Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Attack of of the Teddy Bear

Yes, I am dead serious. This is the title. Perhaps this is a reference to that I Love Paris in the Springtime illusion...nah. They were just being slackers.

Sakura is still dismayed that her bear always ends up looking like Kero. Deciding to take her mind off it for now, she writes to Ms. Mckenzie. As she contemplates the events, she holds up four of the cards, only for (gasp) Eli to show up. She hastily hides her occult instruments away, but too late. Eli then notices her teddy bear, and as usual, always has the right thing to say. Noticing her embarrassment, he comforts her by saying he isn't good at this Home Ec stuff either and it's probably better than she thinks. He mentions that the right ear should be smaller and higher up on the head, even though it looks perfectly proportioned to me. But of course, it's a ploy to curse the bear.

Meanwhile, Chelsea decides to give her bear to Zachary, "subtly" hinting it wouldn't hurt her feelings if he didn't like it. Luckily, Zachary does, and decides to name it Chelsea. Bad move. Li observes the explosion from a distance, as he picks up his own bear, wondering why he even bothered. It's not like he has to one-up that blue-haired Prince Charming or anything. Suddenly, Julian shows up bearing food.

Embarrassed, Li awkwardly chows down alongside Julian. He notices Li's bear and wishes to see it. Li can't speak a word, only shaking and nodding his head to Julian's questions as to who made it. He thinks it's really good, and wonders who he's going to give it to. (gasp) Li's gotta go.

Running through the Forest of Doom, he begins to have doubts about staying, believing he's just in the way. Along comes Yue to save the day, informing him he's still relevant. He then transforms back, just at the right place for Julian to return the bear to give to some chick he thinks is groovy.

Sakura tells Madison that Li's been acting strange. Madison suggests that he still feels bad about the other night, and that she should tell him it wasn't his fault. In other business, Sakura's going to give her bear to Julian tonight, which means...costume time!

Madison's getting this special event on tape. As she arrives at the door, Kero suddenly says she should have given food. A little late for suggestions. Full of anxiety, Sakura watches Julian arrive at the door and presents the bear. Julian is one satisfied customer. Even if Sakura thinks it's not very good, he thinks it's the best he's ever seen. (sigh)

They have a conversation, which is silent for some reason. Madison, you forget to turn off the mute. Suddenly, the bear levitates and grows to XXXXXL size. Good thing Julian fainted so he won't remember this.

Yue rescues Sakura from its giant paw just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, his crystal storm attack proves ineffective as his magic gets cancelled out. Along comes Kero to break their fall just in the nick of time. From a distance, the council of evil observes the events unfolding, with Ruby remarking that it's cute how they look out for each other.

Sakura, noticing that same presence as when Li became a puppet, heads over to the bear's giant crotchless crotch to perform her incantation. For some reason, the bear is cordial enough to wait until she's finished her incantations before slamming down, allowing her to get out of the way just in time. Unfortunately, a roof was destroyed in the process. Hopefully no one was in there at the time. Of course, all Sakura cares about is Julian's house. How noble.

Kero informs Sakura that the source of the magic is inside the bear. Her Clow senses tip her off to the ear, and she jumps to slice it off with Sword, but the bear just swats her aside. Strange. Couldn't The Sword shoot energy beams an episode ago?

The Jump card isn't helping much, so she retracts her sword to call upon the Fly card. She needs the staff for the sword, so the newly upgraded card places the wings on her body. Time to finish the job.

The bear returns to normal, with the sliced off ear revealing a paper with the magic Clow circle on it. Yue in the meantime is alerted to a strange presence on a nearby Bauhaus roof, but it's nothing. Of course.