Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Final Judgement (Finale)

Sakura can't live like this. Even with the cheerful background music, it all feels so empty. So she the old, dilapidated shrine. But there awaits nothingness. "I thought...someone here." Why defy your fate? Is the bond of friendship that powerful?

Voices call out her name. Many voices, filled with grave concern. They haven't forgotten her, and neither shall she. It turns out she still had a continue courtesy of Ms. Mckenzie's moon bell. Clow Reed wanted to give her another chance, and didn't tell Yue about it. Figures.

Sakura is now ready to confront Yue, this time to protect what she and her friends all hold dear. "Oh staff of Clow, guide my actions now!" As she raises it to the sky, a meteor shower is summoned. The Clow Cards have returned, siding with Sakura, and the bird on the top of the magic wand has transformed into a star! Yue tries to divert away Windy, as it is his to command. Not anymore. It answers to Sakura now.

Defeated, Yue is prepared to face the humiliation of becoming some ten year old's pet. But he is surprised to see Sakura hold out her hands to him. "I don't want to be your master, Yue. I want to be your friend." Aww. She truly does deserve to be the guardian of the cards.

Still, Master's orders. He tells her to close her eyes as he proclaims Sakura the new master. And now, she is transported to a realm in the starry sky for Clow Reed to congratulate her. She wonders if he gave her the new staff, but he tells her that she made it herself. Not by the sun or moon is it ruled, but her very own star. "Take care of your power, Sakura. Your star is a tiny light now, but it burns bright, and will always light your way."

And you return now, to where you must. Your friends are waiting for you. Even Li's feeling jovial, sharing a dance with Sakura. Meanwhile, Keroberos is ready to party, but Yue still has a lot to learn about enthusiasm. He is concerned that Sakura might not be able to handle such power, but Kero isn't so worried. To alleviate his fears, he suggests they could stick around in their earthly forms, and he'll even fill Yue in on the details.

And so Kero rejoins the party as the stuffed animal we all know and love. Julian, clueless as ever, doesn't remember a thing. But his greeting is all Sakura needs. Everything is just fine.

This concludes the Clow Card arc. But the show's not over yet. Now that the cards are all sealed, where do we go from here? We'll find out next time.