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Cardcaptors: Songs from the Hit TV Series

UPDATE: (and it seems Youtube's being Youtube. There's still to hear samples).

This entry's going to be a bit different from the usual, since it's not an episode that's being liveblogged here, but a soundtrack. The dub has some sweet, upbeat music that is just nostalgic to listen to nowadays if you caught the show on its original run. So I felt like paying tribute by talking about the CD. It's mostly bubbly pop songs, but it is fairly interesting. So here are all the songs on the soundtrack (thanks to Pink10145 for uploading the entire thing):

  • Guardian of the Cards (Tempest ft. Rikki Rumball): Yeah, you already know what I think of this song. Rhino Entertainment Company seemed to really like this song, too, as it comes first. Way to start on a high note.
  • Tell Me (Queen of Hearts): Okay, so maybe it's not exactly a love song as I initially stated. But it certainly has the passion of one. It's really lovely, a testament to true friendship (we're going to be seeing that theme pop up a lot).
  • Invisible Me (Pure West): Seems like Li's Image Song. A love song, despite much of the relationship getting cut out? Maybe it's just because the kiddies love Shipping. Also rather unexpected to associate him with a song like this considering his personality. Hmm...maybe this was the song he was listening to when Meilin stole his headphones.
  • Just Around The Corner (6HZ): The most frequently played vocal tune, this is undoubtedly Sakura's (primary) Image Song. Pretty catchy, and it's just bursting with excitement and anticipation.
  • I Got Your Back (Magic Carpet)*: Guess it's Madison's Image Song. I really don't give her enough credit as she's such a great help to Sakura even on the sidelines. The song itself is another infectiously upbeat one about friendship.
  • I Can Make It (Pure West)*: Judging by the male vocals alone, this is probably another Li perspective song, but the lyrics are more befitting Sakura really. The slow guitar and hopeful vocals make it rather pleasant and relaxing.
  • Lucky Day (Rockshot): Sounds like Meilin's Image Song. The vocals and lyrics are more aggressive than most of the songs, well befitting the girl and making it quite fun to listen to.
  • Ordinary Girl (Superhum): The song overdoses on the synth, but it's still quite awe-inspiring. Very nice song to close the Firey card episode (The Third Element) as Sakura looks to the future.
  • Whenever You Try (Black Europeans): A song that would have gone well with The Dash card episode (The Race) with its sports / cheerleading motif. The lyrics could flow better, but it's still a nice listen.
  • She Is The One (Christopher Rouse): Hmm...this sounds like...a theme song for a cartoon series! Was this going to be the main theme? It certainly would have been more fitting. On a side note, that Ghostbusters joke I made a while back is looking pretty Hilarious in Hindsight right now.
  • Let's Go (Black Europeans}: Oh, it's this song again. I dare you to listen to it and not get at least somewhat giddy about its sugary vocals and childish enthusiasm.
  • Cardcaptors Main Title (Dave Dore): Eh, not a fan of the American Kirby Is Hardcore ideal this song embodies. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. Not to mention juxtaposed along with the rest of the songs on the soundtrack, it is rather jarring.
  • No Nagging (Froggy Mix): A rather odd tune that doesn't really fit thematically with the show itself despite being the Canadian end credits theme. Apparently it was big in Europe, and indeed it oozes with hypnotic French allure. So I guess it's only in it for the Pop-Star Composer factor, but it's still pretty catchy.

(*) The Amazon profile claims the bands are the other way around, but I would speculate the order was reversed based on the actual vocals.

So what can I say? The soundtrack is not anything particularly special (the songs can generally be summed up as friendship, destiny, adventure, love, or some combination), but it's worthwhile listening if you want to put a smile on your face. For fans of Cardcaptor Sakura / Cardcaptors, it's a very sweet treat. I would have liked to hear more of the instrumental music, or heck, a full version of Madison's song, but for what it is, the soundtrack is pretty good. Just be prepared to hear the songs constantly in your head for days to come.

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