Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Unlocking The Key

For the first time, the strange phenomenon would not fade after a single night. Luckily, for everyone in Reedington, it's just heavy rain. The magic hurricane will wait for her return before striking again. I wish all natural disasters were that polite.

Sakura is still perplexed that the key failed her, but life moves on. Tori notices her holding something, which reminds her. Kero wanted to talk to Yue, so that means she'll have to invite Julian over. She awkwardly stumbles over her words, trying to come up with a convincing excuse, but no need. Tori has her covered. How about dinner?

The rain has got Sakura feeling blue, but she is presented with a flower to cheer her up. Damn that Eli. Trying to steal Li's pretty boy schtick. And being so charming. Li just can't compete.

He too sensed something strange about this weather. Sakura wonders what it could be, since she couldn't sense anything and all the cards have been captured. Li suggests the perpetrator didn't want her to sense it. But whomever or whatever is behind this is stronger than either of them.

Meanwhile, Tori and Julian are carrying papers, when Tori stops to tell him something really important. Unfortunately, that crazy Ruby chick appears out of nowhere to glomp him before he gets to begin, and he is forced to leave to finish delivering the papers. And now she turns to Julian, her voice deeper and more seductive. Pleased he is too clueless to recognize her, she remarks this will be easy, whatever "this" is.

Eli meets up with Sakura again, sharing a friendly chat about the weather. They part ways as Sakura thinks of how nice he is. Later that night, her other crush has arrived for dinner. Tori has to head over to the library, and recognizes the rain storm as abnormal. Good thing only Julian heard him, not that it wasn't totally obvious. As the door closes, Kero arrives to invoke his transformation. He's annoyed they didn't talk in a week, and Yue is annoyed that he was so suddely awakened. Sakura is pouring tea for Julian when suddenly, the icy angelic figure towers over her. That was creepy.

Back at her room, she offers him milk (?), but he doesn't even acknowledge her. Guy's a freaking totem pole. Kero informs her that Yue doesn't eat, as he can apparently synthesize energy from the moon. As she leaves to get Kero more tea, er, brown-looking milk, Kero alerts Yue to the powerful new force that has arrived in the neighbourhood. Yue doesn't seem to know about it either, which means they'll just have to be on guard. Sakura returns in shock to two mythical guardians in her bedroom. Best get used to it, girl.

With her guardian angel joining the party, the watery vortex reforms. Yue tries to shield Sakura, but the stream breaks through the barrier. Damn, taking down the guy that could effortlessly reflect half of the cards. Kero retaliates with a fireball, but it just bounces back. A mysterious force paralyzes Kero and Yue as the whirling water entraps Sakura and the others. Through sheer determination, the key summons a magic light around her, presumably to allow them to breathe. Yue is determined to help, but Kero stops her. Well, isn't that ironic?

Inside her magic rune circle, a new incantation line comes to mind. "The power of my star." She realizes that the old incantation doesn't work on this new model. Time for a new chant.

Key of the Star, with power burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light. RELEASE!

She prepares to summon Firey, but it just limply falls to the ground. Guess the cards are due for an upgrade as well.

I call upon the powers of my Star. Ancient forces near and far. Clow Card transform all your might And draw your power from my light! Star Card!

You know, that does sound really cool, but it baffles me how she manages to come up with these stanzas on the fly, let alone expect them to work. And then there are all those times where she just said "Release" and it worked just fine.

Anyways, the blaze proceeds to evaporate the water in a pillar of light and The Firey card gets a new look. Before she can show it off, she faints from exhaustion, as the star used up her energy (glucose?) to transform the card. Yue laments that they couldn't help her more, but Kero assures him that she'll be fine. Since when did he start being so caring? Yeah, it's in the job description, but it's such a drastic change from when he was emotionlessly shooting crystal shards at her.

Turns out they had spectators. Dark, female Yue is impressed by her performance, but the shadow sorceror wonders if she can transform all the cards before it's too late. And thus, a new collect-a-thon of sorts begins.