Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Threads That Bind

Another day, another strange dream. Sakura wakes up to find the newly captured Song card on her desk. Kero is surprised she's up so early, but she was freaked out by that dream, which had Clow Reed in it. Still, despite the strange things that are happening, Kero reaffirms his confidence in Sakura, as each Star Card makes her more powerful.

Sakura arrives at the school early (for once). She thinks she's the first one there, but then she remembers Tori's soccer practice. Skillful passing on Julian's part allows Tori to score a goal! And with a goal comes Ruby's congratulatory glomp, with Julian still oblivious to her strangely seductive evil eye.

It turns out that a new piano is coming soon to replace the one destroyed by some vandal. Sakura still doesn't know whodunit, sensing something strange, but not once thinking of that pretty boy. She and Madison meet up with the rest of the crew for some snacks while Li gazes longingly at Sakura from his loner tree. Then who conveniently decides to show up but Eli? Just going for a walk, sure. He thinks they're all going to be good friends in the near future, but Li isn't so trusting. "Whatever", he says. Eli taunts him about the time he spends with Sakura. Is it something she has? "Watch your step, Li."

Suddenly, Li loses his pupils and falls off the tree like a ragdoll. Luckily, Eli manages to break his fall, but disturbed by the homoerotic scene, Li runs off, telling him to stay out of his way. Can't let Eli do that, Li. His voice deepens, being ready for whatever plan he has this time.

The school day ends, and Zachary has yet another tall tale about teddy bears. Get this, they were invented in Canada by the Mounties. On cue, Chelsea comes to grab him away by the neck. Wonder where they got that gag from? Zachary's constantly shut eyes do look familiar. Anyways, Sakura and Madison are ready to head to the craft store when Eli decides to tag along. If he's going, then Li's going too! ...sure.

Li is totally not pissed that Eli is so much more of a ladies' man than him, yet Sakura is unnerved anyway. He goes on to tell her that if there's something strange in the neighbourhood, he can always call him. Subtle. Sakura picks up a teddy bear kit for home economics, ready to give it to her first love, Julian. Speaking of love, Madison suddenly goes dreamy-eyed, telling her that she'd be happy to help. Sakura says she doesn't need the help, but she'll call her if she does. Well...Eli shows up showing her thread. Lots of thread. "You can use thread for all kinds of things, Sakura." Li, totally not jealous, wants to get out now, and Eli, in his ever-so-suave manner, asks if he needs help buying things.

Making the bear turns out to be an exercise in frustration. Sakura laments that it ended up looking like Kero when it should have been a bear. Kero is not flattered. Suddenly, her magic senses go off.

As promised, she called Li along, though Kero isn't too impressed, thinking he could carry his stuff. Suddenly, against his will, Li stabs his sword at Sakura. Trying to resist, he warns her of an incoming slash. No! Madison's costume! Madison tries to stop Li the next time, but she is pushed aside, her camera falling to the ground. Not a good day for her.

Li tells Sakura to get away, but Sakura can't leave her friend like that. He suddenly decides to drench himself with a water spell, which reveals the threads that bind. She upgrades The Sword card, firing diverging energy beams to slice through. She goes to check if Li's alright, and faints into his arms. Li is shocked by the awkwardly romantic scene, as sleeping on his chest is a girl worth fighting for.

Meanwhile, sitting in his armchair within his magic circle is Eli, who had been manipulating Li the whole time. Who'd have thunk? "Like I said, there are many uses for thread, Sakura." Now if only he had some cat by his side...well now. Damn, he has a huge mansion and no parents. Anyways, Spinner Sun informs him he shouldn't reveal too much at once. No, Spinner Sun is not some crotchety old lady. It's just a translation goof, like Safer Sephiroth. Though to be fair, for the longest time, I thought "Spinel" was a word CLAMP made up.

Eli is confident she knows nothing, because how can someone so pretty be so evil? Ruby arrives, remarking that her mission is a piece of cake.

  • I call upon the powers of the day and the night
  • Sun and darkness, unleash your might.

Using his powerful magic wind, Eli transforms Spinner Sun and Ruby Moon into their true forms, featuring butterfly wings! He'll get you next time, Cardcaptor.