Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Sands of Time

Today's a special class. The Reedington Elementary Art Festival is coming, and Ms. Mckenzie has announced that the class is doing a play based on a classic fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty. Li, as usual, is pretty grumpy about his teacher, and seeing his angry expression, Sakura begins to contemplate the Dream card's visions. Yet despite her sheer creepiness, Ms. Mckenzie makes her

Ms. Mckenzie is putting the roles to a random draw, so that everyone has a fair chance at all the roles. As Li heads over to the board, he is greeted by her ever warm and loving voice, quietly telling him "It won't be long now" as the background suddenly goes black. As it turns out, Sakura and Li are the prince and princess!

Yes, respectively. She wasn't kidding about "fair chance", though "random" is more dubious. Sakura at least has it easier with her tomboyish voice, but when she overhears Li practising his role, the results are...hilarious. Well, that's gotta be embarrassing to show Sakura while sitting in a tree. He is still pretty freaked out over Ms. Mckenzie as well, even after Sakura tries to reassure him that they can trust her.

On the way to class, Sakura nervously asks Li if they could read lines together. In his usual gruff style, after a pause, he replies, "When?" They decide on a time before school starts the next day as Ms. Mckenzie is snooping as usual.

Even with three alarm clocks, getting up at 6 AM turns out to be hard for Sakura. To her surprise, Tori has made breakfast for her! As she munches down, he asks her about that day she had a fever. Uh-oh, he's on to her. "Just be careful, okay?"

Sakura is shocked that her big brother might have found out her secret. "Yeah, right. If he knew, he'd be teasing me about it non-stop." Another distraction stops her for a while: the shrine. Images of the dream and Ms. Mckenzie pour into her head, for the end draws near. But whatever, she still has school to get to. And so does that dust spirit right behind her.

Still bearing mutually awkward feelings toward each other, Sakura suggests she and Li rehearse outside. With stilted falsetto, he collapses to the ground, dreading what's next. Yep, the kiss. But par for the course, they are interrupted by a quicksand maelstrom. As they try to stay above, the sand pushes Li off the magic staff right into the vortex, but he tells Sakura to stay back. He has a plan.

Sakura summons water to drown away the sand, but all of it is merely absorbed. Just as planned. Now Li can immobilize The Sand card with The Freeze for capture. The two touch the card together, with Sakura gaining it in the end. But she feels Li deserves it more. Li initially denies it, as they are supposed to be competing for the cards, but he did give her The Cloud card earlier, so now they're even.

Sakura remarks that it was lucky that it got them before school started, but Li doesn't think so. He suggests that it could have been waiting for the two of them to be alone. Sakura doesn't get it, so he drops the topic. All the while, Ms. Mckenzie has closely been observing their actions, ancient mystical Moon Bell in hand. "Patience. It won't be long now."