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Cardcaptors: The Movie (Conclusion)

But Sakura is not interested in a fight.

"You felt betrayed by him, didn't you?"

That seems to get Su Yung's attention. Sakura tells her that Clow Reed surely did not mean to imprison her forever. As sorry as she feels for her unfortunate plight, all she wants is to have her friends back. Her sadness is met with a gentle shower of rain drops from Su Yung. Because of Sakura's empathy, she has finally come to accept the truth, and as she begins to regret her actions to her, the bittersweet sound of the moon theme from a couple of episodes back flows in the background. As her desire for vengeance evaporates, so too does her form dissipate as her spirit moves on, sorry for hurting Sakura and her friends. Sakura holds the last remnant of her being, her crown, satisfied that her spirit can finally find peace. It too breaks into dust and her friends remateralize in front of her, Su Yung's end of the deal fulfilled.

Well, the adventure's over and only Madison seems to remember anything from it. Sakura reminisces, believing the sorceress wasn't really evil after all. Yeah, aside from the whole Take Over the World schtick. Then again, maybe she understood something about her that even Clow Reed didn't. The whole backstory was pretty ambiguous, after all. That would be one good reason why the cards chose her. Or maybe I'm just giving the dub writers too much credit.

Sakura feels she hasn't seen the last of Hong Kong. Madison of course anticipates the next adventure, and whatever happens next, they'll go together!

The credits roll, and usually this is where things get wrapped up. But there is one reason to watch the credits:

I. Love. This song. The melody, the instrumentals, the lyrics, Rikki Rumball's wonderful singing, it's all so nostalgic and beautiful. From the sound of a lonely raindrop joined by a rising ostinato into a full opening passage to the music fading out to a cappella to the last lyrics "No matter where you search, near or far, You're the Guardian of the Cards!", the composition is stellar. The lyrics themselves are awe-inspiring and empowering, just as the series itself makes you feel you can do anything if you believe it's true. It's a perfect rendition of the essence of the series, and definitely the crown jewel of the dub's fantastic soundtrack.

Oh yeah, and Lucky Day is kind of cool too.

Well, that's Cardcaptors: The Movie. It's somewhat underdeveloped, since the plot doesn't really kick in until more than halfway through, but I do appreciate the effort. And it would have been nice to see another side-story based on the mythology.