Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Sakura in Wonderland

Well, this is a familiar scene. The mysterious dream replays, this time focused on that shiny sun staff. It's a clue to something, but what? Well, let's see if Sakura can figure it out.

Meanwhile, Kero's dream was about nice warm pancakes. Just like Julian. Guess when you're a guardian, food gets a high priority on the "strange premonitions" list. Obviously tired from getting knocked around twice, Sakura lets him sleep in.

At school, Eli lets a leaf fall into his hand as Sakura engrosses herself in the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. He lets Sakura use this totally innocent leaf as a bookmark, a strange choice considering how brittle those things are. Sakura just arrived at the part where Alice shrinks, a sensation that seemed all too familiar...but Eli's around! Can't let him know. Nonetheless, Eli suggests that maybe she'll visit Wonderland someday. He's totally not hinting at anything.

As usual, Madison has some giant (unnamed) book to put Sakura to shame. Later on, Sakura invites Eli to the library, and just as he accepts, Li rushes by. Envious, much?

Li's decided to read something in Japanese, supposedly to challenge himself as part of training. Odd to refer to it as an "ancient language". And wait, wasn't Sakura's book in Japanese too? Sheesh, at least translate the writing if you're going to make a change like that.

Eli coincidentally happens to be reading the same book, causing Li to stare angrily. Sakura wonders if he needs a Japanese dictionary, but Eli happens to be well-versed in the language. Apparently, everyone around him spoke the language, yet he didn't have a lot of Japanese friends as Sakura thought. It's a long story. Having driven Li off, Eli decides to put his book away too. Smooth.

Sakura puts her hand on the "bookmark", and suddenly, her hand is stuck in the pages. The book sucks her in and closes shut. Along comes Li to the rescue! But knowing the powerful spell, he probably won't be able to do much.

Awakened, Sakura finds herself in a lush, serene world with new clothes and upbeat music. Upon realizing she might have been sucked into the book, Eli confirms this suspicion. Or the Cheshire Cat, who looks like Eli, but doesn't recognize the name. Supposedly. Sakura thinks this is all some weird dream, but Eli denies it, licking his paw playfully. An out of character moment? No, maybe he has some sort of outrageous side that she never saw until now. Sakura then demands to know why he acts so serious, but it's because some people seem to have caught on to him, "and we don't want to let the cat out of the bag, do we?" He then vanishes, requesting she leave a postcard.

Sakura is determined to find the way out when she sees a curious sight. It's Julian with bunny ears! "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" Sakura recognizes this scene, now knowing this is indeed Wonderland. As she chases after him, he suddenly transforms into Yue and carries her off into the sky. For some reason, he then decides to drop her off high. What the...?

Back in the library, Li uses his sword to probe the book, but it's not working. Chelsea drops in suspecting nothing, even with Li's sword behind his back (is that even allowed in school?).

Sakura now finds herself at tea, with Tori taking on the role of the Mad Hatter. With some overly dramatic arm waving, he serves her tea, smirking at her pleasure. Sakura then remembers that in the story, Alice drank a shrinking potion. Uh-oh. The wind whisks her away to be carried off by the stream to the next cameo.

Though she nearly drowns, she is rescued by Li in a penguin outfit. He, er, they introduce themselves as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. She asks how to get out of here. Li and Li oblige, but only if she passes the test: which one is the real Li? Both claim to have taken martial arts, so after some thought (and selecting the wrong one), she claims both, but that doesn't work either. Confused, she thinks a bit more, but too late. They've already left.

Sakura now has to come up with another plan, but first she needs to take care of her little problem. And The Big card works! Too well. Now she's made it a big problem, but at least now she can see a giant leaf. Trying to return to her original size, she uses The Little card. Now she's on a giant chessboard where Humpty Dumpty played by Madison is locked in a battle of wits with "not Kero". "How dare you disturb my chess game?" Transforming into his lion-like form, he angrily reveals himself as the Queen of Hearts. That can't be good.

The Queen will not take such disrespect from Sakura, addressing...him by such a lowly commoner name as Kero. Running for her life, the Cheshire Cat's disembodied face appears to give some advice. There's only one window to this world, so she only needs to find how she got in. He vanishes, telling her she'll know it when she sees it. Finally, she recognizes the leaf as her bookmark. Time to get out of here!

Sakura, tired from the ordeal, falls into Li's arms. Chelsea wonders if anything was going on since Li looks so red, but Sakura assures her it's nothing special. Eli sneeringly stares at Sakura, evidently since after all that, she still doesn't get it. She thinks it's a good thing she had Eli's bookmark! What a lark! But wait, it was the bookmark that got her in that mess in the first place! Uh, yeah, ya think?