Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


A Wave of Danger

It's a lovely day at the creatively named Blue Arena, bursting with excitement. Now it's Sakura's turn as she prepares in trepidation for a wild ride down the slide. The camera captures her frightened expression (the photos sure develop fast), but finally she arrives at the bottom. Well that wasn't too bad, aside from getting off the tube. Soaking wet, she resurfaces. Fun.

Sakura's friends call her over for a swim. Time for the lesson. Sakura helps Rita stay afloat at first, but soon it's time for her to go out on her own. When she arrives at the edge, Sakura congratulates her on a job well done! Well, she makes quite the instructor.

And now it's time for the boys to show their stuff. Li and Eli (sans glasses) dive into the pool for an intense race, not just against each other, but against the clock as well. Li is breathing heavily while Eli keeps his usual calm expression. Naturally, he wins just by arm's length with energy to spare while Li falls over exhausted. He claims Li could have won if he just relaxed, and climbs out to talk to the girls. Sakura invites Li over too, but he is merely stunned. After Eli walks away, he finally decides to swim over, but as he begins to climb out, he trips and falls over. Sakura thinks that was pretty funny. Li is not amused. But Madison got this embarrassing moment on tape anyways. With friends like these....

The gang walks over to concession for cream soda, and the boys now have shirts on. Go figure. Sakura tells Madison that Kero was all excited about the wave pool, but he couldn't come. Madison is still pretty sure he found some way of tagging along. "No way."

"No way you say, huh?" Kero rises from the abyss of Sakura's swimsuit bag (...) to proclaim his victory and claim his prize. An Evil Laugh emanates from the locker as an unfortunate little girl runs away scared.

As Sakura awaits the cream soda to come, *gasp* Julian arrives to take her order. Tori is naturally there as well (and unfortunately fully clothed), ready to pick up dishes when his crazy stalker rollerblades over to snatch them away. Clearly someone skipped out on job orientation. As she tries to dance with Tori, Ruby sneaks a sinister glance at the gang, while Eli returns the gaze. This hasn't escaped the ever attentive Tori, who just knows he's up to something.

Julian thanks Eli for picking him up when he was down at the schoolyard that other day. Sakura is surprised at this event, while Li immediately gets a brain freeze. Nervously, he chows down on the ice while Sakura enjoys her drink. Meanwhile, Julian is still dead tired and once again, Tori notices his hand go semitransparent. Well, now it's the time to spill the beans, but somehow Ruby's mere presence causes Julian to simply walk away. Geez, even he can't be clueless enough to just go away after his friend tries to tell him why he's so tired, can he?

Time to put Kero's evil plan in action. He stops for a while to choose between Sakura's or the kid's germs, and chooses the one least likely to get him caught. The ever-gluttonous stuffed bear chomps the entire thing in one bite as the clueless Sakura wonders, Why is the soda gone? Li sarcastically shrugs it off as her drinking it all, but eventually she finds the culprit in the bushes. "KE-RO!!!" The crowd simply stares in shock.

Before she joins her friends in the hot tub, she has some unfinished business. Pushing an uncomfortable Li away from sight, she pulls Kero out of his back to scold him. Madison just wonders how he liked the cream soda, but Li is not amused. Kero argues with him about his deep and complex love for food, and Sakura breaks up the fight to tell him to get back in the locker.

Suddenly, the group's Clow senses go off. Huge waves engulf the pool. Luckily most the crowd got out okay, except Rita. The water encircles her and sucks her in. Unfortunately, Tori and Julian have their backs tied rescuing kids. This looks like a job for Sakura!

She prepares her magic key, but Kero warns her that everyone will see her. He needs to sort out his priorities. Luckily, it doesn't take much time for Madison to point in the direction of the slide. Slipping down the strangely unguarded slide, she summons Water(y) to put an end to the causing a rain shower. Or the water magically rises up. Hard to tell. In any case, the day is saved! Sure, the pool's likely to be closed down for at least a month for safety violations and Rita may never want to swim again, but all's well that ends well!

Eli of course couldn't care less about the implications of his actions as he finally stops his spell in the deep underground caverns. Ruby wonders what's the point of it all if he was going to stop the wave anyways, but we will all know. Soon.