Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Dream A Little Dream (Second Part)

And now, it's time for a train ride! Kero is giddy over riding on a train for the first time, since sleeping for decades will make you miss out on a lot. Sakura's attention is fixated on the radio tower, since it's the centrepiece of that recurring dream which has become more frequent recently. And Li was in it (cue embarassed blushing) and Ms. Mckenzie was in it. Finally, they arrive at their destination, but that glowing butterfly decides to tag along uninvited.

Sakura is understandably apprehensive about that tower, which confounds Meilin. Noticing her concern, she shrugs off her fears and runs straight into the tower, yet as soon as she goes in, something strange happens. The camera tilts and the hue darkens. Sakura feels that she just stepped on something, yet even Li doesn't notice anything odd. Probably just her imagination.

They arrive at the top floor, and Meilin is excited to get a view of the whole city. Still focussed on that strange dream, Sakura notices the building she was standing on. Suddenly, she notices Kero floating around recklessly in midair, and she is about to frantically hide him when she one else is around but the five of them. Kero casually reminds Sakura that her dream is a vision into the future, but Madison interrupts her train of thought by suggesting they get something from the concession. Yet, Kero seems to have suddenly vanished. Weird. And still, Li is oblivious to the whole thing.

At the concession, Sakura notices Tori working there. Nothing strange by itself, but today, he was supposed to be at a soccer game. Julian shows up out of nowhere as well, offering her a drink despite the fact he was supposed to be helping Tori at the game. "Oh, well, there was actually a little change in plans in the end." Kero comes out uninvited and greets Tori and Julian like they have known each other forever. Okay, what the...? Julian's glasses have gone scary shiny! "Can't you tell? This is a dream." As realization sets in, cherry blossoms blow everyone's image away and Sakura falls into the abyss.

Night falls, as Sakura observes her mirror image just like in that dream. The shadowy Ms. Mckenzie and her creepily clockwise rotating hair is present and accounted for, with her magic bell. Sakura tries to call out desperation to the dream figures, all alone and unsure of what to do. And then, mirrored hands meet hers. "It's going to be just fine. Trust yourself." Dream Sakura floats away as true Sakura observes a lens flare in the air. Memories, of beginning, of confrontation, of sadness, of strife, of serenity, of determination, all come back to her. "Sakura! Sakura!"

Hurry, Sakura. Li's just suspended time so you can catch that Clow Card underneath your foot! And so she does, with the butterfly briefly transforming into her human form to return to her power confined.

As usual, Sakura blames herself for ruining their trip, but no biggie. Everyone was just worried about her fainting in the radio tower. As Madison and Kero relay what happened in real life, Meilin gushes over Li's capture and accidentally knocks him over as she tries to glomp him. Such passion. Kero ends by informing Sakura she should pay attention to what The Dream card shows her, and the camera pans out to Ms. Mckenzie standing high, with the creepiest damn smile yet.

UPDATE: Screenshots with silly titles.