Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Cardcaptors: The Movie (Part 4)

With a flash, they're back at the antique house. Sakura is feeling very guilty about leaving the others behind, and to add insult to injury, the book has vanished! While thinking about the book, he suddenly comes to a realization when a very stereotypical Chinese voice belonging to the owner of the house calls out to them. Time to get going, then.

Kero reveals that the sorceress was Su Yung (or Soo Yung, can't really tell) and she was a fortune teller who read them on the surface of water. Rumours claim that she fell in love with Clow Reed at first sight, and that he taught her magic that she began to use for evil. As she plotted to destroy him, he sealed her away in another dimension. Of course, Clow Reed himself never talked about it, which leaves things uncertain. Madison is confused, as she technically should be dead by now, and Kero explains that it's her spirit still trapped inside. Supposedly, a lesser prison wouldn't be enough to contain her. Still, pretty harsh. And the book? It was a lure for Clow Reed that got Sakura because she had the Clow Cards. But it's gone, so they'll have to think of another entrance. After some thought, Sakura realizes she recognizes the place on the book: the well! Kero applauds her clever thinking, and right on cue, Madison reveals "the perfect battle costume"!

Night falls as the trio fly over to the well. As Sakura begins to enter, a force field surrounds the well, created by Clow Reed himself. It seems they are stuck, but Li's mother, worried about her son, shows up with her magic fan to grant entry to Sakura. Madison has to stay behind for her safety, but Sakura is grateful for the battle costume, which must mean a lot to her.

Down the rabbit hole Sakura goes, above an array of thousands of blue screens to different dimensions. Kero informs her that she can find her way by using her thoughts, so she thinks of the place her friends are being kept.

She arrives at a temple courtyard with rushing water. Worried that this is not the correct place, her fears are assauged by Kero's senses and then, the strange birds. After them!

To the tune of a love song, Tell Me, the path leads her to Bird Street. Through the dimensional rift, she runs onward to find her special ones. Behind a door of strong magical energy, water which remains contained behind the portal indicates she has chosen correctly and she takes the plunge.

She returns to Su Yung with one simple goal, to have her friends back. In response, she desires Clow Reed, and in her usual impatience, doesn't even let Kero finish his protest. She's as equally dedicated to her goal, and none of Kero's words would change that. The building starts to crumble as Su Yung absorbs Sakura's friends, still demanding the whereabouts of Clow Reed. This time, she lets Kero finish saying that he is dead, and well, that's not the answer she wanted. In fury, she uses her magic to escape, destroying the well and arriving above the skyscraper-filled Hong Kong landscape. Yep, it's been a long time, lady. Luckily, Sakura manages to escape the ruins only to be greeted by watery hadouken blasts. Still unconvinced Clow Reed is dead, she continues her demands. As she begins to consider the sorrowful possibility, a hydro storm gathers to drown Sakura away. As the water settles, she thinks of how she could have ruled the world with Clow Reed. A single tear recalls her memory to Sakura, of their last days as he walked away disappointed that she used her magic for destruction. Sakura realized that the beret was what imprisoned her and those enigmatic words, "Water is ever flowing", were that of Clow Reed. Remembering The Arrow card she caught at the beginning of the film, she manages to free herself from the bandages for the final confrontation with Su Yung.

Incidentally, Su Yung shares her English voice actor with Meilin. I can see the resemblance in their bad tempers.