Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Running Out Of Time

Before each episode of this season starts, there is an intro with a character narrating their own perspective. Here, Li is giving a brief recap of the Clow Cards' history and how Sakura was pronounced the new master, leading to the Star Card quest now. I always thought these were interesting, though I didn't mention them until now simply because they weren't in the recordings I am watching until this episode. Anyways, on to the main event.

Sakura is getting tired of raking the lawn, when along comes Eli to save the day! At one point, he offers to help move a bike out of the way, and Sakura still doesn't suspect a thing. Nonetheless, someone else does.

That night, Tori's magic senses go off and he asks Sakura whether she touched his bike. Well, all she did was move it across the lawn; nothing too suspicious. Still, Tori just asks her to stay off, and in his usual polite manner, snitches part of her dinner as he goes off to study.

Back in the room, Sakura is exhausted. She thought life would be easier after capturing all the cards, but with the card transformations sapping her energy, so much for that. But Kero tells her she'll get her energy back once she's done, so I guess that's worth looking forward to.

She goes over to greet her transformed cards, but unfortunately, the ordinary cards now feel cold and distant. Kero tells her now that the master role has switched over to her from Clow Reed, the untransformed cards are losing their connection as time goes on, and eventually they will run wild searching for a source of magic. In particular, the four elements could cause all sorts of natural disasters together. Great job, Kero. Now you've got her in a panic. He tries to save the situation by claiming she's already split the elements up by transforming one of them, The Windy. Um...that's Fly you're holding up, Kero. And didn't she transform Firey?

In a frenzy, she decides to transform eight cards in a row (looking rather Off-Model): Sweet, Lock, Cloud, Sand, Voice, Change, Wave (wait, when did she have this?), and Dash. Well, now the writers won't have to come up with uses for them. Naturally, she's gone dizzy from her efforts, but at least they feel friendly again. Unfortunately, Dash becomes restless and rushes away in the cursed bicycle.

Kero tells Sakura that it's caught in transition between her magic and Clow Reed's. Not only that, summoning a card without a purpose might confuse them. So now Dash has panicked and drove off. Trying to catch up to the bike, she transforms Windy (wait, didn't Kero say it was already transformed?), but even she's unable to keep up. Unable to solve this problem on her own, Sakura decides to use a lifeline.

Li's lazily reading magazines in his bed, when suddenly, it's Sakura on the phone. That instantly gets his attention, and he promises to be right there at the library. Meanwhile, at the council of evil, Ruby is thoroughly amused, but Spinner is annoyed, as there's a Clow Card at stake. Eli is merely content to watch the show.

The Dash has rolled up the side of the building, so high that even Jump cannot reach. Luckily, along comes Li to save the day and break her fall, embarrassed by the rescue. He proceeds to shoot lightning bolts at the bike, which only pisses it off further. Unaware, Li prepares to do it again, only for Sakura to stop him as it needs to be calmed down. Kero contemplates a way of cutting off its escape, which gives Sakura an idea: the Loop card. Kero warns her that she's already used up too much magic today (even though he didn't have a problem with Windy), but Sakura stands resolute in her decision. Dash tries to drive away, but always ends up coming back to Sakura. Realizing the trap, it tries to escape from the bike, but Windy manages to snare it.

In her arms, Dash struggles at first, but eventually, it mind becomes at ease and it even licks her playfully. Promising Dash will never be lost again, Sakura asks it to return back to its card form, to which it duly obliges. And so Sakura learned a valuable lesson. She should stop at seven? No, she should only transform the cards when there's a reason and only one at a time. Sure, let's go with that.

Sakura's fatigue finally takes its toll and she falls, right on top of Kero. At least Li is there to break his fall. Suddenly, a scream rings out. Madison missed the whole thing! Still, the ever-eager Kero is all prepared to brag about it. Eli watches with glee, congratulating her on her effort. And so once again the cards are saved, thanks to, the Cardcaptors!

Kero's Corner has now been replaced by Secrets of the Clow. This episode focuses on the elemental cards, and Kero says they are very, very powerful. Thank you. That was very enlightening. Guess no one told him he'd only have 30 seconds to sum everything up beforehand.