Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Stormy Weather

...It's that dream again. Not much to say. By now, you know the drill. Sakura wakes up late, as Kero chastises her for getting lax with capturing cards, even though Sakura claims there haven't been any cards lately. The Clow Cards circle around Kero as he remarks that she must have been under the spell of the Sleep card to not hear the alarm. Uh-oh, inconsistent flashback time. Well, this one is mostly true to the original episode, but Kero then leads her into a Wood card flashback, which completely ignored the fact that it returned to its original form of its own accord. Damn KidsWB and their episode cutting. Though Nelvana could have at least redubbed the episodes with flashbacks outside of North America.

Sakura begins her usual rush to school routine while cherry blossoms fall like snow. Tori has important chem lab business to attend to, so it's just her and *gasp* Julian! He comes bearing a gift, something she might need.

New year means a new teacher. As it turns out, she's really a previous teacher that got promoted. Sakura is excited that Ms. Mckenzie has returned, despite her resemblance to the shadow lady from her dream, but Li (as usual) and Meilin aren't so trusting. She decides to take the class outside, with everybody agreeing to a nature walk. Before they go, she warns Sakura of unusual weather today. And what do you know, it's snowing outside! Unusual indeed! It never snowed even when it was supposedly winter time!

Back home, Sakura excitedly opens Julian's present, and it turns out to be a wristwatch! How considerate. Overjoyed with the timekeeping device, she claims she'll never take it off! That could lead to some issues in the bath. At supper, Tori comes home demanding a towel. Initially snarky about bringing it to "Master", she is in shock when she sees his shoulders bathed in snow. Outside, she discovers that the landscape is full of it. The Cardcaptor is back in business!

And upon dismounting on the penguin head, the only part of it visible in the snow, she ends up falling and getting stuck. Great first start. Where there are Clow Cards, there are Li and Meilin, with Li's magic allowing him to walk on the snow. He suggests The Float card as a remedy to Sakura's issue.

Sakura informs Li that Ms. Mckenzie seemed to have forewarned her of The Snow card, which lends credence to his suspicions. She still insists she's not ill-intentioned, as she was trying to help. With their presence known, the snow intensifies into a blizzard that pursues the magic users. Li informs Sakura that they are going to have to lead it away from Madison and Meilin, but nonetheless is reluctant to share the same magical staff as Sakura. He's going to have to get used to it at some point.

Flying away from the vortex, past the roofs of buildings smaller than them, Li realizes they're going to have to face it if they don't want the town to be completely buried. Though all things considered, it looks like everyone that hasn't got to higher ground is trapped anyway. He uses his Element: Fire spell, but it proves ineffective. They're going to need a bigger fire, but Kero denies the use of The Firey card on the grounds of being too dangerous. But after Sakura realizes her precious watch is gone, that's not going to stop her. The Snow card is toast!

Sakura laments the loss of her special gift as Li attempts to comfort her to no avail. But perhaps Ms. Stalker, er Mckenzie could help. She managed to locate it in perfectly functioning form and based on "just a thought", returned it to its rightful owner. Now they should be good kids and return to bed. "We've got school tomorrow."