Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


A Slippery Slope

Kero's taking being left out of this field trip surprisingly well. He finally realized that he has the entire place to himself and can gorge on snacks without anyone noticing. Well, I'd think someone would be suspicious at least after they got back.

Meanwhile, Sakura's getting a good view of the snowy mountains on the class ski trip. She didn't do too bad on her first run; not a single fall. But she can't compare to the ever perfect show-off Eli. Where does he find all that time to "practice"? But really, skiing is a cinch. It's that abominable snowman you've got to watch out for.

Yep, Zachary's at it again. Sakura's wised up this time and doesn't believe the pair at first, but he and Eli warn her to take it very, very seriously. Many a SkiFree-er has fallen to the monster.

And in comes Li, looking like that yeti's on to him. He's lost his balance and is sliding down the hill in fast mode. Watch out for that tree! Along comes Eli to save the day! As usual, he gives his "you will learn to focus your energies" speech, but Li is fed up with his riddles and demands to know what he really wants to say. Sakura follows, tripping right in front of him. But at least he's all right. Eli smiles at the sight of him blushing. Stupid perfect pretty boy.

That night, Sakura and friends warm themselves beside a nice log fire. Sakura wants to skip out on the ghost stories, but Madison assures her that they're just stories. Eli has a story to tell: one about a young woman who disappeared in an avalanche while skiing. Years later, a class of teenagers were skiing in the day, when the sky grew dark as night. A cold wind began to blow and the blizzard blew in so fast they couldn't get off the hill. Suddenly, a ghostly figure appeared. They say the missing woman triggered an avalanche and all the teenagers disappeared. Sakura hopes that it wasn't this resort, but Eli says that it did happen in the area. Uh-oh.

But now it's time for bed. Eli tells Sakura she should have said something about her not liking scary stories, but she didn't want to ruin it for everyone else. She wonders if there's anything he's scared of, but naturally, he's not telling. He stares outside the hill, preparing his next scheme.

That dream reappears yet again, but this time, a pillar of light rises into the sky and dark waves ripple across the sky. She sees the magic sun staff glow as the world goes dark. It turns out that Li has been having this dream too, but didn't tell her until now as he dismissed it as a crazy dream. That's a plausible excuse. So now he drops his constant vigilance? Outside in the snow, the two talk in awkward pauses, with Sakura's voice being soft and dreamlike. Of course, Li's saying that something big is coming and that they will need all the strength they can get, but what is he really thinking?

Sakura's become much better at skiing, and surprisingly, even Li manages to keep his balance. They now have permission to try out the blue runs, but Li hasn't got his game on, so he just skis away. Madison calls out to him, saying he'll be better than her soon. Li suddenly misses the bump and falls over. "For as good as Li is at sports, I definitely think his concentration could use a little more work."

The sky grows dark as snow begins to fall on the mountains. Sakura and Eli decide to get one last run in. Madison at least has the sense to head back to the chalet, but she'll wait for her. As the pair ride the ski lifts, Sakura suddenly remembers Eli's story. Wait, doesn't this all sound familiar? Eli tells her that it's dangerous in these conditions, so they should just get off at the next stop and head back down.

Back in the chalet, Madison is worried about Sakura and Eli. Upon realizing they're still out there, Li is shocked. Meanwhile, Eli manages to rescue Sakura from tripping off the mountain. He reassures her that they just have to stay calm and think a way out of this situation. His current plan is to build a shelter from the wind to ride out the storm. Unfortunately, the ice above begins to crack and an avalanche breaks out!

Of course, in a life-threatening situation like this, Sakura also has to worry that *gasp* maybe Eli will see her! At least this time she rules out The Sleep card. Suddenly, she runs off to execute her plan. Sure, it's dangerous to go alone, but Eli isn't really worried. Behind the cabin, she summons The Time card to stop the avalanche. Unfortunately, this uses up too much energy and before she can finish the job with Firey, she falls. Game Over.

Eli stops the avalanche just in time, and for some reason, still congratulates her on a job well done. Well it would have been if she just used Firey.

Mr. Terada prepares to search for them, but no need. Sakura and Eli come back perfectly fine. Sakura's a little tired, but that's nothing a little rest can't fix up. As Li carries her away, Eli remarks that he really does hate to put her through all this, but it's only a few episodes before the truth is revealed. "Until then, sleep well, Sakura."