Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Li's Calling

In to his room comes the angsty pretty boy. Gee, it sure is boring around here now that the Final Judgement is over. Li tries doing some fancy moves with his sword, but after tiring himself out, he wonders why he even bothers. In between flashbacks to the Final Judgement and him talking to Sakura after class (where an open mouth is Paintshopped onto Sakura at one point; I'm dead serious), he complains about life being unfair, only for it to sink in even further that he supposedly blew it. I should also add that they redubbed the flashbacks with Jordan Killik's voice, for some reason or other (though he's uncredited).

Sakura and friends are discussing going to the museum when Li shows up, as envious of that perfect Eli as ever. Sakura invites him over, teasing that they already got Eli into this. After rubbing her pretty face into his, he agrees to it dismissively.

As he mopes by the lake, he overhears Sakura and Madison talking about him. They think Li's been acting strange lately and that the whole museum invitation was a plot to get him and Eli closer together. Right on cue, Eli sneaks up behind him. Li goes into a panic, claiming he wasn't spying on them and that, that Eli shouldn't sneak up on people! And off he goes. Yeah, that is strange. Eli merely remarks that he just gave him an idea, a sinister idea.

And so he runs off into the forest, where he yells that he should just go home. Suddenly, Yue appears, and, wait, this seems familiar. And this is not a flashback? Damn KidsWB!

Back in the mansion of evil, Eli is congratulating himself on a job well done, with Spinner joining in on the accolades by saying how brilliant posing as a student in Sakura's classroom was. But Spinner is concerned with that Li kid, who Eli thinks has made it his personal mission to keep an eye on him. As he gazes at the fire, he thinks maybe, he might still be of use, to him.

It's night now, and Li decides to check his voice messages. One message is from his mother in her typical stern voice (which resembles the automated voice), telling him that she is happy the Clow Cards are sealed and that maybe he should think about returning home. "Love you! Call me soon." The second text message is from Sakura, reminding him to bring lunch money and that she's happy to see him Eli coming together. Also, Kero says hi. And now he's reminded of all the good times they had: getting drenched after stopping Sakura from slipping into the lake, helping her reveal the Loop card (dagnabbit, Li's got a bad memory too?). Say, maybe he's needed after all. And he can't let that Eli kid get away with whatever he's planning.

Footage from the Dream card episode leads up to lunch at the museum. As Sakura and Madison discuss their assignment, Eli asks if Li's been seeing anything strange. The girls dismiss this, and Sakura suddenly stands up leaning towards Li, asking if they all want to go see that last exhibit. Shocked by Sakura's forceful voice, Li decides he has to go home.

Li walks over to the elevator, ever suspicious of that Eli kid. Sakura is concerned, wondering why he is in such a hurry. She walks with him into the elevator, but as Madison and Eli follow, suddenly, the floor lights start flashing randomly and the elevator doors slam shut. Eli goes off to find someone in charge while Madison, none the wiser, lets him off.

Li and Sakura are unable to contact anyone outside since the phones aren't working. Nonetheless, Li tries to comfort Sakura by saying help will be coming soon. But a few hours later, elevator service is evidently really lax, since they're still stuck there. Noticing Sakura crying, Li lights up a magic flame, reassuring her that help is on its way. Sakura is at least relieved that they aren't in the dark, and naturally, the flame is snuffed away. Good job.

Eli of course heard that, and casts his spell. The elevator starts up again, but at an angle that causes Sakura to lose her balance and be unable to stop walking backwards. The elevator wall segments away and Li rushes to grab her, but too late. Sakura falls...into the Void! The scene flashes right before Li's eyes a few times before it sinks in...SAKURAAAAAA!!!!!!!

But of course, Sakura managed to rescue herself from the Void by transforming the Float card, saying that Li taught her how to use it in the snow once. Relieved, Li hugs her. And so, Eli decides to call it a day.

The morning sun has vanquished the horrible depression. Back at home, Li gets a call from his mother. He tells her that he needs to stay, and she agrees. She senses that he and Sakura are facing a powerful force, so she will need him by his side. It turns out that in the end, she is still proud of him, because that "failing" thing, it's just destiny. With all that weight off his shoulders, Li opens the door to embrace the sun.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Spinner are upset that Yue convinced Li to stay, but Eli tells them to focus on their duties. He'll get you next time, Cardcaptor.