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A Slurry Tale in Need of an Intro Forum

Thread four is another short one, only two posts.

Titled "A Slurry Tale", it seems to be a couple posts of faux Shakespeare. Nothing interesting.

Thread five is called "You Need an Intro Forum". Obviously, this is before the days of "Meet The Tropers".

While Ruthie A agrees that there needs to be a forum for the newbies to introduce themselves, it seems others in the thread are under the impression that introduction threads do nothing but delay integration into the community.

Rather interesting, especially comparing the forum dynamics of then to the dynamics now.

Anyways, the thread quickle derails into talking about how Sonar Lasers from Mars make more sense than plain Sonar Lasers. Glad to know tropers haven't lost that ability over the years.tongue

A couple posts after that, and events that are soon to come are foreshadowed by the user stm177

I want a forum for hugs, puppies, and platonic kisses.

And immediately after that, Rock reacts with a response that we are all too familiar with...

I loathe this sentiment, and all those attached to it.

And then Faw tells Rock to suck it. So to speak. He said it in a Faw-esque way, which means sexual implications were all but gone.

End of Thread.