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Let's Play Might and Magic VI
Totemic Hero

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Pre-play preparation
This originally was three (technically 2.75) posts. I've divided it up accordingly.

Post One:

The Might and Magic series was always one of the classics that I enjoyed back in the day. I was recently planning to go back to some of the games in the series and play through again, for nostalgia's sake, but I decided it would be more interesting to turn it into a Let's Play thread, so here we are.

I would have preferred to do IV and V (collectively World of Xeen), but said games do not work on my current computer. Curse you, technology marching on!

Thus, the sixth entry is the one I picked. The first game of the series to have its story tie into the Heroes of Might and Magic series, the classic gameplay still holds its own (even if the graphics don't).

Well, I'm kind of rambling now, so let's get started.

Post Two:

Before we begin, I'll discuss gameplay a little, so those who haven't played aren't in the dark. In Might and Magic VI, you create a party of four adventurers to save the kingdom of Enroth (Fun!) Said characters gain levels via Experience Points, which allow you to raise your skills.

First, the classes. You will upgrade these via quests, which result in increased hit points and spell points, as well as getting a new class name.

Next, the attributes. You raise these by equipping enchanted gear, visiting special shrines at certain times, or by finding barrels full of colored liquid to drink. (Ewwwwwww...)

Now for the skills. Each of you characters starts with four skills, two predetermined based on class and two that you can choose. Every time your characters gain levels, they gain skill points to allocate among their skills. There are also horseshoes, which grant an instant two skill points to whoever uses one of them. You can train your skills up to Expert and Master level to obtain bonuses based on your skill level, but you have to meet certain qualifications first. And then you have to find the trainers...

I haven't decided my party composition yet, so I'll see what you guys think. If no one answers, I'll go with the default party (Paladin - Archer - Cleric - Sorcerer). I'll probably seriously start in a few days (at most, by next weekend).

Post Three:

Since there weren't many suggestions, here is my final party:

Toblerone the Knight Starting Skills: Sword, Leather Armor, Bow, Bodybuilding

Cate the Archer Starting Skills: Bow, Air Magic, Dagger, Fire Magic

Huaryu the Cleric Starting Skills: Mace, Body Magic, Mind Magic, Spirit Magic

Eno N'foretsam the Druid Starting Skills: Staff, Earth Magic, Water Magic, Body Magic

I do know of an early Easter Egg that makes the game a lot easier. However, I'm not touching it with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole, so relax.
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