Cardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging


Cardcaptors: The Movie (Part 2)

Now the contest winners are treated to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The ever-ravenous Julian overloads the table with his orders, and where there's food, there's an ever-ravenous guardian beast chowing down. Tori notices something suspicious about one of the dishes, which doesn't go away with Sakura's excuse that she just wanted to try something else. He becomes increasingly impatient as she hesitates to pass it over. Suddenly, she notices Kero lurking underneath, and decides she wants to eat it anyway. So in the end, Tori gives up and directs their attention to Bird Street.

Sakura is in awe as she admires what is apparently the most popular pet in Hong Kong. However, a pair of not-so-nice birds are perched overhead and Sakura feels like she's being watched. Kero senses something stronger than a Clow Card, something more evil. Finally, she notices the two white birds with their blank eyes and pursues them with The Jump card. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, she drops down to find a mysterious well. The familiar snake bandages emerge, and uh-oh. Mind-Control Eyes. The mysterious dream figure, having control over Sakura, is about to pull her in when she is awakened by Li's voice. She wonders what he could be doing here when she trips and falls. That's gotta hurt.

Meanwhile, another familiar face bumps into Madison, surprised to see her there. As usual, Meilin gets the best lines. In regards to Kero: "They let you through customs?" As he rages, she simply pats him down and shuts the purse with an ever-sarcastic expression on her face. So back to business. She's worried about where Li went off to just like how Madison is worried about Sakura. And then, well what do you know? The girls go off to vent their worry on the pair, but not so much as an older brother. Sakura nervously tries to explain herself, but after much stuttering just says she didn't mean to worry Tori. "Kids."

Sakura's not feeling well from getting soaked (though her clothes still looked dry), so it's off to Li's residence while Just Around The Corner plays. Madison rejoices at the opportunity to try out some Chinese fashions, and in fact, her blue dress and Odango brings to mind a famous Street Fighter. But they're not the only ones excited. Suddenly, four crazy and energetic girls come to coddle them. What the...? The unsuspecting Tori and Julian walk in to this nutty Estrogen Brigade while the deadpan Li walks by bringing tea, undoubtedly embarrassed beyond belief.

Meilin informs the girls that they happen to be Li's sisters. Okay, so apparently I've heard they are supposed to be Author Avatars for CLAMP. Still, what the...? Suddenly, Li's mother walks in, and he suddenly stands resolute. She doesn't chuckle either, which only makes Li's sisters look even more weird and out-of-place. So how does Sakura greet the stoic lady? Cheerfully and talkatively. But she is quickly silenced as she begins her With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility talk, or in this case, "will attract grave danger". She tells her that she's going to have to stay over for the night. And now she turns her attention to Li, with other important business to attend to: his report card.

Sakura senses something mysterious about her, something even a Muggle like Madison can notice. Kero informs her that the family is directly descended from Clow Reed. Reminiscing, he informs the girls that he wasn't the most popular man around, since after all, he did have a lot of influence, which is bound to make enemies. Epic foreshadowing!

All three of them share the same bed as they anticipate the fun events tomorrow, but Sakura can't sleep. Strange dream lady will eat her. When she finally does get to sleep, she gives into temptation and grabs on to one of the flowing white banners. The sorceress seizes her, repeatedly announcing she's been waiting for her to return. Return, to set her free. We finally get a close-up of her face and for some reason it reminds me of Ultimecia (it's partially the Facial Markings). Sakura lets out a high-pitched scream which rings out into her room. It turns out she still has the marking left by the bandages wrapping her arm, which means this isn't an ordinary dream.

Li's mother brings her outside where she performs an incantation similar to Li's, only with a magical fan instead of the Lasin Board. She is informed that Sakura has been summoned to Hong Kong by the woman in her dreams. Like Freddy Krueger, she lures her in her dreams, so it is there that she will find the answer. After the spell, she becomes surprisingly compassionate, reassuring her she will know what to do. So what is the answer then? We'll have to find out in the next updates.