Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Dangerous Piano

Sakura's still tuckered out from the previous day. On the bright side, she gets to skip school. On the other hand, Tori's spirit senses are tingling. Kero is worried that he's catching on to him, not knowing he already knows she's been up to something. Still concerned with his sister's well-being, at school, Tori meets up with the ever-ravenous Julian, prepared to tell him what he knew about him before being rudely interrupted, and suddenly, a distraction! Ruby demonstrates her super prowess at basketball, defeating the school basketball team just like Julian did, and calls out to him. Curses. Foiled again. And the window was shut too.

Three PM waking up in the afternoon. Sakura's gotta get to the window and see her friends. Li's positively red-faced. C'mon. You don't want that nerd to beat you to her, do you?

Just because they're no longer against each other doesn't mean Kero isn't going to stop annoying Li by calling him "Kid". But on to business. Kero explains to everyone that Sakura now draws energy from her own powers to use the new Star Cards, whereas with the original cards, Clow Reed had magic built into them. He's still upset that he and Yue were powerless in their original forms, knowing the only forces that could stop him were Sakura and Clow Reed himself. Yeah, getting your old form back and not being able to do anything with it is no fun.

Sakura writes to Ms. Mckenzie about her adventure the other day, noting that she often senses a great power present. Just then, she hears some lovely piano music coming from inside the school. Enraptured, she listens at the window, until Eli tells her to wake up.

Sakura is really impressed by Kid Casanova's talent, and he plays another tune. Suddenly, she realizes that she was supposed to meet with Madison, but no problem. She too is awed by the performance. Such a display of beauty and grace is worth postponing a trip to the store for, and so they spend their time with Eli instead. But beautiful things can be painful, as near the end of his performance, unbeknownst to the girl he had seduced, his fingers place a curse on the instrument.

That evening, Sakura and Li return to the school. They hear Madison's voice ring out in the music room, suddenly interrupted by a scream. The two rush inside and find out that the piano is haunted! The instrument pursues them as they escape outside. Li's lightning spell is able to stun it for a bit, but after a short while, it revitalizes. Madison tells Sakura that it goes after her every time she talks or sings, which gives Sakura an idea.

The levitating piano glides towards Madison's voice at the top of the building. As it bursts out, the source of the sonorous melody switches over to the newly transformed Song card. Enraptured by such beauty, it glides on the wings of a dream through the fence, only to be rejected by the harsh mistress, Gravity. Wonder who's going to pay for the damages.

Eli himself has watched Sakura's performance from afar, intrigued by her ingenuity. He'll get you next time, Cardcaptor.