Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Last Card - Part 1

The dream has returned, but this time one wing of an angel has showed up for the party. The White-Haired Pretty Boy is cloaked in shadow even though Ms. Mckenzie is fully visible in some shots. Which means...

Sakura can't seem to find the alarm to shut off, and instead grabs her doll. Kero is unexpectedly curious about it, more so after Sakura tells him Madison made it a week before the Clow Book was opened. It's the outfit. The same one from the dream. Kero's attention turns to the person with wings, as the screen shifts downward from the bottom of the Clow Book, with the moon insignia. Yue.

Madison and Li remind Sakura to hurry up before they miss the train ride to a competition. As usual, Kero has snuck inside her backpack because he can't pass up a picnic. The crew contemplates matters related to the last card on the train, leading to a long flashback of the Dream Card. Four minutes worth. Madison finally awakens her from her substantial daydream as they come close to arrival.

Nothing suspicious yet, or so the kids think. Kero senses Yue around the archery field somewhere. The competition has started and Julian's in it. He scores a bulls-eye, more than enough for the finals. And Ms. Mckenzie is also in it, displaying similarly impeccable aiming skills. Which means, everyone who knows about the Clow Cards is at the tournament! Well, everyone plot-important, anyway.

And so a heated showdown between Julian and Ms. Mckenzie begins. They consistently nail bulls-eyes with no sign of tie-breaking. Sakura's got a weird feeling about this. Suddenly, Ms. Mckenzie's concentration lapses at Kero's mention of Yue, and her arrow lands right outside the target. Good Game.

Picnic time! As Sakura gets the plastic cups for the champion, she realizes that Kero's took off, er, been dropped somewhere. Julian of course can't understand the significance of that stuffed toy, but someone else does. Ms. Mckenzie is meditating when she invites Kero over from behind a wall to discuss matters. He's impressed she could recognize him, since even Li couldn't. She reminds him that he shouldn't interfere by telling her about the Final Judgment. Preventing hand-holding, or being needlessly cryptic? They then talk about the last card, with Kero thinking it couldn't be that tough. Ms. Mckenzie's silence changes his mind though. Sakura finally catches up with Kero, but only caught the bit about Yue, the mysterious entity mentioned by The Light card. Cue flashback.

Of course, Ms. Mckenzie can't spoil the surprise for her. Sakura suspects something about how she came after the Clow Book was opened, and her strange prescience gets Li's mistrust going. Ms. Mckenzie only gives her usual comforting / creepy smile.

Sakura can't understand what The Light card was saying about Yue being right beside her. The latest version of the dream showed it couldn't be Ms. Mckenzie, after all. But her Clow senses are tingling. The earth trembles, and a fissure pursues Li. A mighty tower of dirt rises from the ground. The end is nigh.