Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Calendar of Memories

Sakura's getting good at this cooking business. This morning, she made pancakes for the whole family. As she goes upstairs to announce breakfast, her dad has something special for her. It's a calendar of memories! This Flowers Calendar was once her mother's, and now it's being passed down to her. Naturally, she's ecstatic (her eyes look a little weird here. A little large).

At breakfast, she admires the calendar while Tori eats with apparent disinterest. She notices a 29th written in, indicating Tori's birthday. It's a leap year birthday, so mom would write it in for the other years. She wrote in Sakura's birthday too! What is it? Oh, you don't say. Well, it's nice to see Sakura keeping her mother's memory alive anyway.

Sakura does a poor job hiding her glee from Madison, and someone else too. Zachary goes on a lecture about how calendars were originally written in Europe and that they invented a new profession to stop calendars from being erased: the Calendar Guardian. Just then, Eli shows up and gets invited to the speech. Chelsea berates him for confusing the new kid, but to everyone's surprise, he knows all about calendar history, about all the tricks and disputes in the history books, and the legendary calendar of Egypt, created by aliens! ...I have no words.

Meanwhile, it turns out Tori's lack of interest was feigned. As he gazes at the month of November, he remembers a song he and his mother used to play together. He practised the melody while mother filled in the harmony. Years later, here it is, the whole piece, eyes shut, played from memory. Julian applauds the performance of Tori's mother's piece, prompting an encore. But it's not all roses, as Tori has to tell Julian that one secret before being rudely interrupted..."HEY THERE!" Dammit, Ruby, you threw off his groove! She distracts Julian away by claiming the archery captain needed him for some tournament.

Speaking of November, Sakura looks in the calendar and realizes, it's Grandfather's birthday today! You know, I wish the animators actually showed the tree leaves change colour. Autumn is a beautiful season, yet sorely misrepresented.

She goes home to inform her dad of Grandpa's, er, Grandfather's birthday (seriously, who changes relative names in less than a year?). She assumed her mother bought him presents, but not so. Back in the day, she made her own gifts. They may not have been that great, but Grandfather loved them anyway. Unfortunately, he's on a business trip today, according to Madison's mother anyway. Sakura's dad isn't on good terms with her mother's dad, and they haven't spoken to each other since mother died. But Sakura won't stand for that. Inspired by the calendar, showing his birthday at Novemember 1, she'll make a present for Grandfather just like her mother used to do, and Dad will make sure it gets sent to him.

That night, Sakura tries her hand at sewing. It's a long and tricky process, and she even pricks herself along the way, but with her dad's guidance, she succeeds at making the small handbag just past 10:30. She asks her dad if there was a special way her mother sent her gifts. With a letter and a bouquet of flowers. This gives Sakura an idea. She begs Tori to play her mother's song because it's their grandfather's birthday and it's really important. Tori is confused at first, but he smiles. Now he remembers why that song came back to him today.

Meanwhile, Kero is bored at his lack of screentime when suddenly, the door slams him right into the VCR, and Sakura is impatient. She asks him if it's okay to use her magic for this situation, and after much serious thought..."Give it a try!" And so Flower, with a smile, showers roses into the room (where do they come from, anyway?), creating the perfect bouquet. Sakura hears Tori's piano melody from the living room, and so everything is in place.

Samantha is impressed that Aiden's daughter went through so much trouble to make such a beautiful present, and will assure that it arrives at its rightful owner. Sakura is pleased, hoping Grandfather will like it.

The next day, Dad gets a phone call and agrees to meet in the park. There, he sees his father-in-law on the bench. He apologizes to keep him waiting, but no problem. He just got there. He was very happy with the gift, and wishes to give Sakura a gift of his own. Pleased, Aiden assures him that she will get it. Then, a moment of awkward silence accompanied by the gentle breeze, but hey, it's a start.

Sakura notices the surprise present on the table, and Dad says that her present made Grandfather very happy. Overjoyed, she wants to know where he is, but her dad informs her that he didn't come. It was just a meeting in the park. Sakura is disappointed at first, but at least he liked the present, so she can't wait to open the present.

So there Kero is, in the same position, content with his minor appearance this ep with bruise still on head, and in comes Sakura again, causing him to slam into the VCR. Again. And then the lights go off. Sorry, Kero. We can't let you see little girls changing, cause that's no good. Sakura shows off her new dress to her dad, who is pleased. The episode ends with Sakura looking at a photo of her mother in a winter outfit, the familiar bouquet of flowers in hand.