Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Final Judgement

So it's finally come down to this. What started as a clean-up operation has led to a showdown for the title of Master. Announcing the judge:

Yue / Julian Star

I see you have a determined spirit, Sakura. However...I am not as sentimental as Keroberos.

  • Japanese Name: Yue / Yukito Tsukishiro
  • Age: Centuries (Yue), 17 (Julian)
  • Voice Actor: Samuel Vincent
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Quoth the Sweet Dreams Fuel page: "Even the commanding imperiousness of Yue the Judge, the silver moon spirit that took almost sadistic satisfaction in making hell for Sakura and Syaoran, is lost in the face of him being just so damn sugary sparkly pretty." Although I must concede the Distracted by the Sexy factor.

I am quite surprised that the alluring voice we hear now is the same voice that sounded like Ned Flanders in previous episodes. But then I underestimate the versatility of the human voice.

Li and Madison still don't understand all this. After all, Julian moved to Reedington years ago. Ms. Mckenzie in her mysterious wisdom knows better. "There are no coincidences, only inevitability."

Right on time, Sakura. You must be the Chosen One. But Julian, she doesn't want to fight you. Yue doesn't give a damn and summons her over to the radio tower anyway. "And now, the Final Judgement will now begin."

Sakura may not be willing to hurt Julian, but Yue offers no such concessions, replying in turn with a force blast. Relentlessly pursuing the fleeing Sakura, he coldly assaults her with a flurry of energy cuts, ignoring her cries of agony. After she is brutally bombarded by his energy stream attack, Li can't take it anymore. But he must not interfere, as Kero warns that she will automatically fail if she gets help. "You must have faith. She is stronger than she seems. She may get through to him yet."

Yue is disappointed in Sakura. Drawing his magic arrow, he is ready to pass judgement. But Sakura has a plan; one that will avoid hurting Julian. Wood card!

Bad move. Wood is yet another card controlled by the moon, which kind of makes no sense. After all, isn't it nourished by the sun? Apparently it is speculated that wood is also nourished by water which is controlled by the moon. Maybe someone versed in Chinese astrology can explain it better.

Yue manipulates the vines to ensnare Sakura, declaring she loses. "The Clow Cards require a stronger master than you." And the penalty? Everyone who knew about the Clow Cards will go on with their lives as if this chapter never happened...forever. Supposedly, this was because Clow Reed didn't want anyone to suffer from losing the bonds they shared across the adventure, especially the cards themselves who care the most for the person who sealed them. And yet, Sakura can't stand the thought of losing this friendship, struggling to break free. Yue doesn't care. Master's orders. "It's no use. We're all going to...Forget!"

What a strange dream. It's just another day for Sakura. Tori's greeting her with a smile and breakfast looks great, but something seems missing.

Rollerblading off to school, the scenery is gorgeous, and yet she can't seem to marvel in nature's splendor. She senses a mirage under the cherry blossom trees. But why?

Finally at school. Sakura cheerfully greets Madison, yet she isn't interested in talking beyond a simple "Morning." Neither is Li. Should she be expecting more?

Just an ordinary day of schoolwork and sports. Everyone seems to be having fun with soccer and baton twirling, but Sakura just can't muster the enthusiasm. Oh well. Life moves on.

At the school entrance, Madison bids farewell. Tomorrow will be another day.