Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The New Transfer Student

New arc means a new opening. Well, the theme tune remains, but the clips are different. It mostly focuses on Dark Kero and Dark Yue figures. In time, we'll figure out who they really are.

Kero is watching the morning sun rise as foreshadowing figures show up every so often in frames. Even though Sakura's got a new job, she's still wishing a Clow Card could do a summer homework. Ms. Mckenzie has written back with love from England, being busy with her new teaching position as well. Kero informs her that her adventure's not over yet and will not end until she finds a successor, but she'll be fine as long as she trusts her instincts. A dark magician arrives at the door, but Sakura has more pressing concerns. She hasn't finished her summer homework! She tries to get Kero to help, but a load of good that did her last time, and Kero hasn't forgot she wasn't happy with the results.

It's time for the morning rush (why does that picture of her mother keep changing?). She's on duty today, but Tori with his usual brotherly love taunts her, saying he's not meeting Julian today. Ah, kids.

But who does she meet anyway? *gasp* Julian! She is still coming to terms with the notion that geek is really an angelic pretty boy in disguise, but what does it matter? He's still the same dorky, eccentric dude we all know and love. Enraptured by him, she catches a piece of candy while rollerblading backwards. Kids, don't try this at home. Not on the sidewalk either.

Sakura thinks nobody's here yet and hums a tune walking back to her desk. *Ahem*. Oh hey, Li. He's bummed that he's out of a job thanks to Sakura taking over the cards, and he's thinking of going back home a failure. Sakura tries to convince him that he's been a great help, with Li as usual brushing it off. He'll get over his depressive funk himself. He's got his high pitch back too (I screwed up with pinpointing the voice actor change. The times his voice became deeper was his previous VA reaching puberty).

Madison has arrived, with a sigh. Why? Summer vacation's over! How melodramatic. Her other friends arrive, and Sakura can't wait to tell them about Ms. Mckenzie's letter. She says it rains a lot in England, but she still loves it. Which reminds Rita. Who's the new teacher? Oh, it's Mr. Terada again.

And it's time to introduce the new cast member.

Eli Moon

This is strange. I'm sure I've met him before.

Well, hello, pretty nerd. Sakura thinks he looks nice, well, despite his strange and creepy gaze. Then again, Ms. Mckenzie did the same thing. And like Ms. Mckenzie, Li isn't happy about him, though obviously for more personal reasons.

Sakura feels like they've met before, and as she's writing Ms. Mckenzie about him, Eli agrees. Someone's picked up on the former teacher's old snooping tricks. Still, he seems rather polite and amiable. They stare longingly at each other as they talk for a bit, then he gets up to leave. But first, he wants to know her name. Sakura Avalon. Well, he'll see Sakura at lunchtime.

Meanwhile, Li is still pissed at Eli, but Sakura tries to get him to be more accepting, as he told her how hard it is being the new kid. Li was once the new kid too, but he still doesn't trust the fellow because, well, sitting with someone else's girl won't do you any favours. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were jealous of Eli." Madison, you're so perceptive.

Time for a snack break! Sakura brings her friends frozen yogurt, but someone snipes away her stick. It's Tori, being brotherly as usual. Some things never change. Turns out Tori's got a crazy stalker (gotta love Li's angry and demented frozen expression here), and as Sakura beings to ask about her, well, there she is. She gives Julian the evil eye, but Julian is none the wiser. The girl introduces herself to Sakura as Ruby, and then proceeds to take his frozen yogurt. Julian asks why Tori isn't going to take back the treat he stole fair and square, but he'd rather not deal with the crazy witch. *sigh* Just not the same.

It's starting to feel like rain as Kero is hard at work on getting a high score in Fruit Tetris. Sakura tells him about Eli, but the ensuing conversation throws off his groove. "I think you're starting to take your video games too seriously, Kero!" She switches over to the news, and she sees the sudden downpour, the Clow Book beckons her. Clow Reed informs her that a new journey has begun, and transforms the Clow Book to bear her name. Suddenly, she senses Eli's pretty face. Something's up. The storm seems to be confined to Reedington. This ain't no ordinary rain.

The two arrive with Madison to Penguin Park, as the nerdy pretty boy watches in the distance. Suddenly, a torrent of water shoots down from the vortex, and Kero transforms into his true form to protect Madison. Nice to hear you again, Rhinox. The water jets pursue Sakura as she slides down the penguin's mouth. Time for action!

She chants the usual summoning incantation, but something's wrong. There are no magic runes appearing, and the key won't activate! "Release! Release"...pretty please? The water gets impatient and intercepts Sakura's summoning attempts, as Kero flies her to safety. What is this mysterious, yet familiar presence? How will Sakura get out of this mess? Find out next time.


"sitting with someone else's girl won't do you any favours"

You might look into making sure to convey to the audience that you are aware that girls are not property.
Liliet 3rd Dec 14