Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


A Berry Strange Day

Ugh, the puns.

It's another exciting day as the students of Reedington Elementary arrive at the greenhouses jam-packed with strawberries! Li wryly comments on Sakura's consistent timekeeping ability as she arrives late, but just in time for Zachary's lecture! Still, someone seems to be missing....

According to him, strawberries originated in South Africa and were quite different from the ones today, because they ran away! They would organize themselves every year in what people called the Running of the Strawberries! To think, Sakura and Li ate up the whole tale until the resident ear-puller Chelsea came along. Though Li unconvincingly claims he knew it.

This trip just gets sweeter and sweeter. Not only will the students get to pick berries, they will get to make desserts out of them! Sakura's on a rush to get started on the greenhouse tour, and naturally she ends up crashing into...*gasp* Ju-Julian! Along with Tori, he got a day off to work here. Sakura asks if he'd like to try one of her desserts, and Julian duly obliges. As she leaves, he asks Tori if she's any good at baking, and he only replies, "Oh, you'll find out soon enough." Wow, the dub characters sure have a short memory.

Li stops to gaze at an ominous building with a huge metal door. If you believe Zachary, this information centre was originally an old abandoned warehouse. As if it wasn't mysterious and creepy enough, Ms. Mckenzie shows up with her eerie smile. Suddenly, someone else shows up out of nowhere! Oh, it's Meilin. About time she got on set. Pushy as ever, she puts Li back on the trail, but as they leave, the door strangely wrinkles. That can't be good.

So many berries, but which one to choose? Along comes Julian to save the day! Giving her tips to make up for Sakura being late for the lesson (whatever happened to her precious wristwatch?), he informs her that the good, ripe ones have dark green stems and are completely red. The ones that are white around the stems are to be avoided (tell me about it). As Sakura reaches over for one, he suggests keeping the stem attached so it lasts longer. Madison, snooping as usual, got the whole thing on video, to Sakura's shock. And Li has come bearing berries for Julian, but before he can feast upon them, Tori informs him they're on break, and the staring contest between him and Li is on! As if the situation wasn't awkward enough, Ms. Mckenzie's creepy smile is watching them as well.

The girls have gathered a whole bunch of strawberries, excited for this afternoon. Chelsea suggests she'll give his desserts to Zachary, but he replies that he'll be saying his prayers. As Chelsea is throttling him, Meilin is peacefully having lunch with Li. She is trying to feed him like a child, which must be embarrassing to say the least. Sakura is impressed by the wide assortment of food they have, and she wonders if Meilin made it all by herself. Surprisingly, she did, and surprisingly, it doesn't suck! Meilin of course cannot resist bragging about how great a cook she is and how maybe Sakura could become just as good someday. Such a sweet girl, going above and beyond to fix her cooking ineptitude.

Nikki comes bearing bad news. They can't open that old warehouse where the baking lecture will be held. This looks like a job for Sakura! She immediately heads to the mysterious building, where she manages to open the door just fine. Everything seems set up nicely, so what's the problem? Well, Li senses something wicked this way come, with Meilin tagging along. The door has been waiting for all four to arrive, and now that the party's here, it shuts them in!

Sakura and Madison's combined strength cannot get it open. Meilin tries breaking open the window, but is pushed back by a mysterious force and green ectoplasm. Li suggests that it's The Lock card, and it's special. Not even the elementals will work. Madison comes up with the brilliant idea of calling Kero, but alas, this time he's AWOL, slobbering in the fridge over his promised goodies to come.

Sakura's friends are outside the building, investigating the door for themselves. Suddenly, they hear a familiar high-pitched voice ring out. Meilin is calling out for help, but Li informs her that's a bad idea, since having people around would blow their cover. Regardless, the deed is done, so Sakura's friends are going for help.

Madison suggests there might be a magical key lying around. However, Li's Lasin Board is ineffective at locating this hypothetical key, since they're inside the card. Guess they're going to have to search manually. Meanwhile, Ms. Mckenzie is nowhere to be found, as she's off doing her own thing being suspicious.

The foursome's search proves fruitless, and to add to the problem, Li notices people coming! Sakura, shocked by the news, trips and nearly falls off a high edge of the building. Luckily, she managed to hold on, and there she sees a curious sight in the window: Ms. Mckenzie in a tree, pointing at her chest to the key. As soon as Li rescues her and hears the news, he quickly drops his head to look, but it's just a tree. Finally, Sakura realizes that maybe, the Key of Clow will work! Pretty clever, I must say. Ms. Mckenzie suddenly shows up outside to give reassuring words.

As Sakura opens the door, the green ectoplasm fills the room, eventually gathering into a magic floating lock. Li blocks its way back, leaving it ripe for the capture. Tori, furiously banging on the door, suddenly trips right in and is relieved that his sister is safe. Unfortunately, the card left quite a mess, but Ms. Mckenzie leads everyone to pool their efforts together and clean up the place.

Wait, I just realized something. Isn't the point of a keyhole to be on the outside? Inside is where the lock switches are. It's strange that a door would be constructed with keyholes on both sides.

So, at the end of the day, everything turned out fresh. Sakura offers her treat to Julian, as she remarks it was easy, "once I knew which strawberries to pick." All's well that ends well, right?

But wait. As Sakura relays her wonderful day to Kero, he waits in anticipation. They share a laugh over Kero's preposterous suggestion that Sakura gave all the cake to Julian and forgot about him. Ha Ha Ha..."Yeah, I kinda did." Kero has fury! And now I can say, "All's well that ends well!"