Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Last Card - Part II

Here we go! This is it, the last card: The Earth(y). Giant rock towers burst from the ground all over the city, with only the area around Ms. Mckenzie left unaffected. Yet Sakura is initially hesitant to summon the key because Julian will see. She needs to sort out her priorities. Regardless, that's nothing a little Instant Sedation won't fix, even though it's rather reckless to put people (aside from Ms. Mckenzie, who is immune to that status) to sleep during a natural disaster. But I guess the cards only pursue magic users anyway, for some reason or other.

Sakura takes to the air to scout out its weakness. Well, it's a good thing she won't have to pay for the property damage. All this havoc wreaked and somehow it's all reversed by next episode. Honestly, the Weirdness Censor explanation only goes so far. Anyway, Earth reveals itself to be a towering rock serpent whose head only grows back when broken off by the Water(y) card. Sakura makes a getaway with Jump as she thinks of the one card that has never let her down. Ms. Mckenzie mentally lends another hint: "Earth is found in many forms." Sakura then notices the trees have been left intact. In fact, trees wrap their roots around the Earth all the time. That's it! The Wood card proceeds to ensnare the beast as Sakura finishes the job she set out to do.

It is time. A golden glow surrounds Kero as giant wings engulf him. The winged lion that emerges initially frightens Sakura, but once she realizes who this is, she is impressed by how cool Kero's appearance and deep voice is. He apologizes that he couldn't help her more, but he did. The tips he gave her still count for a lot. But he promises he'll be by her side for the final test.

Dusk falls as Sakura returns to the temple with the last card and Keroberos's true form. She and Li get changed during commercial break, as he notices Kero doesn't look particularly happy because the mysterious Yue is coming. Li explains that Yue was one of Clow Reed's two guardians of the cards along with Keroberos, the judge. In contrast with Kero's dominion by the sun, he was ruled by the moon. None of Clow Reed's other books talked about Yue, but he is represented by the moon on the back of the Clow Book.

Kero warns Sakura that she must be ready to face the Final Judgment as soon as she signs the last card. Madison then remembers that if Li has Clow Cards too, wondering who would eventually come to possess them. The final card has been claimed, and now, it's time. The one right beside Sakura all along, Julian, also grows wings that wrap around him, transforming into the angelic White-Haired Pretty Boy known as Yue. "It's been a long time, Keroberos." That is one sexy voice he has. Frosty, but sexy.

He reprimands the guardian beast for letting the Clow Cards escape, but he is reminded that nothing happens by accident. Sakura wonders why Julian never told her about this, but Kero explains that Yue kept his true form a secret from Julian. He then turns attention to Ms. Mckenzie. With her snooping around and acting mysterious, who would have ever suspected poor, clueless Julian? But he recognized that the judge was not supposed to give help, so Ms. Mckenzie couldn't be Yue. But she knew all along.

Just as Sakura tried to get them to slow down so she could process the wild revelations, Yue approaches, getting up close and personal. "So we finally meet, Sakura. Candidate to be the master of the Clow Cards chosen by Keroberos." Such a confrontational tone. This is really Julian? But there is another. Yue refuses to judge Sakura for not having all the Clow Cards, but Keroberos has faith in her. "Then let the Final Judgment begin."

Yue temporarily brainwashes Li, summoning him to do battle at the temple rooftop. His stream of crystal bursts mostly pass by Li, but one knocks him off the stadium. Sakura, worried, runs off to rescue him, but a force field stops her. After all, this is his test alone.

Unfortunately, Li is rather ill-equipped to deal with him as his Element: Fire and Element: Wind spells don't even faze Yue. Getting mauled badly, he resorts to Time. But not only is Yue immune to that status, he rules over the card. "This is the end."

"He took...all of my cards!" That obviously wasn't supposed to be funny, but really. Yue's just a schoolyard bully? Now it's Sakura's turn to come over to Final Destination: the radio tower of her dreams. The bird's eye of her staff starts to glow, and the Final Judgment shall time.