Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


When Stars Fall

So how did Sakura's performance turn out? Well, all we see is her saying "Who are you? Really?" out of context, but Madison is enraptured and Li is blushing. Though I doubt that has anything to do with her acting. Then comes Tori's confrontation with Julian. "I know who you are. I've known for some time." There's a lot of Lip Lock, but the girls are enraptured by Tori's sexy voice. The guys seem a little bored though. Envy, perhaps?

The real Julian now knows who he is and what he's here for. "That means all my memories up until now were...just a big lie." Tori may have lost his powers, but he still has his memories, and reassures him that he's still his very best friend, Yue or not, and he trusts both of them to guard his sister. Still as sweet as ever, powers or not.

Sakura is afraid to show her face in public after the movie, but Eli thought she did a great job. Madison is inspired to direct her own movie after her one line. Ah, kids. The teenage girls are all crowding around Tori and Julian, and while Julian nervously smiles, Tori seems uninterested. But really, he's still exhausted from the previous day's order to pay attention to the fangirls. He begins to fall, but Julian grabs him. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm just a little tired, that's all."

Julian gets drinks for the polite young girls while Tori leeringly offers the boys some drinks. Electricity crackles between his and Li's eyes, but Eli cheerfully thanks him despite his unamused stare. Julian compliments Sakura on her great performance, and we only see her expression for a split second before switching over to Li staring off into space. Julian suggests she take drama class since she'll be very good. Sakura, blushing, shyly thanks him for his kind words. Julian then invites her around the bazaar. Tori may be too tired to tag along, but he still has enough energy to piss off Sakura.

Eli also has things to take care of. Totally nothing suspicious, though. Before he leaves, he takes care to warn Li to be careful. And thus Sakura frolics along with Julian by her side, seeing all the wonderful places while Li looks on in envy. And finally, they arrive at the oxymoron named Starland. Ruby rushes over and in overdramatic fashion welcomes the new customers. She wonders where Tori went, and Julian explains he had to go home because she was tired. "Poor Tori. But he should have known better, right Julian?" Someone deserves a punch to the face. Anyways, she can only invite in two at a time, so in goes Sakura and Julian, with "the two others" coming later.

Sakura marvels at the phosphorescent star shapes and milky trails. The fun's just getting started. They arrive at the constellations, where Sakura is suddenly reminded of what Clow Reed told her about her own star. Julian wonders what's on her mind. "You know, you can tell me anything now. I know about Yue." Knowing she's still worried about Tori and him, he reassures her that he's feeling a lot better now and Yue will be able to protect her. She asks if Tori will feel better soon, and Julian promises he will in a few days. She still feels that it was her fault that Tori gave up his powers, but Julian tells her that all he wanted was to protect her.

Ominous music plays in the background and Sakura tells Julian that it might be a good time for Yue to show up. The stars shatter and shards fall as the two hold on for dear life. Li suddenly notices something wrong and heads inside. As stardust shines around them, Yue manages to protect Sakura from the glass and this time, he knows Clow Reed is around. Sakura now has a plan to track him down. In any case, Illusion and Maze make for some trippy imagery, more than worth the price of admission.

Unfortunately, Sakura forgot that Li would be searching for her too. He draws his sword and prepares to slice through the twisted dimensions. Meanwhile, Sakura focuses her thought on the direction of Clow Reed. As she rushes away, Yue ends up following her through a teleporter leading to an unknown location. Well, this was a great idea, wasn't it?

And yet, it's Crazy Enough to Work. A pink curtained room appears before her very eyes, and behind it, *gasp* Eli! Who woulda thunk?

Somehow, Li manages to slice through the labyrinth as well. He meets up with Yue as they rush after Sakura. Eli, finally exposed, merely smiles his perpetual smile as his sun staff glows. "Why, Eli? Why?" She faints as Eli congratulates her on finding him. "You're close to the answers you seek. You must be patient." Oh, are you serious? Li and Yue notice the two Star Cards drift by as the effect cancels out.

Outside, Li yells at Sakura to wake up under the big tree. When she awakens, she tells them that she saw Clow Reed's magic circle and...some familiar shadowy figure. Yep, Eli realized that there are still four episodes left, so she can't be too crafty now. In the distance, Ruby wonders if the current situation with Yue having Tori's powers is really what he wanted. But of course.

Julian offers to walk Sakura home, but she's covered. Madison and Li said they'll walk her home. Julian is a little disappointed at first, but tells her to take care. Madison is impressed that she managed to transfer two cards, and says that Sakura's pretty lucky that Li and Yue were around. As she departs, Sakura thanks Li for all his help. Embarrassed, he awkwardly offers to walk her home. Speaking of which, there's some unfinished business to attend to.

The two sit by each other on the swings as Sakura tells Li all about what happened on that fateful day with Tori and Julian. She's happy Julian's back at full strength, but is still worried about Tori. Li is pleased that Yue is around to help him more than ever, but they still need to find out who's behind these strange disturbances even though Sakura already did. Sakura laments that if only she transformed all the cards by now, she could have saved Yue herself, but Li reminds her that she's doing the best she can. The episode concludes with Sakura's final thought: what will happen when she's transformed them all?