Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Under The Weather

Another night, another dream. This one is different, though. There Sakura lies, her bed suspended in a red-black gradient background, when a gentle hand touches her forehead.

This is not her day. Dark clouds and heavy rain greet her as she struggles to awaken. Kero, realizing she has a high fever, suggests she should stay in bed, but Sakura feels she has to go because of a big project her group is presenting.

Her fellow card capturing friends notice she doesn't feel so good, but she insists she'll make it through the day. Regardless, Ms. Mckenzie notices her futile attempt to pay attention to quadrilaterals and angles, so she instructs Madison to take her to the front office. Still pretending she's fine, she faints right into her big brother's arms, who has come to take her home.

As she rests in her room, Tori shows up to take her temperature, but he spends an inordinate amount of time gazing at that "stuffed animal". "I definitely think he's catching on to me!" Hey, at least Sakura's smiling.

The violet storm clouds suddenly stop precipitating converge into a midair maelstrom. Uh-oh, Sakura's Clow senses are tingling. Looks like the work of the Clowed, er, Cloud card. Kero yells at Sakura for risking her own health out there, but when Sakura asks how much time they have, he replies, "Not very long at all." Way to defeat your own case, Kero. Still, Tori is coming, so against Kero's will, Sakura decides to use Mirror to disguise her escapade.

Tori returns to bring her little sister a snack. He asks if she can sit up, and Mirror Sakura duly obliges, too well. Meanwhile, stunt Sakura is blown back by the ominous clouds, but along comes Li to save the day! Meilin and Li both reprimand Sakura for going out in this state, but, well, the fate of the town's at stake!

Mirror's facade cracks as she mentions her medicine and Tori reveals he knows she's not really sick. "We've met before." The flashback sequence that follows is actually accurate this time, but does it have to go on so long? Even if he was lying about not remembering anything immediately after the event (which is likely), he was still barely conscious when Sakura arrived. It's like the dubbers had something to hide.

Tori reveals his secret to Mirror, that he knows Sakura's secret thanks to his ability to see into the spirit world. Yet he wants to remain a secret keeper, so Mirror shouldn't tell her. "Thanks, squirt."

Back where the action is, Li's sword slices through the swirling formation. Now all it takes is a bit of Element: Fire to reveal, Rain? No, it's different, in a sense. Sakura is ready to seal it, but she is still weakened by her fever. Don't worry, Meilin's got your back. Together, they finish the deed as The Cloud Clow Card drifts over to Li. To everyone's shock, he hands it over to Sakura. After all, she didn't let being sick stop her from fulfilling her duty. Best not get too sentimental, since Li feels awkward around that. Eh, Sakura doesn't care. Aww....

Having fulfilled her duty, Mirror puts Sakura back to bed as she returns to her own home in the Clow Book. "It sure was fun being Tori again." Wait, did I hear that right? Anyway, Kero decides to hang out with the cute couple, suggesting that since Tori's on to him, maybe he could stay at Meilin's house. Li is not interested in the ensuing argument, but merely hopes Sakura is all right.

"Sakura.... This is what happens when you push yourself too hard." Tori is prepared to call a doctor, but suddenly, she appears once more. "Mother." Sakura greets her in her thoughts, as the gentle touch from this morning reassures her that everything is going to be just fine. It's been a while.

Indeed, Sakura is full of energy the next morning. She thanks her mother's image for watching over her. Feigining surprise, Tori asks what this is all about, and upon receiving the answer, he simply says, "I know." Mother's smiling face greets the camera as another episode comes to a close.


Okay, I just want you to know somebody's reading. Jesus, I felt insecure when I didn't have any comments after posting one installment, I can't imagine how you must feel.

And when I say I'm reading, I mean I plan to read. Mainly because I actually watched this show when it was on TV
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