Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Double Trouble

Big trouble's gonna follow you. Team Rocket's rocking! Talking trouble. Walking trouble. Double trouble. Big trouble. Capture Pika...wait, wrong show. (Incidentally, this was the original name of the episode too)

The gang is on the lookout for trouble, but there seems to be none in sight. But it's starting to rain, and they're going to be in trouble if they stay outside. It seems Eli decided to give them a break today, or is he?

Outside Sakura's house, Yue decides to return back to human form, ignoring the fact that Julian can't see Keroberos in his current form. Impatiently, he lets him have his turn. As Kero goes into his cocoon wing state, Sakura asks Yue to come closer to her and out of the rain, but Yue remains motionless. She is worried he will catch a cold, but he replies sardonically, "I don't catch colds."

Sakura suddenly senses the familiar mystic presence, and prepares for trouble. And make that double. Neither Keroberos nor Yue can transfer back to their more human-friendly forms. "Well, quite the predicament, isn't it?"

Sakura returns to her room, making sure no one's around, and invites the two in. Kero struggles to squeeze through the window, and Yue, bored as ever, suggests that he fold up his wings. Well that's an expression I never expected to see from true Kero.

Keroberos's animal instincts kick in as he shakes off the water from his fur inside. Sakura, worried that everything will get wet, hands him a towel instead. And so the trio gets down to business as to who done it. Even after all the increasingly obvious hints, Sakura hasn't figured it out. Kero decides to try yet again, hoping it will work this time, but nope. It's no use! Kero suddenly realizes what this all means: "WE CAN'T GO OUTSIDE!"

Outside, Tori overheard the racket and wonders what kind of party animals Sakura brought over. As he tries to look inside, Sakura concocts a lie that she's just practising a speech for school about famous magicians and..."Well keep it down." And yet again, she manages to get away with it, or so she thinks.

Kero claims they've tried everything they can. repeated transformation attempt. That long slumber sure has made him lazy. Or it's just too late at night, since Sakura's too tired to think. She offers Yue the bed, but he's content with a crouching position. Kero is envious. "Oh, you offer him the bed and not me? Why?" Sakura, startled, starts suggesting that "...Lions in the wild usually sleep on the..." But alas, she's too tired to even finish her excuse.

Late that night, Sakura awakens, pondering her current predicament. But for now, she must get to sleep. Outside, Eli taunts her for being too dense to realize that the answer's right in front of her.

That morning, Kero tries yet again and expects different results. Naturally, it still doesn't work for either him nor Yue. But regardless of form, he's still a glutton. Sakura is angry that all he can think about is food, but he claims he can't think on an empty stomach. She decides to use this to her advantage: by getting him to do her chores so she can free up her time to solve this problem. Eventually, Kero agrees as long as Yue helps too. And so Sakura goes up to Yue, telling him...that he can just stay there and make himself comfortable. Kero certainly isn't happy about that.

Ruby enjoys watching this reality TV show unfold, but Spinner is reminded that she doesn't do any work around the house either. She claims she's a warrior, not a housemaid, and Spinner shakes his head, probably because she pulled out that card. Meanwhile, on Avalon Household, the mailman arrives with a package for Sakura's dad. Unfortunately, he overhears a loud baritone voice whining about doing the dishes and making a huge racket. Sakura just passes it off as her big brother and takes the package to put in the fridge. As he leaves, he stares suspiciously at the direction of the noise. Teenagers. Or in this case, giant magical house pets.

Kero goes ahead with loading the laundry machine, but as he goes to remind Sakura, he suddenly catches Yue doing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all! Stupid sexy Yue! "It's just like it was with Clow Reed! Yue always gets what he wants!" Sakura tries to stop Kero from pelting him with flour, but it's too late. It gets all over him instead.

Bath time now. Luckily, Clow Reed had just the card for the job: The Bubble. He didn't like cleaning up either, "although he never made me help him." Just had to rub it in, didn't you? And so, she transforms this card we have never heard of in the dub before to soak Kero in suds. Looks like someone's having fun.

Sakura goes to clean up that mess Kero made, and to her surprise, it's all shiny and clean! And the flour's back! Guess Yue isn't so lazy after all. Sakura thanks him, but in response, he merely asks were Kero is. As she explains that he's having a bath, Yue is shocked to hear that Sakura knows about the times Clow Reed used to give Kero baths too. Sakura considers them lucky to have known a guy like him, which leaves Yue just staring.

Sakura heads over to the fridge to find out what's inside the package: a crab! Wait, crabs have shells. This gives her an idea. "You're making Yue cook dinner?" No, Kero. Transforming the Shield card, she casts Shell on Kero and Yue to block magic. And this time, the transformation works! Yay! But wait, Julian now wonders how he got into her living room.

Great. Now Ruby's going to have to find something else to watch. Spinner on the other hand is impressed at her resourcefulness. Eli explains that the Shield card is strengthened by how much one cares about who they want to protect, and remarks that Sakura's going to need this power in the future.

Back in teddy bear form, Kero gorges on crab cake. But he realizes that only Clow Reed could cast a spell this powerful. Clow Reed...alive? OF COURSE!