Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Lights, Camera, Vanish!

Here it comes. Tori finally confronts Julian and demands he knows his true identity. Sakura, overhearing her brother's aggression, rushes over to stop him. "CUT!"

And it's just a movie for the high school film festival. Never saw that twist before. It turns out the ever-excited Ruby is the director, and she doesn't mind her interference. In fact, she invites Sakura to play a part.

Madison gets all starry-eyed at the news, and asks about the costumes. Sakura tells her that Ruby already has something. In tears, Madison pleads to Sakura to do her hair and makeup. What a drama queen.

The play is a 40's / 50's mystery story, where Tori is the detective and Julian is the murderer. Sakura gets to be his little sister. The producers are having difficulty finding an old mansion for the set, though. Hey wait, a certain rich pretty boy has one all to himself. Eavesdropping on their conversation, he smiles as Yue's time is drawing to a close. But I thought he was happy to see him again. Something must have snapped in his brain.

Back home, Sakura goes to get some tea while Julian remarks to the embarrassed Tori that she's going to steal all his scenes. "Zip it." Unfortunately, Julian is still terribly exhausted, and now that Ruby can't barge into people's houses without looking suspicious, Tori decides it's a good time to spill the beans...and in comes Sakura. Curses. Foiled again. In frustration, Tori leaves to get cookies, leaving Sakura alone with Julian. Suddenly, she notices his shoulder go semi-transparent, but thinks she just imagined it. After all the other stuff going on, you brush off this?

At the Eli Moon mansion, Ruby rejoices at Eli letting him borrow the place for the film. Spinner snarks that Ruby would have seemed to want to be the star, but hey, directors get the final say in everything. Spinner is concerned about Tori and his perception, but Eli is interested in doing a little studying.

The next day, Ruby is off being bossy when Sakura arrives. She rushes over to glomp her and asks if she's ready for her big scene. Tori gazes suspiciously at Eli talking (yet muted), but he doesn't have much time to dwell on that. It's showtime!

Sakura shivers over her lines as she prepares for her debut. Madison, noticing her anxiety, offers to do her hair. Eli invites her to sit in his large armchair, and as she does, her Clow senses go off. It's like Clow Reed was there. Eli tells her that the chair's been around for a very long time.

Disappointingly, we never actually see her performance. Supposedly, Ruby tells her she did a good job, but Sakura's just happy that's over with. Madison was impressed, and she has it all on tape. And now, it's time for the final scene on the balcony. Julian is tired, but insists he'll be fine.

Eli decides to get some lunch. Madison is ready to tag along, but he insists he's got it. Of course. And so Tori confronts Julian on his true identity. You know, Julian makes a surprisingly convincing suspect. But he only manages to get one line in before ectoplasmic gunk covers his hand and he slips off the balcony. Damn. That was Ruby's plan all along!

As Tori holds on for dear life, his disappearing hand slips from his grasp. In comes Sakura to save the day! Windy breaks his fall as Tori athletically jumps down the tree to see his body covered in that ghastly white stuff. Eli suggests they should bring him inside, and after a pause, Tori obliges.

Lying in bed, Tori tells Julian he had another blackout. The strange mist on his body confirms that he is really...

Ruby comes in pretending to be concerned for Julian's health. Absolutely pissed off now, Tori pushes her out of the room and locks the door. Spinner congratulates her on a job well botched as she laments that Tori can help Julian now. "You really are selfish, aren't you?" "You just noticed?" I knew there was something I didn't like about her. Ruby tries to direct attention away from herself by saying that Eli could be in big trouble, but Spinner isn't concerned. It could be fate.

Tori now asks that Julian reveal his true form, and thus Yue appears. "So we finally meet." The perceptive Tori knows that he will need his help, and Yue explains that he is growing weaker. Tori offers all his magical powers, but without them, he won't be able to sense if Sakura is in trouble. Yue assures him that it's his duty to protect her. Tori also demands that he make good use of his powers as he doesn't want to lose his best friend. "Are these the conditions of your transferral of powers to me?" Geez, what is he, a lawyer? Tori puts on an uncharacteristically cheerful smile as he remarks that Julian will finally be able to know what is going on. And thus, they homoerotically embrace. As soon as the transfer of spiritual energy is completed, he lays Tori to rest. It's been nice knowing you.

Yue suddenly notices someone at the door. It's *gasp* Sakura! She's so sorry that she couldn't stop them from vanishing because her powers weren't strong enough. Yue smiles. He tells her that Clow Reed had unparalleled power, so it takes great strength to protect them. And now that Julian knows about everything, it will be easier for Yue to protect Sakura and the cards. "Tori...has faith in you." Sakura wonders if Tori will be all right, but in any case, he will be weak for a few days.

Suddenly, Sakura senses Clow Reed from outside. As she opens the curtains, what do you know, he vanished again. On the roof, he reflects upon the situation and realizes that he will have to reveal himself soon.

As she walks home, her friends notice that Sakura's feeling down. She pretends that she's just exhausted from the long day, but she's still depressed as she enters her room. She tells Kero that yes, Tori did know all about him. And Yue. In shock, Kero crashes his video game car.

It turns out Kero knew all along that Yue could disappear. "How come you didn't tell me about it?" Kero tells her that he didn't want her to worry. All she would have done was blame herself and try something crazy. Sakura thinks all he and Yue do is cover for her, but Kero reminds her that she was the one who said that she wanted to be not their master, but their friend. "Thanks, Kero."

Sakura stares out the window as she reflects about how scared she was to lose Julian and Yue. And now more than ever, they have to get to the bottom of this.