Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Dream A Little Dream (First Third)

Meilin is as excited and cheerful as we've ever seen her, fawning over the toys in a gift shop in high-pitched squeals. Li naturally doesn't share her enthusiasm, but after all, he is a rather emotionally composed fellow being forcefully dragged along by a hyperactive, moody girl. Sakura and Madison and behind them, happy they brought her along shopping. Kero, as ever, is along for the ride too in the despite all the people around. Madison, not wanting to keep him out of the wonderful day to be, makes a deal with him. She'll order his favourite dessert for lunch if he stays put. But enough dawdling. "C'mon, you two! We've got some shopping to do! Hurry up you guys!" There is a glowing butterfly peeking out of the scenery, but we can't care about that now. There's adventure to be had!

Ready...GO! As the pedestrian light turns to walk, the opening ring of a familiar tune rings out. Could it be? Yes, it is! Let's sing along!

The opening instrumentals play to still shots of Meilin's enthusiasm, Li's shock, and Madison and Sakura enjoying themselves. Li can't keep up with Meilin's burning spirit, and he trips in front of the flower shop. Everyone stops here to share a laugh.

You can do anything

Meilin looks cute in glasses, doesn't she? Sakura and Madison certainly agree, though Li isn't so keen on the shades.

If you believe it's true!

Meilin shows her moves with a spin and a pose matching the mannequin. Nice moves! Everyone applauds! (except from Li, of course. That killjoy.)

See what this friendship brings. It can only get stronger when you work it through!

What ya listening to Li? Something sappy, I'd bet, considering your reaction to Meilin sneaking up and grabbing your headphones!

You can go anywhere. Imagination will take you through

A few lighthearted conversations among friends over snacks. An interlude in a day full of excitement.

Magic and Mystery. In a blink of an eye you could fly to the moon!

Wow, what a view of the city square! How high can we go in this elevator?

Out of all the people in the world You're the Chosen One of every boy and girl. Now your friends are here. Your mission's clear. You're the Guardian of the Cards!

Hey, something caught Meilin's attention! Oh, it's a pretty wedding dress. "I'll be your chosen one, Li!" is likely what's going through her precocious mind right now.

Every day is a new adventure To discover the magic you need. You uncover the mystic secrets Where the power within is the will to succeed!

Silhouettes of the heart transition via cherry blossoms. A childish fantasy, powered by an indomitable will. "I do!"

Yes this is your destiny. This is what you were born to do! Bring back the harmony To make a better world for me and you!

The two shadows embrace, forever bounded by the purest love. Water fills Meilin's blazing red eyes as she waits for her destiny to one day be fulfilled. Sakura and Madison join in, while Li just gazes by the sidelines. Oh, Meilin. She looks so...happy.

Out of all the people in the world You're the Chosen One of every boy and girl. Now your friends are here. Your mission's clear. You're the Guardian of the Cards!

Oh how cute! They're getting their picture taken! Li stares embarassed at the camera, but then Meilin comes in to glomp him! Sakura joins in the fun too, posing along with Meilin around the embarassed Li. Then along comes Madison with her own trusty camera to embarass Sakura. Come on Li, you're surrounded by three girls! So many boys would love to be in your position right now. Besides, if you stepped into the real world, imagine how many more girls would surround you then! The foursome struggle inside. Let's see how the picture turns out.

You're the Guardian of the Cards

As expected, it's chaos, but everyone has appropriate expressions. Cutest group photo ever.

You're the Chosen One. Yes you are. No matter where you search Near or far You're the Guardian of the Cards!

The foursome stops to gaze at the spellbinding flock of butterflies as they fly away in the clear blue sky as the song plays the bridge.

Out of all the people in the world You're the Chosen One of every boy and girl. Now your friends are here. Your mission's clear. You're the Guardian of the Cards!

Not just them. The entire crowd is transfixed at the butterflies (which for some reason turned yellow) on the big screen. But wait, "LOGIN"? What the...?

Say, this is Sakura's image song, yet the scenes focus a lot on Meilin. Eh, it still fits wonderfully.

Next up, the movie theatre. Kero, however, has other plans. There's this Whac-a-Mole-like arcade game he's dying to try! But he can't, so why not Sakura instead? "Me? Kero, no!"

Sakura stands by on the roulette-patterned wheel with her magic mallet. Oh, Li, show some enthusiasm, why don't you? The frantic pounding begins as Meilin cheers her on. Seeing Sakura struggle to pay attention to all sides of her, Meilin eventually decides to take matters into her own hands. "I'll take care of this side, and you take care of that side!" Now those pesky moles won't stand a chance!

The pair share a few cute Back-to-Back Badasses shots as they return those moles to their holes confined. Yes, over a Whac-A-Mole game. Yes, it's totally awesome. Sakura and Meilin: The Ultimate Team. To think, Meilin used to hate Sakura so much. Such a satisfying culmination of 21 episodes of Character Development, and Madison got it all on tape!

You know what? This is the best episode ever. Seriously, this entire 5 minute and 53 second segment is the show's Crowning Moment of Awesome. I don't care if it doesn't advance the story. They're clearly having so much fun shopping and going around town that it's like actually being there with Sakura and friends. It's worth the entire episode.

UPDATE: Screenshots with silly titles.