Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


The Show Must Go On

The sound of singing fills the air as the camera drifts downwards from a cherry tree to a picnic. Sakura is trying out Madison's new karaoke mic in front of all her friends, and I guess she did alright. Chelsea prompts Madison to take the stage, and her wondrous singing impresses the entirety of Penguin Park. Even Meilin is now acknowledging that she can compete at her level. Wow. Madison's voice actress makes her sound like a ditzy Valley Girl most of the time, but she sure can sing. Among the enamoured audience is a mysterious glowing orb hidden amongst the cherry blossoms. Hmm...this sounds familiar.

Back at home, Kero whines about not being invited over to the picnic, even though Sakura's Muggle friends would have noticed. Sakura reminds him that it could be worse. His original form would make going to picnics even harder. Speaking of which, this topic gets Kero's vanity going as he brags about his indescribably cool form, but behind Sakura's back, he makes the obligatory enigmatic statement about meeting someone else at journey's end.

The next day, the crew seems to each have their own schedule to get to. Sakura has cheerleading practice, Madison has choir practice, Li has soccer practice, and Meilin...has to fawn over Li. Madison has an important solo that she wants to perfect, so she will have to stay late. As Sakura bids her farewell, Ms. Mckenzie warns her that Madison will have to take proper care of her voice before the competition. Eee, that lady gets creepier with every episode.

Sakura and friends talk of Madison's wonderful voice, deciding to go listen to her after practice. Suddenly, she hears a different wonderful voice. *gasp* Julian, in short shorts! Tori uses this opportunity to mock her, saying it's a good thing she's cheerleading and not baton twirling, especially around "certain people". But the two have to head back to their soccer game, so we only get a glimpse of Tori in those turquoise shorts, with those lovely tanned legs. Er, anyway, his taunt turns out almost prophetic as Sakura gets a little too excited over her big brother scoring a goal. As she heads over to pick upon her pom-poms, she hears a familiar song coming from the school. It sounds like Madison, yet there's something strange about the tone. Uh-oh! A Recycled Script is about to attack! (well, if not totally recycled, a similar idea)

Sakura rushes over to the choir room to find Madison struck dumb. The poor unfortunate soul is forced to terminate class early, being unable to continue singing, and head over to the hospital. That night, Kero identifies the culprit as The Voice card, who was so attracted to Madison's voice that she stole it. Well, what do you know. Sakura then remembers Ms. Mckenzie's warning, which arouses Kero's suspicions about her.

Madison gazes longingly at her music book as she lies alone in her bed. Her mother is very concerned, prepared to give up work so she could stay with her the next day. Madison tries to tell her she's fine through writing, but her mother is unconvinced, as the hot-headed lady from episodes back has a tender moment comforting her, saying it will all be fine.

As a delicate tune plays in the background, Sakura laments her best friend's predicament in the choir room, believing it to be all her fault. Li suddenly shows up, as Sakura snaps at him for sneaking up on her. Li gets riled up over this reaction, but he seems to understand what is going on. On the swings together, he gets down to business, determined to get Madison's voice back.

They head over to her house, where she tells Sakura through text that the whole thing is not her fault. Li's Lasin Board proves ineffective as the card is adept at hiding, so they need a plan. Yet after hours of thinking they can't come up with anything. Sakura is ready to break down in despair when her mention of The Song card gives Li an idea. Her playback of Madison's song lures the cherry blossom petal to Madison's house, its true form ripe for the capture. Li uses magic seals to block off its escape as Sakura finishes the deed and restores Madison's voice.

It's show time, and everyone is excited to hear Madison perform on stage. Meilin in her usual fashion brags about how they could have used her voice to lure the card to an unimpressed Li. Madison feels great, and it's all thanks to Sakura and Li. "You guys make a great team!"

Curtains rise! The spotlight is on Madison as she sings her familiar tune, the audience rapt with attention. Even Meilin manages to shut up for once and just enjoy it. As the last words of her solo sound through the auditorium, "on the wings of a dream", she casts a smile at Sakura. So refreshing. If only there was a longer version of the song. And we never did get to hear Meilin sing, did we? Too bad.