Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging



Time for the warm-up. Sakura is doing the "touching her toes" stretches while Madison is pushing her. They remark that Sakura isn't getting tired as much anymore while Eli enjoys the view. And now, for the main event! One-on-one basketball!

Gotta love Japanese animation and the cardboard cut-out-like movement. Sakura naturally wins her match easily, and now it's on to Eli vs Li. This will be fun. Sakura roots for both of them, but Eli first. Li, blushing, looks on to him in rage. "Promise you'll go easy on me?"

With Li's first shot, Eli handily steals the ball away to sink the goal. Gazing at Sakura, he attempts another shot for him, and her. Unfortunately, this causes him to miss the easy shot. Madison, still oddly cheerful as ever, claims this loss might make things worse between the two. Eli seems to realize this as well. As Li rushes past him, Eli suddenly sends him a telepathic message. "Focus your energy. Concentrate on nothing but the basket." And thus, Li sinks the winning goal. A three-pointer! Wait, who attempts a three-pointer when the basket is unguarded? Guess Li was just that desperate. As they end their turn, Eli passes by Li, remarking that he shouldn't let himself be so easily distracted if he's worried about losing something close to him. So he only plays Casanova for the kicks?

Sakura may have more energy, but Julian is another story. He's becoming increasingly tired and can barely keep his eyes open. But they stay open long enough for him to see *gasp* Eli. Yue instantly recognizes him as Clow Reed, and is shocked that he is still alive. Clow Reed Jr. merely lulls him in to a deep sleep and informs his little angel that he still has work to do. He is well aware that life has been difficult for Yue since he can't just rely on Sakura, but he can still seek another source of energy nearby. He is amused by the plot development and is happy to see his guardians again, but alas, they can't know until it is time. So this event, is best forgotten. Well, he certainly doesn't seem evil. And yet....

Eli informs Julian that he's been sleeping out in the open, which elicits nervous chuckles. Julian is surprised he ended up on the other side of the fence, and effortlessly climbs back over. Damn, Reedington sure trains their athletes well. Tori rushes over, worried at the sight of him just lying on the ground. He then sees Eli walk away. Another pretty boy. Tori's watching you, Eli. Always watching you.

Meanwhile, at the Taylor mansion, Li and Madison have sat down for tea. Li was so focused at the game, well, a lot more than now. She asks why he lets Eli get to him and doesn't understand why he doesn't trust him. She thinks it's just his imagination, and that they should try to be friends. And in comes Sakura in another battle outfit. Trying to ignore her appearance, Li informs Sakura that something's going on. It's coming from the school!

That night, the Cardcaptors are off magic hunting again. Kero is upset that he's losing his touch, since his senses suddenly disappeared. Madison assures him that he'll just have to trust Sakura now. Li warns Madison that if she tags along, stay close, but she's not worried. "Trust in your abilities." But enough counselling. It's time to get the hunt started!

Li ain't scared of no ghosts, but that's beside the point since there's only magic. Sakura is impressed that he can sense ghosts, with Li just saying it's part of the job training. Suddenly, a basketball bounces from the ceiling. With a mind of its own, it leads the trio after it. Eli is pleased by Li's performance, as he's now focusing on the task at hand.

The ball leads them into an empty classroom, but the ball isn't anywhere to be found. Sakura decides to check the hall again, but to her shock, she finds the auditorium instead. She guesses it's just been changed. Dagnabbit, floor plans don't just change like that! Li decides to check for himself, and to his shock, he finds a different room. Sakura's door now leads to the music room, and the ball taunts them about the trap it's lead them to. As they go in after it, the door suddenly slams shut on Madison. Uh-oh. Sakura tries following her, but the door leads to the hallway and she's nowhere to be found!

The door originally leading to the classroom now transports them to the circuit breaker room. Sakura thinks of using The Through card. Wait, what? Oh, it's another card we haven't heard of before. Li thinks it's pointless, since there's no sense to the way the rooms are joined together. Kero adds that it becomes less effective with thicker walls or stronger magic, so they could end up stuck inside. Which makes one wonder why a card with such limited utility was created in the first place, but who am I to question the wisdom of the great Clow Reed?

Kero then suggests using Li's magic, but he says it only works if they left an object behind. Well, Madison left her umbrella in the classroom, but that's in the classroom they can't find. Wait, isn't that the whole point of searching in the first place? In any case, the twisted dimensions rule that idea out, I guess.

Sakura desperately thinks of a solution, when she suddenly hears an echo of Madison's song ring out. Well, that's one hell of an echo if it can pass through walls and long distances with minimal clarity loss. Sakura then sees her shadow. Shadow. Which they used light to find. And they're in a circuit breaker room, so how about turning on all the lights?

Li obliges, and now it's time to summon Shadow. This time, she says "Discard your former might" instead of "Transform all your might". Someone's been lax in rehearsing that line. Anyways, Shadow goes off in pursuit of Madison's shadow, slipping right underneath the classroom door. When they get inside, all they see is the ominous robed figure, which disrobes to reveal Madison's figure, unaware of its visit. She wasn't scared one bit, since she had faith that her singing would be enough for the gang to find her. As Sakura and her embrace, Eli gazes at the lovely couple.

Sakura suddenly realizes the presence of the peeping tom, but immediately, the sense of magic disappears. Li rushes to the door to find the hallway, just as it should be. But what happened to the basketball? Outside, Eli congratulates Sakura on growing stronger, and in commemoration, sinks a three-pointer right from the school wall.

As they head home, Sakura realizes that no ordinary mage could have pulled off that dimension shifting, but only Clow Reed could be powerful enough to do that. Of course, even he would require a lot of energy to pull that off. Madison is merely upset that she didn't get to film the Shadow card transformation. ...seriously? Even Sakura's shocked fall is speechless. Kero relishes the opportunity to show off and strike a pose while Sakura thanks Li and tells him how happy she is to have him by his side. All Li can say is a quiet "oh, thanks." before Kero butts in and drags Sakura to her close-up shot.