacks at 60 Venus Power plus 6% of the target's HP, then increases the user's Venus Power by 30.

Iron goes to Sheba for now, which makes her a Diviner (Jupiter).

We now get to Madra. It's all bright and sunny here. Some people stop us at the entrance, but let us go when they see we're not from Champa. The Champa are a group of pirates that attacked the town recently to free their leader, Briggs. Well, sucks to be you guys.

Hey, there's a couple of gladiators here. They're heading to the next Colosso. How often is that thing? One of them says something interesting...

Hey, if you see a gladiator named Isaac, give him a message for me... If he's thinking about going to Colosso this year, he doesn't stand a chance of winning!

You see, doing some stuff in the save file from the first game you transferred over changes some dialogue and events in this game. Specifically, we'll later get Golden equipment, some of the best equipment in the game. The events are winning Colosso, talking to the mayor of Vault after the thieves escape, and saving Hsu at the Alpine Crossing.

For now, it's just a line of dialogue about Isaac. But later, we'll be meeting up with a few Colosso fighters from the first game. Anyway, we take a path across the rooftops to find the Nurse Cap. We then take a look inside the prison of Madra.

Admit it! You're one of the Champa, aren't you, Piers?

Looks like they caught someone in the last attack. Piers insists he's not a Champa, but won't say where he's from. This just annoys the people questioning him to the point of insults. Piers warns them to stop it, and they don't listen.

So Piers casts Frost. And the guy insulting him is right above a puddle. The guy gets stuck on top of an ice pillar.

Kraden: Oh! That was Psynergy!

Well duh. The guy falls off the pillar and runs for it. Kraden says Piers must be an Adept, but Felix says no for lying dick purposes. Let's Mind Read the guy.

Piers: Why did I use my Psynergy in anger? I must maintain control... My actions should never cause regret—-I...sense someone... using Psynergy...

Crap, he spotted us.

Piers: That person... Could he be—-no, he is not of my people... When will I be freed?

OK, let's go. Just as we leave the prison, two of the mayor's family check to see if Piers is still in prison after the... misunderstanding. They then notice us and ask if we're travellers. Well, yeah. They also ask if we're headed for Osenia. Sure, why not? They decide to give us permission, as the path to Osenia had been closed for a while.

Or something, I have no idea why we're given permission. It was like "Oh hey, you're travellers! Do you want to go to this place? Because I can grant that to you complete strangers!" It's odd.

Anyway, just outside the city walls is a ladder to the Madra Catacombs. We follow the only path we can take, and get a chest containing the Tremor Bit! Tremor dislodge loose items from shelves.

That's all we can do here for now. Next time, we head for this Osenia place.


Felix: Lv 8 Brute HP:105 PP:30 Attack:86 Defence:35 Agility:48 Luck:1

Jenna: Lv 8 Pierrot HP:108 PP:36 Attack:49 Defence:67 Agility:58 Luck:6

Sheba: Lv 8 Diviner (Jupiter) HP:114 PP:75 Attack:54 Defence:56 Agility:51 Luck:5

Djinn: 2 Venus, 1 Mars, 1 Jupiter, 1 Mercury


A young lad with a mysterious past that can use Mercury psynergy? Since Alex gave you the cold shoulder, something tells me he's going to be party member #4...and I just realised that the order you gain Adepts is roughly the same as in the first. Begin with a Venus and Mars, quickly aquire a Jupiter, and then go through a couple of bosses before getting Mercury. Might just be me, but I think that's kinda interesting.

Oh, and I'm going to take up your offer about equipment details and inquire about the Nurse Cap.
EndarkCuli 16th Dec 10
Nurse Cap: Defence +18, can be used as an item to restore 70 HP to target Adept (may break, which means you can't use the item effect again until you pay to fix it at a shop), only equippable by Females.

As for the order of joining Adepts, I had noticed that too, but I've also noticed that Frost gets a lot of use. I guess lots of puddles is a bit more likely than lots of pillars or bushes. So not getting your Mercury Adept for a while is kind of an exploration limiter.
SomeColorMage 16th Dec 10