Some Color Mage's Let's Play lets out a howl! Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Some Color Mage

Shrine of the Sea God

Hi guys! Today, we have to use Lash to do some stuff. I don't think this'll be a long update. To get to where we want to, we go back to Daila and head east. This takes us to the Shrine of the Sea God.

All right! I'm gonna throw the rope again!

Oh dear, a kid is stuck on a high cliff with only a fallen rope being the path down. Another kid tries to throw the rope back up but can't do it. These two are Tavi and Riki, the two kids that are missing from Daila.

I guess we should help them. We use Lash to put the rope up. The kids thank us and run off, but not before letting loose that they saw some strange creature. A really fast creature that keeps flying away. Sounds like a Djinn.

Continuing down the path, it seems that I was right. It's a Jupiter Djinn. Unfortunately, we scare it off. THE CHASE IS ON!

We come to three stairways. When we enter one, it turns out we took the wrong one. Every damn time. When we finally catch up to it, it starts running around in circles. We push a torch into its path so we can catch it. Of course it fights us, so we beat it with it's weakness to Venus.

Jenna found the Jupiter Djinni Breath!

Breath increases HP by 9, Defence by 3 and Agility by 4. In battle, it will heal 40% of the target's HP at highest priority (i.e. It will act at the same time as protective shields).

We also get the Jupiter Summon. For 1 Jupiter Djinn, it attacks at 30 Jupiter Power plus 3% of the target's max HP in damage, then increases the user's Jupiter Power by 10.

Breath goes to Jenna, mainly because the game makes everybody have an equal number of Djinn.

We can't do anything else here, we require Frost. So let's go back to Daila.

Well, Daila has been dried out now. Let's go talk to the mayor of the town, see if there's anything else to do here.

Hey, Alex just came here! Wait, why am I excited about that?

Alex: Well, well... Our happy family is back together again.

I wouldn't use the term family. I'd say "The four incompetent people of Saturos and Menardi's group plus Alex."

Jenna is understandably annoyed at Alex's disappearance. But it turns out he was just looking for a boat. Okay, I guess. No luck though.

Alex: I spoke to the mayor, and he suggested that we try the large town south of us.

OK, objective known, let's just go. Alex is heading straight to this area, known as Madra, so we're certainly following him.

Alex: Ah... You... want to travel with me?

We're on the same side, dumbass, and you're the best Adept of the group. Of course we want to. Alex declines on the grounds that he'd rather be alone, then leaves. Well, let's go get a boat!

Next time that is, we're done for today. See you then.


Felix: Lv 6 Swordsman (Venus) HP:88 PP:33 Attack:49 Defence:36 Agility:28 Luck:3

Jenna: Lv 6 Pierrot HP:84 PP:31 Attack:42 Defence:31 Agility:45 Luck:4

Sheba: Lv 6 Seer (Jupiter) HP:71 PP:61 Attack:36 Defence:27 Agility:37 Luck:5

Djinn: 1 Venus, 1 Jupiter, 1 Mercury


Arguably, having your new Jupiter Djinni Rescue on Mars Base Pierrot Jenna is a good thing, given how the class advances.
AweStriker 13th Dec 10
Well, yes. I don't like HOW the class advances though, as to take advantage of the higher tiers and still have everyone usable requires some... creativity.
SomeColorMage 13th Dec 10
Well, how about that; I had no idea that you'd get a Mercury Djinn that early. Perhaps not the best Agility, but it'll probably do Felix some good to keep it on. And being creative when it comes to the Pierrot's advancement...well, it could always be worse, I suppose.

Other than that, it looks like things are progressing well. Already have one Djinn per person, learning new Psynergy quickly, et cetera. Best of luck with that whole 'getting a boat in an inconspicuous town to the south that will probably challenge you in some way or another' thing.
EndarkCuli 13th Dec 10
will probably challenge you in some way or another

You don't know the half of it.
SomeColorMage 13th Dec 10