Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Cardcaptors: The Movie (Part 3)

It's a brand new day, and Li's ever-talkative sisters are saying goodbye. Before Sakura leaves, his mother has one more thing to say: "Beware of water".

Meilin is giving everyone a lecture on the Hong Kong banks. But Sakura is unable to focus on her chatter, and neither is the movie as her thoughts on the weird events sound over the following clips. Suddenly, Meilin shows up in front of the camera yelling about being stuck as the tour guide. Li tells her that they have to supervise Sakura on mother's orders. Sakura notices a pretty beret that she realizes belonged to the woman of her dreams. But as she thinks about it, the man of her dreams decides to buy it for her. Li's...pretty unhappy about that, to say the least. But he doesn't have too much time to rage as his magic senses tip him off.

And once again, Sakura is off chasing those weird birds with Li in pursuit. This time, Tori is coming along to see what she's up to and to see that the meddling Li kid doesn't cause any trouble. The birds lead her into a dilapidated house full of antiques. The sound of water drops breaks the eerie silence, leading her to an old, dusty book with the mysterious woman on it. The illustration casts an aside glance, and Sakura's Mind-Control Eyes return. All of Kero's strength and even his teeth are unable to overcome that alluring voice, and as her friends break into the room, her body slowly turns like a toy ballerina and facing them, the book opens. Oh no! She regains consciousness just as water bursts from the book, engulfing everything inside the house. A strange light emanates from the surface as she emerges in the dream world. But this isn't a dream.

The pair of birds transform into the familiar snake bandages as the sorceress accuses Sakura of being the one who created this world. However, she quickly realizes she's got the wrong person and she demands to know how a little girl entered her demesne. Sakura's more concerned with the looming tsunami, so she summons Fly to escape. The sorceress is shocked that she possessed a Clow Card and attacks her with bursts of water. Just as she's about to get soaked by a direct hit (sound familiar?), along comes Li to save the day with The Freeze. Sakura wants to know where the others are, and the sorceress duly obliges, displaying the unconscious bodies of their special ones trapped in water bubbles. She now has another question for the two: "Where is Clow Reed?" She's quite the impatient one, considering she feels the need to repeat just about everything she says. Then again, Sakura and Li aren't really giving her answers, instead planning a rescue. Li buys some time by summoning The Storm to trap her while Sakura frees Madison. She feels guilty about leaving the others right now, but she can only practically carry one at a time to safety.

Meanwhile, Li's not-a-Clow-Card sword is unable to penetrate Meilin's bubble, and Sakura doesn't get enough time to finish the job because the sorceress is beginning to free herself, blathering on about something being unforgivable. UNFORGIVABLE! We heard you the first time, lady. Li, trapped by the tides, tells Sakura she needs to save herself and escape just as the sorceress adds him to her collection. Of course, she cannot resist the allure of an Evil Laugh as she realizes her chance to escape and have her revenge! Just enough time for Kero to snap Sakura out of indecision and fly over to Madison. Outpacing the flowing water, the three escape out of the dimensional prison, but this isn't over. That sorceress is still royally pissed.