Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Meilin's Story

Madison has brought her photo album to class today, and she and Sakura have fun reminiscing. However, Meilin isn't in the mood to join in, to say the least. Her grandmother's sick so she'll have to head back home. Li offers some very comforting words: that they can handle the Clow Cards without her. Yeah, very comforting considering how hard she tries despite her Muggle status. She begins to think that she's only been getting in the way all this time. "Sometimes you are." Sheesh, I know emotions are often a difficult thing for you to grasp, Li, but you should know better.

Meilin is prepared to leave the class without a single word to the rest of the Cardcaptor crew, but Sakura suddenly asks her over for a sleepover. There will be pizza! "Better be extra cheese." Li doesn't understand why she's pretending to be best friends with Meilin now. What?! You don't remember the Whac-A-Mole game? Oh, you were bored by it. Right. But anyway, Sakura still wants to seize this last chance for them to get to know each other (just when the little girl was starting to get amicable, too), "and even if she doesn't actually have magical powers, she's still one of us, Li." And Li is still unconvinced. Whatever.

Meilin is feeling grateful that Sakura invited her over, and Kero is off watching movies with Madison, so it'll be just the two of them. Speaking of two, outside, a pair of jesters are out causing trouble under the moon. But back to the sleepover. Meilin claims she's not mad at Li, but she feels she doesn't measure up. Sakura reminds her she's good at everything, which prompts her to make a dig at her klutziness. But she'll grow out of it. Now it's time for Meilin to take Sakura back to the past.

Li's and Meilin's families were always very close since her grandfather was a student of Clow Reed's magic. Even back then, she was determined to learn magic despite her lack of a natural gift. And Li even then was grumpy and never smiled. He never spoke a single word to her. "Guess some things never change." But then, one day, Meilin's bird went missing. Li offered her a handkerchief to stop her crying, and then ran off. Hours passed, and it began to rain heavily. Finally, Li came back, revealing a happily chirping red bird. "From that day on, I knew how big his heart really was. Course he didn't speak to me again for a month." "That sounds like the Li I know."

And now we come back to the present. As soon as she arrived, Meilin was determined to prove herself to Li so that he'd want her around. And yet, she only thinks all she does is stand around and watch. Her, of all people? C'mon. Sakura tries to prove her silly thoughts wrong by bringing up The Fight card, but she doesn't think that's good enough since she didn't deliver the finishing blow. But she still helped Sakura out when capturing The Cloud card. And yet, she still thinks she doesn't belong.

However, Sakura's attempts to snap Meilin out of her depression are interrupted by the jesters of the moon warping the city. Sakura drags Meilin over to the source, because after all, "We're a team, Meilin. And as long as you're here, you're a part of it!" Yeah! You tell her, girl!

It turns out the jesters have cloned the city in perfect symmetry. Admittedly, it's pretty nice from an artistic standpoint, but hearing Wei's doubled-up voice convinces Kero they have to seal it before they go insane. Sakura uses her signature Windy to tie the twins up, but as she attempts to seal The Twin card, only half of the card shows up. Oh no! The Twin card broke free! Kero informs her they have to be caught at the same time, which prompts Li to try using Lightning spells along with Sakura. Unfortunately, the timing is off, and the cackling fools laugh at their attempt. Realizing that she needs a way to sync attacks without calling them, Sakura realizes the answer: Meilin.

After all, Meilin has been training together with Li since they were kids, so they can understand each other without signalling. Initially hesitant about getting in the way, Li's fighting stance convinces her it's time for action. Synchronized perfectly, the two of them beat up on those clowns. Is Li...smiling? Well, I'll be. Just as the fools seem to have an advantage, along comes Windy to save the day. Time for the finishing blow!

Li finally gets some sense in him and admits he never thought Meilin was in the way. And to Meilin, his awkwardly spoken, to-the-point words mean the world to her.

I guess it's goodbye, then. Meilin warns Sakura not to let her guard down, since she'll be back. Good to have your old bratty self back, even for just a bit. She smiles and waves as she heads over to the plane. Guess that means...she won't be around for the Final Judgment.