Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Spinning Out Of Control

Well, you know the drill. It's that dream again, but this time, there's more a focus on Eli's hench-beings. Meanwhile, the Terrible Trio is off plotting their dastardly deed: preparing to go to the school bazaar. Eli is sewing his own costume (what a man!), and Ruby is excited at the prospect, as there's a bake sale and everything! Spinner is not so keen, but Ruby is going to drag him along anyways. Eli assures him his magic spell will conceal his identity from Keroberos and then suggests, chuckling: "Go easy on the sweets." Spinner looks away in frustration and embarassment. Okay, maybe all this isn't so dastardly. Keeping a close eye on the twerps is only a secondary priority.

While everyone's having a good time, Sakura and Madison are stuck serving everyone in pink frilly maid outfits. "Oh, it's bad enough we have to work all day; can you believe we've got to wear these awful outfits too?" Yeah, it's like we're being put on display for horny male customers! Though Madison's still recording Sakura anyways. They at least take consolation that the guys are wearing them too. Madison wonders how Sakura got Kero out of the way. Lots and lots of dessert in the back yard. Well someone's satisfied.

In the back room, Sakura requests more cupcakes from Eli and Li. Sadly, they're not in pink frilly maid outfits, just pink shirts with vests. Li of course blushes at her appearance and stares at her figure for a moment. But it's nothing. Nothing that would cause him to overflow his drink. Eli once again chuckles at another one-up moment, while Sakura wonders why he acted so strange. But along comes *gasp* Julian to take her attention away. And Tori. He sardonically remarks that Julian should check who made the cookies before eating. Sakura is not amused, but Julian asks for her ginger snaps, ignoring the obvious dig. As she leaves, Tori senses something in the other room, but passes it off as nothing. Eli, however, takes this as a sign to be more careful.

Kero is enjoying his pig-out until he hears someone coming. Ruby passes by, eager to try out everything, but Spinner insists he doesn't want anything. As Ruby leaves, he finally has some quiet time to himself and searches for a place to nap. Instead, he finds Keroberos. Stare-off time!

Spinner is worried he might find out, hoping that spell works. Kero however recognizes the black cat as...a battery-operated stuffed toy! How ironic. Spinner is not amused. Kero gazes at his body features, reminiscent of...a goblin! "You have got to be kidding me!" Kero then goes on a loud rambling introduction, annoying Spinner, but he decides to play along. Hoping he will leave him alone, Spinner gives his name, but that only causes Kero to laugh at its ridiculousness. Regardless, he seems friendly enough, so after a delay, he shakes his hand, believing this to be better than him being suspicious.

Kero then suggests indulging themselves into dessert together. Spinner insists he shouldn't take too many, but Kero stuffs his face anyway, ignoring the many sweatdrops on his face.

After the supply has been exhausted, Spinner looks hung over. In an evil tone, he repeats, "I wanna eat more. I wanna eat more. I wanna eat more! I wanna eat more! More, more more!" Kero insists they don't have any more, but that's no problem at all. He'll just fly off to find more! That can't be healthy.

Ruby is fawning over Tori despite his attempts to push her away. Sakura decides to get her and Julian more cookies, and as she passes by Eli, he senses something wrong with Spinner. To feed his addiction, he gorges on all the packages at the bazaar, to everyone's astonishment. Kero is determined to stop him, because he knows he's the one that's gonna get all the blame!

He finds him in a classroom off to steal more sugary goods. Spinner offers him one. "Don't mind if I do." He's ready to chow down, but, "Hey wait a minute!" Kero struggles to drag him away so they don't get in trouble, but Spinner ends up dragging him away right just past a teacher's face. "Did you just see two flying cats?"

Overindulgence on sweets causes Spinner to puke out Hyper Beams. As Kero sees a tree fall, he rushes over to Sakura to stop this mad cat! He insists she put everyone to sleep immediately, to which Sakura, confused, obliges. Kero then rushes away to ward off the Black Goblin despite Sakura yelling at him to come back.

Against Hyper Beam barfs, Kero resorts to his true form. He roasts him with Flamethrower as he is knocked away, but not before being carried offstage by a magical breeze. Keroberos then realizes this ain't no mere goblin, since he's immune to Sleep, but he doesn't understand why he can't sense anything.

Sakura rushes outside, angry at Kero for eating all the desserts. He tries to show her the real culprit, Spinner by drawing his caricatured expression in the ground. Sakura and Madison recognize him! Ohoho, this is not delicious! Kero is reduced to sobbing uncontrollably that no one would believe him.

Eli delivers the moral of the story: "Sweets and spells don't mix." Though smiling outwardly, he is inwardly upset that he nearly blew their cover.


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