Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Trouble at the Park

Sakura is having trouble staying awake during a riveting history lecture about sheep. More interesting are the images her subconscious conjures. An arch on sacred ground. Angel wings. A sun staff. Running through a barren forest at sunset while Clow Reed shows his pretty face. She arrives at his mansion, with Kero and Yue by his side, when Li suddenly breaks her fall. Unfortunately, the whole class was watching. Well, that was embarrassing.

At break, the gang is discussing some ambiguous spell from the other day, and Sakura mentions transforming the Shield card to return Kero and Yue back to their borrowed forms the other day. Wait, what? (checks previous entries) That...never happened. Maybe offscreen, but then why is it not in the cards she picked up (well, neither is Fly, but still)? Guess it's just a dub screw-up.

As Sakura laments the many cards left to transfer, Eli watches from a loner tree with amusement. He then turns his attention elsewhere.

Julian isn't feeling well. He's been having frequent blackouts and perpetual hunger. Perhaps he should see a doctor, but really, what do they know? On the other hand, Tori does know something: that he's not who he thinks he is. But of course, he can't spit it out, because someone's snooping as usual. Taking a nap in the tree, sure. Tori knows what Emerald, er, Ruby is doing this on purpose. But luckily for her, Julian is too naive to give too much thought to "You're not who you think you are at all." Yue should have considered a less clueless alternate form.

While cooking dinner, Sakura takes a look at that paper she found the other episode. For some reason, this causes a lapse in self-confidence requiring yet another one of Kero's motivational speeches. Sheesh, becoming the new master wasn't enough for you?

Just then, *gasp* Julian, bringing gifts! Actually, it's just a book he has to return to Tori, but Sakura treats it like one. Suddenly, a burst of light flashes and Yue is utterly unaware he just scared the living daylights out of Sakura. Hmm, he has more in common with Julian than I thought.

Meanwhile, in the mansion of Evil, the Terrible Trio are discussing matters. Eli is amused that Sakura doesn't recognize the significance of the Clow Symbol, despite the obvious hints, but Spinner thinks she just has a lot on her mind. He berates Ruby for nearly letting the cat out of the bag...isn't this the same footage from the end of two episodes ago? Like there's something to hide? The reused scene ends with Eli stopping the two arguing to an inappropriately upbeat music cue.

Yue informs Kero that his selenosynthesis is proving increasingly insufficient, and Sakura's magic is still too limited to sustain him right now. Fortunately, he knows another power source somewhere, but he only says to trust him on this one. Kero also tells him Sakura keeps seeing Clow Reed in her dreams, to which Yue replies, "For some of us, death is only the beginning." Meanwhile, Sakura is too happily involved in her cooking to eavesdrop, and merely reacts in shock at Kero's true form. She reminds them yet again to warn her when they transform, to which Yue duly obliges by transforming back. And yet Kero is still annoyed since it didn't give him much advance warning to hide in his true state. Evidently, Yue hasn't been out with people much.

Li notices something powerful at the park, but thinks it can't be Clow Reed because he's dead. Sakura points towards the penguin slide, which she claims looks different somehow. When the trio arrive, they notice someone created a huge hole in front of the slide. Sakura is certain Clow Reed's magic is in it, and disregarding all caution, decides to fly down there. But first, she has to strike a pose for a few seconds. Show-off.

Kero is eager to follow, but of course, he collides with a magic barrier that neither Li's lightning nor true Kero's fireballs can penetrate. Inside the abyss, Sakura meets powerful magic of some sort...a stuffed sheep? Suddenly, it's raining sheep! Li hears a scream ring out, and tries desperately to punch the force field out to Eli and crew's amusement.

Sakura, trapped inside the mountain of sheep, thinks of her options. Eventually, she decides on Erase, and for some reason, she can stand up straight in the Void to transform it. Gotta love stock footage. The sheep's eyes widen in shock as the jester performs her magic trick.

So what did we learn from that little expedition? There was powerful magic down there. Valuable information that is. But wait, what is the gang going to do about that giant hole? Why cover it up! Sakura uses The Power card to put it back in its rightful place, which somehow restores the ground, but once again, she collapses in exhaustion. Eli gives that test a passing grade, but we've still got plenty of episodes to go.

UPDATE: And it turns out the Shield card was a later episode. Evidently someone was having second thoughts about not airing that one.


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